14 Ignition of Fire

Dear Jesus,

And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter, that He may abide with you for ever. John 14:16.

Woah! It’s finally happened. And at the least expected of times at that.

I never thought that it would happen when I’m writing my final exams. I’m so thankful, Lord.

The day had started out normally. It isn't as if there were fireworks in the sky heralding a new dawn and giving me a hint to what happened today.

Plus, today was a very important general paper. Mathematics.

Very vital subject one must scale through if one is going to get considered by the prestigious colleges.

Another invigilator was sent to our school's exam center. The woman was firmer than the previous one. And since it's a very important paper took today, other external supervisors from the examining board came to check on us. Everyone was in their best behavior.

Any slight error would mean the end of your paper that day.

I took some time to study with my friends in the library after we concluded our Mathematics exam paper.

To avoid getting late to church for the Wednesday Hour of His Glory program at church, I went there directly from school.

I got there an hour earlier. I greeted Mrs Carey who informed me that Dad went out briefly for visitations with another minister; I figured mom will come once it’s time so I relished the quiet moment I had.

As I sat alone in the whole auditorium, I could sense a stirring in my spirit so I prayed to you. The prayer was more in form of sweet adoration and worship than in form of request.

I remember that I kept calling you a covenant keeping God and praising you because you will surely fulfill your promises to me. My worship grew to an intense passion to seek the Lord and I prayed for your Holy Spirit to fill me today.

Soon, I had to reluctantly stop my outward worship as people started coming in.

Some who I’m quite familiar with were curious enough to ask why I was still in my uniform. I told them I came straight from school.

The Trimon's were also around. I was so glad to see Felicia and her sister, Patricia looking happy again.

Mom came about 10 minutes to the program’s commencement and I greeted her.

Dad came just in time alongside with pastor Henry, the assistant pastor of Redeemer’s love church.

The program started promptly at 5:00pm. It was prayer and worship all through.

Steadily there was a build up of your presence in the atmosphere so tangible that I could feel it. Other could too.

During the brief moment when I opened my eye, I saw some people on their knees, some on their feet with arms raised and tears coursing down their cheeks, some lying prostrate on the floor.

Dad mounted the pulpit and began to sing Spirit Break Out, a powerful song by Kim Walker Smith, and the choir backed him up.

Spirit break out…

Break our walls down…

Spirit break out…

Heaven come down…

I sang along meaning those words with all my heart. I was still on my feet with my hands lifted up and my face towards Heaven; I shut out everything and everyone else as I fixed the eyes of my heart on you.

I knew the moment was near cos all the goose bumps on my body came alive.

“Father, please send your Spirit to break down the barriers of this my flesh. Holy Spirit come; I need you. Jesus, you promised. You promised…”

Before I could finish my statement I felt Your presence so real around me, like as if someone charged the air surrounding me with excited electrons.

Then, I felt someone, that’d be you, pouring sweet smelling oil on my head. I felt the flow from my head down to my feet.

My mouth parted to speak again after this extraordinary feeling washed over me, but what I heard was I strange utterance. I didn’t yet know what had occurred so I struggled to speak human language.

When I wanted to say thank you Jesus, what I heard coming out was shreke balodios yadosh eloimadema…

My mind clicked that I’m speaking in new tongues and I released myself to your Spirit’s speaking through me.

I felt as if I was floating and didn’t realize I had been slain in the Spirit until I felt two strong hands of the ushers pick me up from the floor.

The tongues slowly subsided but I felt new surges of it bubbling out of me like a spring of living water as we continued in the prayers.

I prayed like never before and I didn’t want it to stop.

The meeting closed later than the usual and still nobody was ready to go home. It was the birth of revival in our midst.

We, that is my parents and I, eventually got home a few minutes after 9pm.

I couldn’t wait to run to my room tonight to start koinonia.

Dad and mom throughout the drive back home, dinner and then during our family devotion were in Spirit.

They admonished me in deep spiritual matters. Together as a family, we all spoke in other tongues for so long that I lost track of time. And this was sweetest joint family time in your presence we’ve ever had.

And so, there I was, Radiance, full of the Holy Ghost, kneeling beside my bed, praying mysteries. The tongues returned with full force like wave after wave of the ocean.

Your presence was so real; I didn’t ever want to leave. I felt your words comforting me: “I am with you till the end of the world”.

Words will fail me if I try to appreciate this unwarranted gift you've given me with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much. A million thanks will not be enough, Lord.

Welcome, Holy Spirit into me, this feeble earthen vessel that I believe you’ll transform into the image of Christ. This journey is just getting better. I yield totally to you.

Good night Holy Spirit. Good night Jesus. Good night my heavenly Father.


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