A Place You Remember

Yui and Kaede fell in love during their final year in high school. Now they have to figure out how to live out their lives as fresh new adults. But things don't go accordingly to plan...

Dubsora · Fantasy
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The Second Match

-----Yui's POV

I didn't get to do much after Kaede and everyone else came to visit me at the infirmary as we all made our way back to the dorms. I did however make sure to thank Olivia once more and told her she can come join us whenever she likes, she accepted of course due to the fact that she kind of works for me in a way, but I just saw her as a new potential friend. I hope she can ease up on the politeness and relax around me, but we'll just have to see when the time comes.

Kaede however seemed to not want to leave my side which I found to be quite cute as we fell asleep in each other's arms once more, and even upon waking up she was still there, clinging to me in her sleep. I still worry if she'll revert back to before and be against drinking my blood again, but I hope those words I said to her back then still remained.

Today however, we had to leave to head to our classes. She waited for the last moment when we were outside our class before finally saying goodbye, heading towards her own class.

Walking inside, my eyes locked onto the notice board as other students also gathered around it. There displayed our new matches with training areas 1 and 2 being labeled as 'Winner's Bracket' with 3 and 4 being labeled as 'Loser's Bracket. I see my name in area 1 this time as I also take the time to see who else would be in the area, however just like yesterday it only displayed the students in our class so I won't know if Kaede will also be in area 1.

Luna: "Yes!"

As I was looking at the notice board, Luna spoke up in a cheerful manner, breaking my concentration from the board.

Luna: "I'm in area 1 as well!"

George: "Damn, area 2..."

Mark: "Yup, as expected, area 4."

They came up from behind as they looked over our shoulder's. Mark looking to be the only one who's lost so far. I take another look to see how the 'problem child' did, and as I searched I found that Duane was also successful as he would be joining us in area 1.

Things are still not great between us ever since I started attending the academy, but seeing him in area 1 as well makes me a little excited.

Kendal: "Okay! Everyone should know the drill yes? Please make your way to the training areas. Whoever's in area 4 can come with me. Also since it's the second round you may now be fighting against 2nd and 3rd years so please do your best."

And with that, we grabbed our things and headed off to our areas. Fighting 3rd years may be quite a challenge since they're more experienced, but I think back at the time when I fought in a group against Fabian's group. I smile as I remembered such an event, leaving my worries to fade away almost immediately. "I should be fine." Also Kaede refused to drink blood in the morning so she's probably waiting for me to finish up, I'll be sure to let her know when I finish my match in case she's holding herself back.

Arriving at the training area, my eyes darted around to find Kaede, but after some time searching, there seems to be no sign of her.

Fabian: "Hey sis!"

I was busy looking for Kaede that I didn't notice the obvious red headed brother of mine.

Yui: "Looks like you're with us today."

Fabian: "Yup, I'll be looking forward to seeing you fight. I was praying that you'd make it through the first round."

Yui: "As do I, you better not lose either."

Fabian: "Your brother is quite strong you know? I'm also the top of my class, like you."

It's still quite weird to be able to talk with Fabian like this, but I find myself smiling once again as we took our seats at the benches.

Collin: "Hey! Congrats!"

Yet another familiar face, albeit someone who I only met recently, although it looks like his sister isn't with him.

Yui: "Thanks, congrats to you as well. Is your sister-"

Collin: "She's in area 2, we both won our matches so don't worry."

Yui: "Great, I'll be sure to congratulate her during lunch."

Collin: "Mmm!"

And so, I wait patiently for my name to be called out. Ideally I'd like to have my match before lunch so that I can help Kaede without her feeling guilty again. I find myself instinctively crossing my fingers to my side as I wait for the matches to begin.

Teacher: "Fabian von Leinhart and Peter-"

Hearing my brother's name sparked my interest, but at the same time I wouldn't want to kick him out of the tournament this early. Thankfully hearing his opponent first name filled my body with relief as I looked on to watch their fight.

Watching them fight, it looked to me as if they were used to fighting one another as both of them focused more so on sword fighting rather than magic. However every so often when there's a gap, Fabian expertly casts spells at his opponent as they quickly warded it off with a magic barrier. But almost immediately, Fabian took that window of opportunity to end it, bringing his sword to their neck.

Teacher: "Fabian's win! You may return to your seats."

Hearing the announcement, I find myself feeling proud of my brother as he walks over back to us.

Luna: "He's quite strong right? I didn't realize it until now since I've only seen him train with you."

Yui: "Mmm, He is."

During our training together, he never used magic against me as we strictly used only our swords, so I can't help but wonder if I could even win against him if he fought seriously.

The matches went on as Luna had also had her fight with her opponent. I held my breath multiple times as the battle looked close until finally, she was announced the victor, breathing heavily as she rested against her longsword similar to what I did with my rapier yesterday. I congratulated her as the smile on her face beamed brightly as she took her seat next to me.

Collin: "Hey I wonder if I'll end up fighting you?"

Yui: "I hope not, I wouldn't want to kick one of Kaede's friends out of the tournament this early haha."

Collin: "Ha! Well if it happens, I'll be looking forward to it."

Yui: "Mmm, same here."

I was a little curious how summoner's would fight, so I can't help but be curious about our fight if it does happen. And as if it was pre determined-

Teacher: "Ellen von Leinhart and Collin von Crestel."

Collin: "Oh! Look at that!"

Yui: "Heh, well there can only be one winner right?"

Collin: "Mhmm, I won't be going easy on you so be prepared."

Yui: "Same goes for you."

We make our way to the center, giving Luna a smile before taking my place at the opposite side of the area. My body felt like normal so today I should have no worries.

Teacher: "Begin!"

With the sound of the teacher's yell, I immediately rush forward, not wasting a second as I reach the center of the area. I notice Collin saying something as I prepare for what's to come as suddenly, a large black scorpion-like creature emerged from the ground, blocking my path to Collin. It was quite large, maybe about 2ft tall, however it's tail was raised up to the same height as my head, with a large stinger attached to it.

It suddenly lunged at me as I dodge it's pincers, slashing at one of its legs as my rapier easily cuts through, slicing off one of it's legs as I slid across the ground. I quickly make the decision to ignore it once I saw Collin mouth begin to move again. I dash forward with all the speed I could, ignoring the scorpion for now as I close the distance between him and I. However he managed to block my attack just in time as our swords collide. Wasting no time, I go to slide my blade away to follow through with another attack, but I catch glimpse of his free hand at the last second as I saw blue mana start to build up. I quickly move back as he the mana he accumulated in his hand shot out, as if it was some sort of shotgun.

I could hear the sound of the scorpion coming up behind me in the distance, so not wanting to end up being pincered from both directions, I decide to end this quickly, focusing all my attacks on Collin. Exchanging blows with him I realize he's actually quite skilled as he notices my feints, I can't help but think he also had a tutor growing up. I pick up the speed, keeping on the offensive as I could finally start to see him struggle to keep up. Suddenly, he makes an attack of his own as he thrusts it at me, however I managed to counterattack as I glide my blade along his, catching the guard of his sword before flicking it out of his hand, bringing my sword up as the tip touches his nose.

Teacher: "Ellen's win! You may take your seats please."

The scorpion that was rushing to his aid disappeared with one of Collin's gestures.

Collin: "You're more talented than I thought"

Yui: "You too."

We sheathed our weapons as we made our way back to the benches. Luna looking to be ecstatic and Fabian beside her with an approving smile on his face.