A One Night Stand Marriage: Mr. Qin, I'm Pregnant Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

A One Night Stand Marriage: Mr. Qin, I'm Pregnant

Ji Feiyan

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Ji Ningyan's parents were forcing her to marry an old man with violent tendencies for their own profit. Out of anger, she paid a man to quickly marry her instead. After getting married, she discovered that her husband was extremely influential. "Honey, your name is the same as the second son of the richest man in the world. What a coincidence." "It isn't a coincidence. The richest man in the world is your father-in-law. Don't forget to address him as such the next time you see him." "Honey, I went to get my body checked today. The doctor said I’m pregnant. What a joke. I've never even held hands with a man. How could I possibly be pregnant?" "Am I not a man?" Ji Ningyan nodded in a matter-of-fact manner. "You are, but you like men too..." Before she could finish her sentence, he covered her mouth with his hand. "Who said I liked men? You're going to get it!"


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