8 Visiting Old Sword’s home. [Part 2]

Eldrian followed Diane to the dining room, helping to carry a portion of the stew they had cooked. As he entered the room he quickly noticed the lit fireplace with a stand over the fire. Not needing to be told he walked over and placed the pot on the stand.

During the time Eldrian had helped Diane to prepare the food, he had asked her some basic questions about the value of money, by asking how much food products were.

He was surprised to find out that it wasn't really much. For example, a fresh loaf of bread would just cost 1 or 2 coppers, depending on if it is white or brown bread. A basket of carrots would only cost around 5 coppers, and that meant a lot of carrots.

With normal players being given 20 silvers to start, Eldrian felt that he was actually quite rich. This was because one silver was worth 100 copper.

After Eldrian had placed the pot over the fire he had some time to look around the room. It wasn't a very unique room. Just the hearth at the side, in which the fire burned, with a few chairs nearby if one wanted to enjoy the fire. Further away was the dining table with eight seats, one at each far end and three at each side. The cutlery was also basic iron forks and knives.

As Eldrian finished taking in the room he saw Old Sword entering the dining room with a girl behind him. She was very pretty, beautiful even to Eldrian.

She was clearly very fit and wore a tomboy outfit, which hid most of her milky white skin. She had long auburn hair, almost passing her lower back. But when Eldrian saw her crystal green eyes he couldn't look away.

He was completely captivated by her eyes that looked like pure emeralds.

'Mmph, another vulgar boy. Why did dad tell me he is different?' Were her thoughts when she saw him staring at her so openly.

Old Sword quickly picked up on this and decided to break the tension which was building up. "Alright, let us eat." He declared loudly to snap Eldrian out of his captivated daze.

This worked well since Eldrian immediately lowered his gaze when he heard Old Sword's voice. 'Her eyes are so beautiful.' He thought to himself as he sat down at the table. Their seating arrangements were simple. Eldrian alone on one side, the girls opposite him and Old Sword at the head of the table.

Eldrian continued to feel awkward until he took his first bite of the food.

With the first spoon of steaming stew and a bite of bread, Eldrian was lost to the world. 'This is simply divine!' He thought to himself as he became enthralled in the pure mixture of the natural flavors. The carrots softened to a nice crunchy bite. Tender meat pieces along with juicy mushrooms and other wonderful vegetables. It all went so well together.

Eldrian lost himself, even taking a third helping in just a few moments after starting to eat.

Seeing this Old Sword found it natural as he felt the young man, Eldrian, had trained very hard. Having forgone food for the entire day.

Diane had a pleasant smile on her face as she saw their guest enjoying himself so much. Vivian however, looked at this strange act in confusion. Normally boys would always try to gain her favor. They would even go to terrible far lengths to try this, especially the noble guys.

This was the first time where a guy certainly found her attractive, and then just ignored her. 'Is this a ploy to get me interested, or is he just weird?' Vivian asked herself.

As Eldrian finished his third helping he lied back in his chair. At this time, he realized that he had completely forgotten all his manners.

"Sorry about my bad manners. It was just, after the first bite, I was completely captivated by the wonderful tastes. From where I am from, we just don't get food that tastes so natural, yet so good." Eldrian said, embarrassed about his actions but not really regretting it. It was just too good for him to regret.

"I am glad you enjoyed it Haru. I also have to thank you for helping me prepare the food. Normally Vivian would help me, but since the invasion started, she has been busy trying to grow stronger." Diane said as she tried to help Eldrian out over his loss of manners. Hearing this caused Eldrian to smile happily, glad that she wasn't mad at him.

"Sorry, mom. But you know that we are almost a border kingdom now. The speed at which they have been taking cities is just far too scary. At the very least I want to be able to escape with you, and not slow you down." Vivian said as she heard her mother bringing up her training again.

"I now Vivian, it is just, as a mother I will always worry. With you training so much, it almost feels like you are going to go off to do a mission."

"I know mom. It is just that being level 13 doesn't give me much courage." Vivian said, disappointment clear in her voice. Clearly, she felt it was a very low level.

"Ha, and what other youngsters are as high level as you?" Old Sword asked trying to cheer her up.

