A Place You Remember

Yui and Kaede fell in love during their final year in high school. Now they have to figure out how to live out their lives as fresh new adults. But things don't go accordingly to plan...

Dubsora · Fantasy
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445 Chs

So it Begins

-----Yui's POV

Yesterday's training was surprisingly quite difficult as I found myself getting tired out at the same time as Luna, which I found was quite worrying. Even with my sparring matches with Fabian, I could feel my swings were weaker and my reaction speed was definitely lacking, but I still managed to get through our training just fine for the tournament today.

I had no idea if I would be thrown right into a match day 1 but I head to class with Luna to find out.

Luna: "How you feeling?"

Yui: "Hmm? I'm fine."

Luna: "That's good, you looked quite pale yesterday, but you do look better now."

Kaede went to her class as Luna and I take our seats at ours, with everyone inside crowded around some sort of notice board.

Yui: "What's this?"

George: "It's our match ups I thi-"

Kendal: "Correct!"

Our teacher walks in through the door behind us as we enter, confirming what George just said.

Kendal: "Everyone take your seats, I'll quickly go over what's happening."

We all take our seats as I finally catch a glimpse of the notice board seeing my name in division 1. I guess Kendal will explain what it means. After we take our seats, we all wait patiently for what's to come.

Kendal: "Right so today is the big day as you all know. Some of you may have already noticed that notice board with your names on it. Put simply, all the teachers have sorted their students in divisions, so if your name is in division 1, that means you'll be facing off against someone from another class in division 4. Division 2 will face off against division 3, everyone following so far?"

Interesting, I would of figured each division would fight off against each other with division 1 against division 1, but it seems that this academy works a bit different than I expected.

Kendal: "The fights will take place in all 4 training areas, but the top 32 students will be fighting in the stadium. Think of these first stages like preliminaries, or qualifiers. Any questions?"

Classmate1: "Yes, is it true we'll be fighting against 2nd and 3rd years too?"

Kendal: "Yes, but not for the first round."

So there might be a chance for me to fight against Fabian. However even if I don't I'll still try my best, I want to prove that I am worthy to be born in the house of Leinhart, and not just some throwaway daughter.

Kendal: "As for the first rounds, you'll see your name next to your division along with the training area you'll be heading to. I don't think I need to tell you how to read so have a look for yourselves."

He brings the notice board to the front as we all look forward to see for ourselves once more. Looking once more, I could see for certain that I'm indeed in division 1 and that I'll be heading to training area 2.

Kendal: "Each area will have 2 teachers to act as referees and to make sure no one does anything dangerous. I myself will be caring for area 3. So if you see you're placed there you may follow me there now, the rest of you please head to your designated areas."

I look over to Luna who's sitting next to me who seemed to be a little dis-heartened while the students in our class began to head out.

Yui: "What area are you going to?"

Luna: "Area 4..."

Yui: "Guessing you were hoping to be in the same area as me?"

Luna: "Yeah."

Yui: "Hey, maybe tomorrow we'll be put in the same area."

Luna: "Either way, I'll do my best!"

Yui: "Mmm! So will I. We'll meet at the cafeteria for lunch then"

Luna: "Okay! Good luck~"

Yui: "Thanks, you too!"

We part ways as we walk out the door heading towards our areas. It was sad to leave Luna like that, but I did see that George ended up following Luna so maybe he's also going there? At least she'll have someone there she knows. Meanwhile I have no idea who'll be joining me as no one I knew from our class was following me.

Arriving at the training area, my eyes looked around to see if Kaede would be around, but it seems as though I was unlucky as the more I looked around, the more unfamiliar faces I came across. "Seems as though today I'll be alone huh."

Otho: "Hello everyone! My name's Otho and I'll be in charge of these matches for today."

I realize now that something was different than what Kendal had said. "Wasn't there meant to be another teacher?" Maybe Otho is someone quite powerful that he doesn't need another teacher? I don't know, either way I listen closely.

Otho: "Everyone, please take a seat at the benches to the sides as I call out your names. We'll be going through this one pair at a time."

It's quite interesting being amidst the different classes as I saw different styled armor, with the magic focused classes having more light weight armor. I myself still opted to wear nothing except for my uniform.

Otho: "Alright, shall we begin then? Let's kick this off with-"

He read out the names of 2 students as they stepped forward in the middle of the training area.

Otho: "Now before we start I'll go over the rules. Number 1; obviously you are NOT going to kill each other. As long as you make your opponent concede then it is your win, or if I judge it myself. Number 2; each student will start from one end of the area to give an equal playing field so that the hand to hand orientated classes wont be at an advantage. Number 3; and most importantly, enjoy yourselves!"

Fair enough, I expected there to be something that would put us students that would excel at fighting with weapons to have some sort of handicap, It would be quite difficult for spell casters to cast anything if we were constantly in their faces.

Otho: "With that said. Lets begin!"

He created a small ball of fire before exploding it, making a loud bang sound, signaling the start of the match.

-----Kaede's POV

I was hoping to find Yui in the area I was going to, but at least I saw some familiar faces.

Leon: "So you're with me it looks like."

Kaede: "Mhmm."

Leon: "It was disappointing that you never showed back up to class. Did you end up finding the right one?"

Kaede: "Yeah. I decided to go with one of the tactician classes, specifically the summoning class."

Leon: "Ooh~ Well I'll be looking forward to see what you can cre-"

Kaede: "Ah no, I'm still hopeless since I only just started, hopefully one day I can create something to show you hehe."

Leon: "I'll be looking forward to it then."

We smile at each other before another familiar face approached us and the rest of the students here.

Kendal: "Right, I hope everyone is here, lets just get right into it!"

He began to list off two student names before explaining the rules. I don't think the rules would effect me much as I excelled at both magical and physical combat. Even though my technique is highly flawed, it should do the trick.

The fight commenced as it looked to be someone with a sword and shield up against a mage from what I could guess, however the fight ended quite quickly with the mage user immobilizing her opponent with some sort of quick sand like trap before drawing her bow.

Kendal: "Okay stop! Thank you, I've seen enough."

It was quite anti-climactic, she must've been someone from the first division if her opponent just let her do that. The second teacher began to write down on their notepad, barely discussing anything with Kendal. I expected the guy who lost to be sad, but surprisingly he looked to be content with their loss as they had a smile on their face, laughing together with what looked to be some of his friends. Maybe his opponent was well known and his loss was bound to happen or something?

Kendal: "Alright! That went well. Lets just get straight into the next match."

I started to get a bit nervous to whom I might fight. I was placed in division 4 which was the lowest, but it made sense since I arrived late and barely knew anything about summoning. What I was mainly nervous about was the fact that I may have to fight a strong opponent like that girl. Either way though, I'll do my best to prove myself, and to show off to Yui.

In our old world, she was the star of the school being the ace runner in our school's team, so maybe this time Yui will be the one to watch me.

Kendal: "Leon von Ardford and-"

Wait for me Yui. I'll climb through the ranks and make it to the top.

Kendal: "Kaede Ilaria."


Eh? You're kidding right? I'm fighting off against the prince this early? Everyone's gazes locked onto us upon hearing Leon's name.