A random pokemon journey

Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot of a mountain forest and learned he had a system to help him in this new and very dangerous world. AUTHOR Note------- This story will only be taking place in the world before the fairy type came out so only those regions exist in this version of the pokemon world. There will also be casual smut and maybe possibly an actual romantic option but I haven't decided yet , also no harems. I would like to add that everything with the system is RNG based so I have no control over it.

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Dissatisfactory payback

I got quite a few stares as I walked through the gates of the town but I ignored them to walk over to the nearby Jenny. "I would like to report a crime." I said while ignoring the wary look the Arcanine at her side was giving me. Arcanine were almost synonymous with the the Jenny clan as they were perfect pokemon for crime fighting with their sharp senses and instincts. They were also rather powerful which made sense considering their size and type. The jenny noticed her partners wariness and looked at me seriously.-

"What crime are you wanting to report?" she asked sternly. "There is a warehouse on the south side of the town that is the being used as the base of operations for a thievery and pokenaping operation." I said casually and her eyes widened. She drew her gun on me "You better start explaining yourself now!" she demanded sternly. I didn't even twitch as I stared down the barrel and into her eyes. "One of the members of that group tried to rob me on the way here and told me about the warehouse after a friendly chat." I said calmly.-

"And where is this informant of yours?" she asked while lowering her gun a bit since I obviously wasn't concerned with it. "No clue , he vanished after I let him go." I said with a shrug. "You will stay here with my partner while I go get back up to check out this warehouse of yours." she said and I merely sat down on the ground cross legged. The jenny grit her teeth in frustration before running off to do what she said. I remained completely still while the Arcanine glared at me in warning to not try anything.-

I had no intention to anyways so I ignored it in favor of reaching into my bag and handing Tank another berry. I rolled my eyes when I saw the Arcanine flinch as I did so but chose to ignore it. I knew why the pokemon was so wary of me clearly. My close proximity to my pokemon without bathing over the last week meant that I smelled heavily of them. This Arcanine is definitely smelling them on me and having a instinctual tug of war as it fought it's instincts that told it to run far away.-

About twenty minutes later the jenny showed up with three others that each looked only slightly different from each other. "Has he done anything strange while I was gone?" the jenny asked her partner but the pokemon shook it's head. "Alright then Alexander this is how this is going to go , you are going to the station with us and then we are going to have a nice long conversation before you spend the night in a cell." The jenny said sternly. "So you are arresting me then?" I asked calmly. "Yes I am , got a problem with that?" she asked daring me to argue.-

"Why?" I asked without any change in expression. "Suspicion of criminal activity." she said smugly. I stood up at that and held out my hands calmly "If you say so one seven seven three six." I said calmly. She and the others stiffened when they heard me but I was entirely calm. I was aware of the reason for this little charade but refused to give them any pleasure from it. The Joy and jenny clans were both tight knit groups so it was easy to understand that this was retaliation for my previous actions involving my leaving of Iron town.-

'Play nice with those groups it is then.' I thought calmly as I was cuffed and led away. The police station was a simple metal building much like the pokecenter in design except it had a dark blue roof and grey walls. As this was a small towns station the building was fairly small and I had to duck when I walked in. The glares I got told me that I was right on the money about what was going on. Still I cut off all emotion with my ability and deadpanned the entire time I was led to the interrogation room.-

I was told to sit down on the hard purposefully uncomfortable chair and I did. The jenny left me in the room and I closed my eyes to meditate and wait. Thanks to my aura I could vaguely feel my surroundings so I knew that there was several jenny's on the opposite side of the mirrored glass. I ended up waiting close to two hours before it seemed to dawn on the jenny's that I was willing to wait it out indefinitely. Shortly after that another jenny entered the room and slammed her hands on the table to try and get a reaction from me.-

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her without expression , it was pretty clear that my total calmness was starting to get under the jenny's skin with the look of frustration this one had. "Will you cooperate?" she eventually asked coldly. "I am" I said flatly. She grit her teeth "Are you part of a criminal organization?" "No" "Why are you in this town?" "Passing through to Rustboro." this back and forth went on for several hours but the jenny got more and more bothered as time went on as I had made sure that not a single muscle had twitched wrong in my body.-

In the end I got placed in a small cell while all of my belonging were taken alongside my pokemon who I can tell you were NOT happy , Tank even ate a jenny's cap. I sat on the floor cross legged in the cell and meditated for the whole night ignoring the periodic banging on the bars a jenny would do in an attempt to keep me from sleeping. I wasn't alone the whole night though as some aqua grunts were tossed in eventually but I ignored them.-

Meanwhile a meeting was being held in a room in the station with all the jenny's here. "Cut him loose in the morning." a elderly woman in uniform said while looking through a window. "But we haven't so much as gotten a twitch out of him despite all of this , he's making us look like fools!" the jenny that brought Alex in said angrily. "That's because we are fools , none of you have even noticed it have you?" the elderly woman asked with a sigh. "Noticed what that he is about as reactive as a corpse?" another jenny asked sarcastically.-

"So none of you have noticed that he has not moved at all this entire time. Not a single micrometer. He is not reactionless , that IS his reaction! You can't use stuff like this against people like him , they might as well be trees with how little it bothers them. So cut him lose we have had our toll from him so there won't be a repeat of this in the future , we aren't criminals." the elderly woman said and despite looking bitter about it none of the jenny's argued with her.