A Place You Remember

Yui and Kaede fell in love during their final year in high school. Now they have to figure out how to live out their lives as fresh new adults. But things don't go accordingly to plan...

Dubsora · Fantasy
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445 Chs


-----Kaede's POV

I refused to make the same mistake as yesterday. When I woke up I did feel a slight pain in my stomach, but it was manageable so I held myself back until after Yui had her match. It was when we had to split off to our classes where the pain really started to kick in, but not as debilitating as the previous times so I feel as though I can handle it. It scares me though as now my body seems to get like this whether Yui is with me or not as when I look at the other people in class, I don't get that same feeling I do when I look at Yui, it's as if my body is craving just her alone. "Why Yui though?"

Violet ended up in the same training area as me as we both headed to area 2 where our next matches would take place.

Violet: "Good luck-"

Kaede: "Thanks, you too."

Upon arriving, I did notice a few familiar faces like George who had been dinning with us at the cafeteria, but no sign of Yui. I felt relieved knowing that she's not with us, because if she were here, I don't know if my body can contain itself until lunch.

Thankfully, my match was a nice distraction, however it was short lived as my opponent was far weaker than my first match with Leon. Their magic felt weak compared to his as I effortlessly blocked their magic with a barrier around me. I actually wanted to try something that's been on my mind, but I'm unsure how dangerous it is, so I opt to just force my opponent to surrender, casting dozens of light portals around them from across the training area. They of course responded with creating a magic barrier of their own, but I immediately shot out a light spear, destroying their barrier in an instant while making sure it didn't go through and hurt them.

Teacher: "Kaede's win!"

After my opponent raised their hands in defeat, my win was announced as I sat back down at the benches, with Violet giving a quiet clap of her hands to congratulate my win.

Kaede: "Thank you."

Violet: "Yo-you're crazy Kaede... Being able to cast magic at THAT level from THAT far away in a short amount of time."

Kaede: "Years of adventuring experience I guess aha."

Our talk didn't last long however as Violet's name was called straight after my match.

Violet: "Alright, watch me!"

Kaede: "Mhmm!"

She takes her position at one end of the training area before the teacher gave the signal to start their match. Almost immediately, I saw something on the ground in front of her began to glow faintly before a large, water-like bird emerged from the faint glow. "Is this her familiar?" I recall Julius' familiar but it was small and looked to be harmless. What Violet summoned however was something much larger that's about half the size of her, I doubt it's a familiar.

While in my thoughts, the bird began to move, but I do notice Violet gesturing as if she was giving out orders when suddenly, her opponent launched a fire bolt in her direction, but she manages to dodge it with ease as her bird closes the distance, swooping down at her opponent. They managed to fend off the bird, however it gave Violet enough time to close some distance before stopping in place, raising their hand. The bird suddenly morphs back into water as it latches onto several parts of her opponent's body before freezing moments later, completely immobilizing them, leaving only their head exposed so that they can breathe. Just when Violet was getting ready to cast another spell, the teacher called it off, announcing Violet the winner.

I imitate her the same way, clapping for her as she makes her way back towards me.

Violet: "Thank you."

Kaede: "What was that back there?"

Violet: "Oh that was my familiar."

Kaede: "Eh? So it wasn't a creature you summoned?"

Violet: "No."

Kaede: "But weren't familiars not aggressive?"

Violet: "Yes, but since my familiar is made of entirely my mana, I can just turn it back into it's passive state where I can use it like I did there when I froze him."

I see, actually now that I think about it some more, her familiar wasn't doing any real harm, it was being more of a distraction than anything. It still worries me what form my mana will take when I summon my familiar...

The matches continued as they proved to be a nice distraction, however the sound of the bell brought me back to my senses as if the bell signaled my time to finally drink, causing my body to heat up once more. I just pray that Yui had her match already, I don't think I can hold back till the end of the day, especially with Violet's and my match already concluded.

We head to the usual meet up spot at the cafeteria as I spot the familiar faces of Yui's group along with Collin. Violet rushed on ahead, giving her brother a hug as I sit next to Yui, with a question in my mind that I desperately need to ask.

Yui: "Kaede! How was your match?"

Kaede: "Was a breeze. I finished them within seconds."

George: "I saw! Kaede you were fantastic!"

Kaede: "Thank you... But what about you? Did- you have your match yet?"

I ask while desperately hoping that she's already had her match, I could feel my body heating up more as the anticipation is just getting worse.

Yui: "Mmm! I had mine too-"

Collin: "And sadly, I was her victim today-"

Violet: "What? Brother! You lost?"

Collin: "Yes, sorry. I'll try and do better in loser's bracket."

I was surprised to see that Yui had fought against Collin, but I'm glad to see he didn't seem to have any ill intent towards her. More importantly however, I really need to fix this problem.

Yui: "...You need to go somewhere private?"

Kaede: "Yes..."

She spoke to me quietly as I answered back immediately in a soft tone while the other's seemed to be pre-occupied with Collin and Violet.

Yui: "Sorry guys, I'll be back shortly. I forgot something at the training area."

Kaede: "Ah- I'll come too!"

George: "Oh, well then. We'll be here."

Luna/Collin: "..."

Yui: "Mmm! well, see you guys~"

We made our 'escape' from the group as we headed towards the direction to the training areas.

-----Luna's POV

What on earth can they be doing? They ran off yesterday, and now they doing it again today? I know that Ellen didn't leave anything behind so she's clearly lying, but I refuse to speak up about it as it does seem to involve Kaede in some way.

Mark: "What could they be up to this time?"

Collin: "I have my suspicions."

Violet: "Eh? Brother you don't think-"

Collin: "Yes."

Unexpectedly, it seems as though Collin is onto something and now even Violet seems to have understood from their little exchange. I know Ellen is in a relationship with Kaede, but I struggle to wrap my head around what they're possibly doing. All I know when it comes to stuff like this is kissing so are they secretly kissing behind closed doors? Thinking so, I'm glad I never spoke up about it since they probably do want alone time with just themselves, but I can't shake away this stinging pain in my heart...

George: "Hmm? Luna? What's wrong?"

Luna: "Huh? Ah- no I'm fine!"

George: "Really? Your face is a bit flushed, no?"

I immediately go to feel my cheeks as I do feel that they're a little hot, but it's not like I'm sick or anything,

Luna: "It's okay. Probably a little worn out from my match..."

George: "Oh speaking of that, how'd you go?"

Luna: "I won... barely. I think if it wasn't for Ellen's training I would've lost."

God, even when I'm talking about Ellen my heart starts to sting more, like another needle had just entered my heart at just the mention of her name.

George: "Congrats! I've still yet to have mine, but I hope I can join you."

Collin: "How about you sis? You seem happy so I'm assuming you-"

Violet: "I won!"

Collin: "As I thought. At least one of us won haha."

He gently head patted Violet as she looked to be in a state of bliss, smiling away happily. That was when I noticed Mark who had quite a bland, empty look on his face.

Luna: "Mark? You okay?"

Mark: "Oh yeah, I'm okay. I just wish they could come back sooner."

Wait, does he have a thing for Yui? I can't help but see a part of myself in the face he's making. If that's the case then It'll be better for him to not know, it'll only hurt him more. Hmmm...

Luna: "Have you had your match yet?"

Mark: "Yes, thankfully I won so I'm not out of the tournament just yet."

Luna: "Then could we talk for a bit after lunch? Just you and I."

Mark: "Huh? Err sure?"

I want to make sure my hunch is correct, but also I wanted to confirm if he would become a rival of mine if things would ever turn south between Yui and Kaede...