A random pokemon journey

Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot of a mountain forest and learned he had a system to help him in this new and very dangerous world. AUTHOR Note------- This story will only be taking place in the world before the fairy type came out so only those regions exist in this version of the pokemon world. There will also be casual smut and maybe possibly an actual romantic option but I haven't decided yet , also no harems. I would like to add that everything with the system is RNG based so I have no control over it.

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First battle(2)

That reminded me for whatever reason but employment in this world functioned in a very different manner than it did on earth. See here work was very rarely forced onto someone because of cost of living and whatnot. The reason for this was that it was legitimately possible to survive and thrive off of the wilderness around you. The jobs in this world also function ideally as not only are you given a break that you can cash in at anytime but the pay is actually good and not barely enough to scrounge by with.-

Even better was that the taxes of everything ACTUALLY went towards improving society rather than old bastards who could care less about the common man. The whole world was set up in such a way that everyone who worked did so because they wanted to. Let me tell you with so many people actually willing to put their best foot forward quality of life was stupidly high. This of course brings up the question 'why are there still criminals then?' the answer to which is that humans are flawed beings. See some people in this world either have goals that require less than legal means to obtain or as is so often the case they are simply lazy.-

Some people would rather take the much easier but morally wrong approach of crime to satisfy their greed than to put in honest hard work for far less. It's a classic example of a child reaching into the cookie jar in secret. They don't want the cookie later when they will get it for good behavior , they want it now and so they steal it instead. Then there is the class of criminal that has been given the short end of the stick in any given situation and they lash out at the world in response.-

A good example of this is if a break happens and they lose a love one and rather than accept that it was plain bad luck they blame the pokemon league for not saving them and seek revenge for their supposed slight. Then there was of course everyone's personal favorites , the zealots. People who think that their crimes are for the good of the world in some way or another. Team aqua and magma both fall into this category with the exception of a few people in them that might have other reasons for being a criminal.-

The final type of criminal was the sort I hated the most , the mentally ill. People who get off on the pain and suffering of others and became criminals to satisfy these urges. These people simply can't hide like they could on earth with all the psychic type pokemon and people in the world. As a result rather than end up with serial killers and rapists that need identifying we end up with knowing who they are but needing to find and catch them since being mentally fucked up doesn't make you stupid.-

Anyways Rose using her break to supervise the battle wasn't a strange thing at all. She led the way to the battlefield behind the pokecenter calmly. Both Tank and I were also completely calm as we both knew that there was pretty much no way in hell that we were going to lose. In fact I was certain that it was going to be a blowout in my favor. Tank was at expert level mastery in both of his moves while the dudes Vulpix was about as novice as you could get in all regards.-

Was it theoretically possible for the guy to win , yes it was. But it was also theoretically possible to beat a Machamp in a fist fight , it didn't mean that it was very likely to happen. Anyways the battlefield was a league standard fifty yard by thirty yard rectangle with two small half circles at either end for the trainers to stand at safely. The ground of this particular battlefield was comprised of hard rock entirely. I walked over to one of the semi circles before putting Tank in his ball as per regulation and waited for the guy to do the same.-

He did so awkwardly but I didn't say anything since I also took a while to get the hang of handling a pokeball. Don't get me wrong I rarely used the things on my pokemon if I could avoid it but that didn't mean I didn't practice how to use them. Once both of us were ready Rose held her hand up from the side of the battlefield before swinging it down hard "START!" She called out. I tossed the pokeball in my hand forward with a spin after holding down the button for three seconds "Set , Tank!" I called calmly.-

From what I read on a few trainer forums that I browsed via the pokenav it helped to have a pattern for when you released your pokemon on the field. It apparently brought the pokemon in questions move set to mind making it easier to start a battle out strong. "Set , Nix!" the guy called out mimicking me or rather trying to. Unlike my smooth release of Tank onto the field he timed the throw wrong and the Vulpix manifested in midair rather than firmly on the ground. Even more embarrassingly was that the ball also landed on the field rather than getting kicked back to him like mine did.-

I didn't give Tank any orders but patiently waited for the guy to retrieve his ball and return to the half circle opposite me. Once he was in place I gave Tank a look "String shot!" I commanded and the sturdy bug obeyed. He glowed yellowish green around his head before a sturdy white silk shot out of his mouth and landed on the Vulpix accurately. "Um Um , Sunny day!" The guy said in panic and I had the urge to facepalm as his poor pokemon did what he said.-

"Double String shot!" I commanded and Tank smothered the poor fox in sturdy white threads while it was still struggling to put up the weather move. "Tackle!" I commanded and Tank glowed white as his little legs worked to propel him forward surprisingly fast. "BANG!" he struck the immobile fox head on , hard. A yip of pain came from the creature and the guy was so overwhelmed by what was happening that he couldn't even command his pokemon. "Tackle!" I commanded calmly. Before Tank struck though Rose intervened "STOP!" she shouted and my bug canceled his attack in an instant.-

"Winner Alex!" she called the battle and Tank made his way over to me before climbing back onto my shoulder casually. The guy recalled his pokemon to get the strings off of her before releasing her again with a down cast look. I could care less however and walked back into the center with my work done. Despite how it may seem if the guy took the time to think about all the mistakes he made he would actually grow as a trainer from this experience greatly. I had pointed out a few things that he had to work on with my actions after all.