Hearing this Eldrian was confused. 'Since when is level 13 high in a game?' He asked himself.

"It isn't about that. It is about, that if the monsters attack, I would still be rendered almost useless." Vivian said, sadness in her voice.

"Not really. You will be able to help many people against the normal monsters. It is just that if you try fighting Apex or a stronger monster that you would be rendered helpless. So, remember, if that happens, run." Old Sword said seriously.

This talk all confused Eldrian as he had no idea what was going on.

"Enough, let us change the topic to a more pleasant one. I don't like talking about the invasion." Diane interrupted Vivian as she wanted to say something again. She then turned to Eldrian and said, "Sorry about this Haru. You see the reason most of us feel cornered is the fact that most Chosen have all died today. Or rather those are the rumors going around."

"Wait what. How could so many have died already." Eldrian asked, completely shocked that so many players have died within the first 12 hours the game has started. 'Normally the start of a game is easy right?' He asked himself.

"Well, the reason is simple. Very few are like you, wanting to first learn how to fight. Most just went to some of the blacksmith shops, buying some cheap weapons before heading out." This again just blew Eldrian's mind.

While it is true in a normal game this approach would work, he didn't even think for a moment it would for A New World. The game was just too realistic to be approached with such a childish mentality.

"Exactly, they had no plan, just rushing to their deaths. They think that just because they can't die, then dying is no problem. But for all of us normal people, the news was very shocking. Especially when you guys are supposed to save us." Vivian stated as she looked at Eldrian.

She was surprised that a Chosen acted rationally. Every single one she had met today had been self-centered. With the guys trying to take liberties with her, and the females just ignoring her when she wanted to help them.

This was why she decided to go train herself rather than trying to train those idiots. Yet her dad had found a sensible Chosen so easily. She could not understand how so she decided to ask. "Dad, how did you manage to find him amidst all those idiots?"

Naturally, Eldrian didn't feel nice when his people, players were being classed as idiots by the NPCs. But he couldn't really argue because since there are no real consequences in-game, most people tend to do stupid shit just for the fun of it.

It also made him realize how complex the NPCs were. For them to be able to come to a conclusion that we will be no immediate help and thus they started thinking of other methods to help themselves.

"Well, that was simple. When someone approached me, I just released a bit of my battle aura. Most turned tail after feeling it. Haru was the only one who could still answer my questions under the pressure." Old Sword had a grin on his face as he said it. As if scaring the Chosen was a fun thing to do.

'So that was the reason he felt so intimidating.' Was the only thing Eldrian thought when he heard Old Sword tried to intimidate players with his aura.

By this time everyone had finished eating. Eldrian felt it would be a good time to call it a night.

"Thanks again for the meal. Where am I going to sleep?" Eldrian asked as he stood up.

"Vivian please show him to our guest room," Diane replied.

"Okay," Vivian said as she also stood up.

"Old Sword, I think tomorrow I will practice and find the weapons I want to focus on. I would also like to tour the city." Eldrian said just before exiting the dining room.

"Sure, with how diligent you train you should be able to do it. I will be able to accompany you again the day after." Old Sword said as Eldrian left the room.

As they walked back to the front room Vivian asked Eldrian, "So you want to tour the city?"

"Well yes, I know next to nothing about this world. I need to start learning from somewhere and I believe a tour is a good starting point. Would you mind giving me the tour?" Eldrian replied.

"That would be fine."

"Awesome. Since I am going to train in the morning, how about you get me at the training field at around 2 o clock in the afternoon?" Eldrian asked.


With that settled, Vivian showed him his room. It was the room connected to the second door of the first room one enters when entering the house.

With his plans sorted for the next day, Eldrian lied down on the bed and proceeded to log out.

{Player has chosen to log out. Safe zone is confirmed. Please confirm that you want to log out in the current environment – City, Guest room of NPC Old Sword}

After hearing this, Eldrian confirmed that he wanted to log out, and finally, he drifted to sleep. Before being abruptly being awakened by the system voice again.

{User has logged off, please turn off the headset.}

This time Eldrian wasn't as angry at the voice as last time, still, he didn't like how it felt when logging in and out. He found the experience of falling asleep and then immediately after being woken truly irritating.

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