A Otaku Assassin Reincarnated To an Eroge game? Book

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A Otaku Assassin Reincarnated To an Eroge game?


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Someone is running... He's body is so injured and bloodied... While he's getting chased by an group of black in suit who wanted to kill him... While running into the buildings, he suddenly lost all of his strength and fall down while he jumping into the buildings... He fell on the road and saw a Truck, no one is driving to it... He isn't sad nor mad because of a shameful way to die. He's excited because he's going to die from truck-kun today! He is an Otaku professional Assassin who isn't good nor bad but like to play Eroge games or watch anime when he have free time! He's a really different assassin... Because he found his happiness in his life! Being an Otaku! So when he see truck-kun is going to kill him. he's otaku sense is tingling! He's excited! He then got ran over by the truck and... ... The cover is not mine...


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