A Place You Remember

Yui and Kaede fell in love during their final year in high school. Now they have to figure out how to live out their lives as fresh new adults. But things don't go accordingly to plan...

Dubsora · Fantasy
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445 Chs

What Happened?

-----Yui's POV

I'm not sure how long I was out for, but upon waking up all I could see was a white ceiling. It seemed like I'm in some kind of infirmary or something. My eyes slowly scan through the room before my eyes focus on someone who's next to me.

Yui: "Kaede..."

The memories from before I lost consciousness came back to me upon seeing her face, resting her head against the bed I'm laying on. She had suddenly sank her fangs into my neck last night, quite a bit rougher than the other times, but I refused to say anything since it seemed like she desperately needed my blood. I felt happy that she didn't need to ask for me, but in hindsight I should've said something, however I didn't expect to lose consciousness like that. "Sorry Kaede."

The warmth from her hands wrapped around my right hand felt very comforting as I continue to lay there. I didn't want to wake her but my other hand finds its way to her head, brushing past some of her hair to reveal more of her face. Seeing her breathe softly beside me brings a smile on my face as I continue to run my fingers through her hair, wanting this moment never to end-

Fabian: "Ellen!"

As if right on cue, my brother Fabian bursts into the room, disturbing Kaede in the process who's still holding onto my hand.

Yui: "Fabian? What are you doing here?"

Kaede: "Yui!"

Kaede who had now being awoken from her slumber completely ignored my brother as she lunges up to me, wrapping her arms around my sides pulling me into an embrace as she lays on top of me.

Fabian: "Someone came to notify me that you've been taken to the infirmary, so of course I'd come by and see you."

Yui: "Yeah I was feeling quite light headed and fatigued so my friend here took me here."

It was strange to see Fabian turn up out of the blue like this. Things are still a bit awkward between us, but seeing him rush over here in the middle of class did tug on my heart strings, knowing that he does care for his little sister.

Fabian: "Thank you for taking care of my sister."

Kaede: "Eh? Wait, sister? You have a brother Yui? I mean Ellen?"

Yui: "Mmm! This here is my older brother Fabian. He's in the third year knight's class."

Kaede: "Pleasure to meet you. My name's Kaede Ilaria."

Fabian: "Likewise. Name's Fabian von Leinhart, thank you again for supporting my sister."

This was an odd sight before me. My romantic partner meeting my older brother, and better yet it seems as though they may even get along judging from the look on Fabian's face. I may've only just woken up from my slumber, but so far these turn of events fills me with the utmost joy.

Kaede: "So? How do you feel?"

Yui: "Still pretty fatigued, but I think I'm okay."

Fabian: "Well hopefully you'll be in perfect condition for the upcoming tournament. I hear they're even having it so us third years can match with you first years as well as the second years, completely different from the years before."

I hadn't heard about this change from Kendal, maybe it was brought up this morning in class? I'll double check with Luna and make sure she knows about it as well.

Yui: "It's 3 days away right? I'm sure I'll be okay. Plus we still have to continue our match hehe."

Fabian: "Pfft. Yeah right, like I could win against you. Even from our short match in that 4v4 mock battle, I could see all of your effort you put in over the years. It really opened my eyes, which is why I'd love for you to be able to attend the tournament. Father has always looked down upon you so this would be the perfect chance to prove him wrong."

He's right, my relationship with my father in this world is nothing like the one back in my old world. Ever since he found out that I lacked the ability to use magic, he's basically casted me out of his life; not physically, but emotionally, it's like I'm not even his daughter.

Yui: "I'll do my best, thank you."

Kaede: "Don't push yourself though-"

Her voice muffled in my chest as she remained in a deep embrace, not showing any signs of letting go as I continue to gently run my fingers through her long hair.

Yui: "Mmm. I promise."

Not a moment later, I could feel her arms begin to tremble slightly around my body.

Fabian: "Well when you get better, how about we train together? Let's say, tomorrow after class?"

Yui: "Sure. I'd also like to know how far my older brother has gone hehe"

Fabian: "Great, then I'll leave you two be, I need to hurry up back to class. Take good care of my sister Kaede."

Kaede: "Mmm-"

She remained against my chest not moving at all, only giving a small nod with her arms still trembling around me.

Fabian: "See you later then sis."

Yui: "Mhmm. Thanks for stopping by."

After he leaves through the door leaving just Kaede and I in the room, I go to tackle the problem that's been on my mind, and something that needs to be discussed. I have a feeling why Kaede is like this, so I want to make sure that she's okay. I bring one hand to the side of her face before she finally shows her face that was buried in my clothes, and what I saw was a face full of tears.

Yui: "Hey, it's-"

Kaede: "No it's not okay. I nearly killed you! Your heart stopped Yui!"

Yup, I was right. She's probably been stressing over this all night and day, bringing her to the point of passing out at the side of this bed. However weirdly enough, I didn't feel that much fear knowing that my heart stopped like Kaede just said. If anything I felt happy just having her next to me like this, even with that tear-stained face.

Yui: "But I'm alive right? I'm sure next time you'll-"

Kaede: "No. I don't trust myself to do it again. Last night, I- I wasn't even aware that I even did that to you. It was like my body shut me out, taking control over me which almost killed you... I don't want that to happen again."

Yui: "That just means your body really needed my blood right?"

Kaede: "No. This was different. I've lived this life with having blood every few weeks, sometimes even a month. Now all of a sudden I lose control like that over a couple days? No. I don't like it, something's wrong."

Yui: "Then what if I give you just a little every day? That way your body doesn't shut down like that again."

Kaede: "..."

She went silent as he tears built up more in her eyes. I try my best to remain calm, with a smile on my face, reassuring her that I'm okay with this. I'm not lying when I say I'm fine with her drinking my blood everyday, it feels nice being able for Kaede to rely on me, being her pillar of support in this world that has dealt her a shit hand at life.

Kaede: "Why..."

Yui: "Hmm?"

Kaede: "Why are you okay with this? I'm a monster Yui, even what humans call monsters think that I'm a monster too. When we sleep together, and do things together, I can feel my body craving you; your blood. I don't want to end killing you, or at the least have you hate me so... I think it's best if you stay-"

Yui: "No!"

I quickly stop her from what she was going to say, bringing our hands together as I squeeze down around hers, not wanting to let her go.

Yui: "I said I'm okay with helping you out with this, so please don't stress over it. I don't want to lose you."

Kaede: "..."

Her tears continues to slide down her cheeks silently as I refuse to break eye contact with her.

Yui: "I wont hate you, ever. And if you're worried about killing me, then we'll just have to make sure that you get enough blood okay?"

Kaede: "..."

She continued to struggle at finding her words as her tears showed no signs of stopping. Even if she does find words I more or less know what they're going to be, in which case I know what to do.

Kaede: "But-"

Seeing the opportunity in front of me, I cut her off early as I seal her lips with mine, cutting her off from talking in hopes that this will get across to her. Her lips are so dry, but it also could be my own since I have been asleep for quite some time. After a few moments pass, I break away from the kiss as I go back to looking her in those beautiful scarlet red eyes.

Yui: "I love you okay? This is just a small price to pay if it means that I can be with you so please, don't run away from me."

I drop my smile this time as I give her a serious look while holding her by the shoulders.

Yui: "Don't hide away, let me know when you need my blood so that we can fight whatever is happening with your body."

Kaede: "...Okay..."

We embrace each other once more as I feel her body no longer trembling, however her tears were still flowing it seems as I could feel my clothing start to get a little damp.