A Portrait Of A Witch

Author: Yellowpup
Fantasy Romance
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  • 28 Chs
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    18 ratings
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What is A Portrait Of A Witch

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How Would A Person See the World Filled With no Faces? Would God Even Hear the wish of poor man's Soul? One And Many Wears A Mask Yet More Than Few Are Used. And Yet Here I Am Your Lost little Lamb Not Knowing Where to Go? As one of the many that haven't seen the Worlds of the Cruel. But I, Your little lamb you can't even love. I A person Who wished to be loved. I Who Desire's To be Loved I Who wished for your Grace. Yet Even infrot of Deaths Door why Can't you shine your Radiant Light. I Cursed you and World I Once Love, You the One I Trust the most. yet the Anger and Wrath That Shrouded my Hearth Wieghed. And Yet I Who Prays For You yet Again. I who wish to be Loved. I Who wished to be blessed with your light. I who begs For Your Grace why Can't My Love Reach You're Heart.

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This story is lit! With a talented author, this novel was in good hands. I gotta say I'm impressed! Accompanied with hard work and perseverance, this will pave well in the future! Good luck author and may your novel be blessed with more readers!


Izach is rather unique character, I THOUGHT it is as depressing as what it has been implied but it's not! I think that the ML is a strong character that will be able to conquer all odds. Looking forward who is that witch on the portrait!


I came here to write a review and got completely lost in the story. Hilbert man, he distracted me with all his teasing of Izach. Anyway, I am really enjoying the authors way of expressing Izach even through his lack of memories. Keep it up! [img=recommend]


Love the book! The writing mastery was literally great and the plot gives so much contribution to the whole story where everything was developing. I would look forward for the success of this book author!


Nice, Nice!! I love the structure of how it was written, it was so poetic and lovely, it is as if I can feel the words that I am reading, It was vividly awesome that I could imagine and feel what the character is saying, it is like I am beside the M.C. listening to his wonderful story. Kudos to the Author😁😁 A very well written Novel and I look forward to the next chapters🙌


A beautiful well-written story with a great picture to view. The plot develops well throughout the chapters. Creative use of words. A great read.


The synopsis is poem like and that makes it so fascinating. The way the story goes with some kind of mystery around it makes it more beautiful. But Author, please consider editing your chapters asap. There are some errors here and there. But please keep updating. Your story is amazing and one of a kind ❤️


The storyline hooked me to read further...The author's writing style & choice of words is remarkable...Looking forward to reading more chapters...Definitely a recommended book! Excellent work, Author!


The story is nice. I can see a good novel here. It's like trash of the count's family but kinda different. I hope you upload more. And there is some typing error like caps lock, etc. But still, this novel is good. will support it in the future.


What a great start, it captivated me from the synopsis. I like the way of narrating it, I recommend it. very good idea has originality.[img = recomendar]


You have an amazing MC who is very unique and a strong character. Your writing quality is very nice and story development is steady. Keep up with the hard work!


Okay.. it was okay........ I thought I was reading bout... wait he's blind the MC?? It seems like that. Okay I only read all? so fast??? Wow I guess I need more LOL


I was recommended this book by a friend, and it is really good TBH. i mean I don't read much nor I am a writer, but It's really nice. Please continue to write more dear author


Hey hey hey hey hey! It's me Buddy haha. I really like how you wrote this haha. I am your loyal reader from now LOL So please write more! Haha


I like how it is written thought the updates are really slow!!!!!!! and also the chappies too are soo Short!!!!!!!! But it was a good read Hehe!


............................................................................... The storyline is so far good. It's just that the POV style needs a little improvement. other than that, it's all good. Keep up the good work.


"A Portrait Of A Witch" is quite unique I must say, with a unique writing style.. A person can see a world with no face when d person sees no face... The ideology of the author is a kind of irresistibly contagious, as d questions asked craves for answer...but the answers comes unfolding as you dive into the chapters. This is really commendable, and I must confess that love d flow and don't feel like stop reading... Kudos to this amazing author!


The premise of this story is interesting. I find it unique about the protagonist/MC being someone who cannot see faces. The witch adds up to the excitement! cannot wait to see how the story plays out.


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