A Portrait Of A Witch Book

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A Portrait Of A Witch


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How Would A Person See the World Filled With no Faces? Would God Even Hear the wish of poor man's Soul? One And Many Wears A Mask Yet More Than Few Are Used. And Yet Here I Am Your Lost little Lamb Not Knowing Where to Go? As one of the many that haven't seen the Worlds of the Cruel. But I, Your little lamb you can't even love. I A person Who wished to be loved. I Who Desire's To be Loved I Who wished for your Grace. Yet Even infrot of Deaths Door why Can't you shine your Radiant Light. I Cursed you and World I Once Love, You the One I Trust the most. yet the Anger and Wrath That Shrouded my Hearth Wieghed. And Yet I Who Prays For You yet Again. I who wish to be Loved. I Who wished to be blessed with your light. I who begs For Your Grace why Can't My Love Reach You're Heart.