A New Life with Hope! Book

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A New Life with Hope!


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Justice Hendricks gets abandoned by his parents, the two of the strongest Knights. They abandoned him because “He was too weak.” Ever since he was abandoned, he’s been training himself to his peak. He gets adopted by another Knight — though, the aforementioned Knight wasn’t strong, nor famous — and trains with him. A Demon named “Yaldabaoth” arrises and kills 80% of the Human population. Causing the once peaceful Kingdom of Lunin to become apocalyptic and crawling with lesser Demons, Vampires, and other monsters of the Undead Relm. Justice’s adoptive Parent was also killed by Yaldabaoth. Thus making Justice thirst for killing him. However, with the current status of the Kingdom, that will be difficult to do. Justice meets people who also crave revenge against Yaldabaoth. Though, their journey to kill Yaldabaoth isn’t going to be easy. To get to him, they’ll have to deal with the Undead, Traitors, Demon Maids, and more!