A new life with a system in Marvel

A young teenager aged just 17, orphaned and with a series of pathologies, finally dies during surgery. But a special entity decided to give him a new life in a world of his choosing... What if the world is Marvel? A complete world, with technologies, alien powers, magic, creatures, gods... a beautiful and mystical world... but one with dangers at every turn... is it a good decision? Will he survive? come and discover the discoveries, the moments of happiness and the challenges. Notes: This book is a fanfic focous on Marvel. They not gone folow necessarily the UCM, but it will have influence. This novel is BL so for those who don't like the genre, I don't recommend reading it. The protagonist will be OP, but will have growth. The posting rate should not be very regular as I write other books and have other studies and work. Hope you like it!

GreatDaoofspace · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
49 Chs


The airport we went to was quite gigantic, with several taxis and cars stopping in front, people leaving and others entering and it was possible to see planes landing and others leaving.

And we arrived by taxi, I carried mine and my mother's suitcase and my father carried his, in reality the suitcases didn't have much, my parents know about the inventory so they act more as a "disguise" to represent our items.

The father held the mother's right hand and I held the left, it's the first time I've been to an airport in both my lives so I'm a little curious, even though I've seen very unusual things given the system.

"Adrian, stay close to us, I know it's unlikely that anyone will be able to kidnap you given your strength and capabilities the more you get lost…but it's good to be careful." My mother repeated it again and I nodded, with my Haki of vision and senses it is unlikely that I will get lost without talking about the bees.

And then at the airport, we checked in and checked our bags.

And we waited for the aunt to arrive, and I ended up walking a little to a small store next door to buy some sweets while I left a bee with my parents so they could communicate with me and I wouldn't lose their location..... and they stayed there hugging each other and enjoying their own moment of romance…

At the store a receptionist came to greet me.

"Hello young man, what would you like to buy?"

I smiled at her with a cute smile and pointed to the sweets, some were shaped like bananas, others tasted like oranges like gummy bears and others were like jelly beans with different tastes.

She smiled and placed the sweets in small recyclable paper bags with the Monka Factory brand, which was a very famous chocolate and sweets store in the world. (Who recognizes the reference?)

However, when I left the store two men came to talk to me.

"Hello young man, did you buy sweets? Do you want me to give you more?"

"Yes Yes, we have plenty of delicious sweets."

They said smiling.

And I looked lightly, sending my Haki around their body, I don't feel unusual energy from normal humans, like I feel with the mother so it's likely that they're normal humans and from the cliché it's likely a dull kidnapping attempt….

Then smile at them.

"Of course, where are the sweets?"

And agreeing with them, I smiled and put my hand in my pocket without them noticing and told my father what was happening, he will probably send security guards… I decided to go because if I ignore it, other children could end up being kidnapped….

At the same time, as I followed them I received a notification.


Mission: Hijackers at the airport.

Objective: Ensure the kidnappers are arrested.

Reward: 60 system coins, class E skill (hunter World) - Mimetic voice.

Description: When you are at an airport, hijackers want to capture you, what will you do about it? Stop them?


I stopped for 5 seconds and heard the voice of kidnapper 1.


"Nothing…it just distracts me."

I smiled at him and started walking again, I wasn't expecting the mission and the skill will be useful for disguise in the future. It also works stronger and more powerful than Tunisian voice techniques for disguise.

They took me out of the airport to a more separate part and in front of a van…they don't even want to disguise this obvious kidnapping?

"Where are the sweet uncles?"

"Cough cough, they're inside the Van."

They spoke and they both opened the door and as soon as I entered they entered, I also saw that there was a 3 also to drive the vehicle.

"I don't see the sweets uncle"

I spoke with an innocent smile and they looked.

"Don't worry-"

But before they finished I asked.

"Is this a kidnapping?"

They were stuck with my direct question.

And when one looked like he was going to make an excuse, the other followed.

"Stop making excuses, yes brat, it's a kidnapping, now keep quiet or we'll cut out your tongue."

He spoke and took a knife out of his pocket and showed me threateningly that I had already connected a recorder to show my father so I smiled happily and stopped the recording with a finger in my pocket, at the same time I put my sweets in the backpack behind my back.

And smile at them.

"Thank you for speaking so well"


And before the irritant with the knife could speak, I ran in front of him at high speed and jumped lightly in front of him, kicking him in the forehead and in the middle of the chest with the other foot, making him faint at the door with a loud noise.

And the other one who was scared and didn't know how to react, I didn't give him time to think either and I jumped in front and threw 4 quick punches to his face and forehead and with my superior strength and quick attacks he stumbled to the ground, even though he hadn't yet fainted some teeth falling out were visible.

"Sh-You brat!"

He bit his tongue and seemed to want to get up to attack, but I moved my left leg in a circular motion and gave him a light kick to the face, knocking him down.

The other one in front was scared and didn't seem to know whether to accelerate the car or run away from behind.

But regardless of his reaction, my hand was already in my pocket and I sent the audio.

And before he could react, both doors were opened abruptly, but one the kidnapper was pulled forcefully by two police officers and the other I was pulled forcefully into my father's embrace.


[Mission complete reward received]