2 Massive Reformation

Dear Jesus,

Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away, behold all things are new.

My first impulse when I woke up this morning was to speak to you, dear Jesus.

With a grateful heart, I worshipped you, thanking you for a new start.

You know, Jesus, you are changing me so fast that I myself am amazed. Normally, I’d sleep in until my mom comes to wake me to get ready for school.

Yeah, I’m mommy’s little girl even at the age of sixteen. Being an only child avails me the chance to be indolent and carefree.

But… not anymore. Not when you’ve come into my life. You woke me up by 3:00am this morning to enjoy sweet communion with you.

Please, please, please… *does the adorable puppy-dog eyes* help me to be consistent. You know, that’s one of my weaknesses—giving up easily on something once it begins to bore me. Please, don’t let this exciting life that I’ve found in you fade like a fleeting wisp of smoke.

It seems as if the Bible has come alive to me now. I formerly used to dread reading the bible. Even though reading is one of my favorite pastimes, it used to seem I had been given sleeping pills whenever I would attempt reading the Bible. *sighs while remembering how pathetic I was then.*

The Bible that had begun to gather dust, and was safely tucked deep in the den of my wardrobe (I even considered carrying it to church a burden, since we have projectors that would display the Bible readings at my church), is now the greatest book I have ever read and will ever read.

I memorized the scripture I wrote top of this page. I also went ahead to make major changes in the 'me' I used to be.

The old Radiance Abraham is gone. The new girl, merged with you, is come.

When I got back from a hectic day at Charios High School (Whew! The pressure of being in the first trimester of SS3 is really taking its toll on me, but I know I’ll survive cos you’ll always be by my side), I took time to clear out my room.

I figured my spacious room would be needing a make-over to make it look like it belongs to a Jesus-freak (I don’t mind that slang that formerly used to make me cringe anymore).

So, I replaced all the former posters on my wall—the ones with pics of the rock-stars I used to love, as well as some irrelevant girly stuff—with stickers of colourful Bible verses, the cross and a dove. I got them all from the same store where I got this journal from. I’m thinking I’ll be visiting that store more often from now on; they’ve got great Christian stuff I’ll be needing later.

I also got a special notebook and a glitter-pen to write your words to me and my meditations on the scripture in during our special time of fellowship.

I created something like a den on the balcony of my room next to my swing where I relocated my table and chair.

That balcony overlooks our garden so I think it’d be a perfect spot for fellowship. If you don’t mind I’d like to refer to it as our 'Holy Coven'.

Also, I took my time to also reform my mobile phone and PC.

I deleted all the worldly music on both devices and replaced them with Christian songs that I downloaded from the internet; some great gospel songs like Overcomers by Mandisa, Changed by Geoffrey Golden, Your Spirit by Tasha Cobbs and Kierra, I surrender and Oceans by Hillsong and many more. I am so falling in love and grooving to these 'Ah-May-Zin!' songs I would have denied existed a few weeks ago.

I made a pic of the Ark of Covenant my phone’s wallpaper, and that of a kneeling worshipper the wallpaper of my Dell PC.

I deactivated all my social media accounts, except WeChat (just so people can communicate with me) to diminish distractions. I don’t want any idol coming between us. It was difficult but I’m satisfied to see you proud of me.

I also deleted some e-books that were not godly off my mobile devices; sensual romance novels were my downfall but not anymore.

I reviewed my wardrobe, taking out some clothes that I used to fancy to blend in with my peers but I know you’d frown at. Maybe sometime during the weekend, I could give out the relatively decent ones to some less privileged teen girls at church.

School was more beautiful today cos you were with me. *Whispers* Actually, it was more bearable considering the humongous amount of lessons we had. It’s like our teachers want to squeeze the juice out of us so we can all excel in our external examinations.

Luckily for me, we had a free period today. Instead of joining the other girls to gossip and flirt with the boys, Kathlyn and I worked some calculus problems together. I could almost hear the silent snickering of the clique of girls that named themselves ‘Dazzling Diamonds’ when they saw me getting intimate with ‘the weirdo’. I must say there was nothing dazzling about them while they were doing that.

During the Lunch break, while Kathlyn and I were hanging out, talking about God stuff, she gave me a gift of a book titled ‘The Pursuit of God’ written by A W Tozer. I wanted to protest but she convinced me, saying it would help stir my spiritual fire and make me hungrier for you.

She was right. I’ve read the first chapter and my hunger for you has already soared to the heights of the Heavens. It brought tears to my eyes and dragged me to my knees. I can’t wait to read it to the end. I’m sure I won’t remain the same.

I think saying thank you to Kathlyn won’t suffice. I plan on doing something sweet for her on her birthday which luckily falls on a public holiday.

Oh yeah… before it skips my mind, I’ve got big news.

Trisha came to invite me to her birthday bash coming up this weekend. I was like OMG! Am I dreaming or what?

Trisha is like the most popular girl in Charios High. I’m even surprised she knows plain, old me. She is perfectly cool, gorgeous, rich, multi-talented, smart… you name it. She was elected as Charois queen for two years in a row and her boyfriend, Maxwell Newrit, is the captain of the school’s basketball team. Any natural girl would drool for prospects as enticing as these; any girl would die to be close to her.

But hey, I’m no natural girl anymore; I’m supernatural. I declined the invitation as nicely as I could manage.

The look of shock on her face when I said no was so unlike her that I wanted to burst out in hysterical laughter, but I suppressed it to a small giggle in my head.

It was a look that said ‘What the heck! No one has ever refused me before.’

I thought she would persist or at least ask me why I refused, but she didn’t. Instead, she sauntered past me like she didn’t care one bit whether I came or not, and ran to meet her boyfriend, Max, who was waiting ahead for her. She was probably thinking I was crazy or something.

*Sighs* I just hope I won’t be severely stigmatized or, worse still, bullied for daring to refuse the school queen.

How can I go to a place where you won’t approve of? A place with free-ranging demons of alcoholism, indecent dressing, worldly DJ music and the likes.

I’m rather glad you gave me the courage I needed to make the right choice that would please you, even though my flesh was screaming ‘SAY YES!’ so loud in my head.

I think that’s all to document tonight. I’ve got to get to bed now; I’m all stressed from doing my chemistry assignment after my chores tonight.

PS: Thanks for stopping the involuntary action of drooling in my sleep. I noticed this morning and I shouldn’t forget to thank you for something you did that I didn’t ask for.

Even though to some people it may seem insignificant, it’s a big deal for me.

I’m going to sleep now. Sing me a lullaby. *smirks* I bet your voice would be heavenly.

Good night, Lord.


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