A Place You Remember

Yui and Kaede fell in love during their final year in high school. Now they have to figure out how to live out their lives as fresh new adults. But things don't go accordingly to plan...

Dubsora · Fantasy
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-----Yui's POV

After our little chat next to the school building, Kaede and I headed back to Luna and Fabian. I decided to train with Luna for our remaining time with Fabian surprisingly taking an interest and joining us. Kaede seemed to be focusing on that summoning spell of hers.

Now we have just finished dinner as Kaede and I head back to her room. I've been hung up all day on how to deal with this situation with her, even during my training sessions with Luna and Fabian, however it just seems like my words aren't properly reaching her. I close the door behind me as we enter in our room, my mind completely focused on getting through to her.

Yui: "So- You feeling better?"

Kaede: "Mhmm. That blood I got from you earlier helped a lot."

The look on her face seemed suspicious which seemed to not match the words she just said. Usually I'd just ignore it, but I wont let her get away from this.

Yui: "Lies. You didn't get enough right?"

Kaede: "Look I don't want to hurt you okay? When I'm with you, my body just loses it, heating up like crazy. I told you that I don't want what happened before to happen again so-"

Yui: "And like I said as well, I don't care. I WANT to be your support, I WANT to help you. Its not a need for me, it's something that I want to do. I just want you to be comfortable."

Kaede: "That'll be impossible then. Even if I follow along with it, It wont sit well with me drinking away at your blood everyday. If it was once a month then sure, but I'm frightened about the frequency of this. Like what if it gets even worse and I end up completely losing it and killing you? I don't wanna risk that!"

Things are getting a little heated now as I try to confront this, but I have a plan if she's unwilling to listen to words alone.

Yui: "You wont kill me."

Kaede: "How can you be so sure?!"

Yui: "You love me don't you?"

Kaede: "Of course! I wouldn't of suffered for so long if I had a chance to see you again. It's why I really don't wanna have to do this and potentially lose you again."

Her words are doing a great job at swaying my decision. I was planning on doing something, but now I'm second guessing myself and maybe going along with her plan instead. But then won't she be the one suffering herself? I'd much rather lose a little bit of blood over Kaede suffering with her hunger. Thinking so, I grab a knife off of the kitchen counter while keeping eye contact with Kaede.

Yui: "I love you too. Which is why I also don't want you to suffer like this."

Kaede: "What are you-"

If she wont believe me with words alone, then I'll just have to show her how I feel. I quickly bring the knife to the side of my neck before slicing into my skin with no hesitation in my eyes. The pain was definitely there, but I've felt worse as I refuse to even flinch while keeping my composure.

Kaede: "Yui!"

As expected, she grabbed hold of my arms, taking the knife away from my neck, however I drop the knife to the ground before grabbing hold of her forearms myself.

Kaede: "Stop! I need to heal your-"

Yui: "No. I wont let you heal it. This blood is for you."

Kaede: "But-"

Yui: "I don't want you to be in agony like this. So if it's my blood you need to suppress it, then I'll put my trust in you."

Kaede: "I- I don't want you to hate me... Even if you say it's fine now, you'll end up hating me someday."

Her arms begin to tremble as I could see tears were starting to flow down her cheeks, with her eyes refusing to look at the wound I inflicted on myself.

Yui: "That'll never happen. I know I'm being selfish, but I just can't see you in pain like you've been recently. So please, rely on me."

Kaede: "..."

Seeing her face tear up more as I continue to hold her arms makes my heart shake. I never want to see Kaede like this, I want to see that smile of hers again.

Yui: "I don't want to see you cry like this. It's painful right?"

Kaede: "..."

She struggles to say the words as all she could do was nod her head, still looking away to avoid my wound.

Kaede: "My body- has gotten so hot... I can barely breathe. But you're important to me! My other half. It hurts to force myself on you like that, so I-"

Yui: "I feel the same way, which is why I want you to drink my blood. I'll never be afraid of you or leave you. So you don't have to bear everything yourself, I'll be with you."

Kaede: "Yui..."

Finally she looked me in the eye, her tears making her scarlet red eyes glitter as I stare at their beauty.

Yui: "Anyway, hurry and sterilize my wound. Plus we don't want blood to drip all over the floor.

Kaede: "..."

Yui: "What's wrong now? You still refuse to-"

Kaede: "No, that's not it. I don't want to suck your blood with that lame excuse. None of that 'sterilizing' stuff, I'll suck your blood under my own will."

I let go of her arms as I could no longer feel any tension with her trying to pull free. However she doesn't run away and stays in front of me.

Yui: "Good, I'm glad my words finally got across to you. But be extra gentle okay? It's very painful"

Kaede: "I'll suck now then, be still"

She holds me by my shoulders as she moves in closer to my neck. I could feel her shuddering breath tickling my neck as I try to stay still like she said.

Kaede: "... Thank you Yui."

Yui: "Mmm."

I feel her lips press against my neck as I start to hear the sound of her swallowing my blood. Her grip around my shoulder begins to tighten and tremble once more as I feel her tears drip down onto my neck. I start gently patting her head, running my fingers through her hair to try and calm her down as she continues to drink at a steady pace. Sure it's painful, but its nowhere as close to the immense satisfaction I'm feeling, with her sobbing showing no signs of stopping.

Yui: "It's okay. I'm still here."

Her cries showed no signs of going down, however the trembling of her hands disappeared as she continued to drink more and more of my blood. I still feel fine, so I let her do as she pleases and continue to comfort her with my gentle head patting, as if she was a child.

Minutes pass as I could no longer hear her sobbing, but I still continue to comfort her, letting her know that I'm still here and okay when suddenly, I could feel her stop, pulling her lips away from my neck.

Yui: "Calmed down?"

Kaede: "Mhmm..."

Yui: "I'm glad. And what about your thirst? Had enough?"

Kaede: "Yes. The pain is gone now. I promise."

Her words felt genuine and the look on her face confirmed that as our eyes lock onto each other. A few moments pass while we stare into each other eyes before her eyes dart back to my neck.

Kaede: "...Can I heal it now?"

Yui: "Mmm."

She wastes no time as she puts her hand over my neck before I could feel a comforting warmth spread over my neck. Words cannot describe how happy I am at the moment. I know it was quite sudden and dangerous, but I needed to show her how I felt, how I feel about her. And judging from the look on her face, she looks to be content with it as I could finally see that smile of hers as she finishes healing me.

Kaede: "Done."

Yui: "Good-"

I also waste no time immediately wrapping my arms around her, pulling us into an embrace with her arms finding their way around my waist, pulling me closer as our bodies press together. There's no trembling coming from Kaede as we rest our heads on each other's shoulders, feeling at peace as I could feel her heartbeat through our chests. I don't know how long we remained like this, but after what felt like an eternity we pull ourselves away as we look in each other's eyes. Once again, the look on her face looked to be genuinely happy as I also find myself smiling with her.

Yui: "I love you."

Kaede: "I love you too."

Yui: "We'll need to clean the blood from the floor haha."

Kaede: "No problem."

She began looked down at the pool of blood on the ground before the blood began to move. "Is this-" All the blood on the ground started floating up towards us as she takes hold of it in her hands.

Kaede: "I can't have your precious blood going to waste."

She begins to drink it in front of me as I watch on speechless, it's a weird feeling seeing her drink my blood like this. For some reason it's more apparent that she's not a human when I see her like this, however it doesn't sway my feelings for her as I find myself smiling at her as she finishes drinking. But wow, to see Kaede control blood was a spectacle to see; the magic of a vampire.

Honestly one of my favourite chapters I've written, but then again every chapter is my favourite haha. I do hope you like this chapter as it did take longer to write than previous ones. Still have alot left planned ahead so stick around!

<3 Much Love <3

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