A New Hope, Nier

After waking up in my family's prepper bunker it literally took me less than five minutes to almost die after exiting it to see why I woke up there and be attacked by a rabid machine screaming about building a "Meat Bicycle" out of my body parts... Now after leaning where I am after seeing a small village out closer to the city I lived nearby, I have to ask the most important question a man can in my situation. "Does one fist the android?"

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Chapter 148

You know... All the memories I had of being called a no-good dirty upjumped 'Tarnished' in the game version of Elden Ring rather than just base reality, made me kinda forget something very simple.

Although the Demi-gods looked down on the Tarnished for being rats who were trying to steal their shards of the Elden Ring. In the end the Tarnished were still immortal warriors who the Demi-gods had to have a smidgen of respect for.

A2 and I... Oh we weren't even Tarnished. However I was curious as to what others would think of A2's nature as some kind of automaton. 

But my idle thoughts were closed off as Godrick rushed towards us with his gleaming axe ever so slightly glowing golden as he tapped into the smatterings of Golden Order magic he had access to.

And in turn I answered his mad charge with flames and lightning as I once again abused my Gap semblance to change his speed of running at us quickly to losing all his momentum and remaining stock still as my elemental explosions washed over demi-god flesh.

"You! Filthy mortals! I will hrrk!" He gargled as A2 danced between a bolt of lightning and rammed her greatsword into Godricks body with her aura and mechanical enhanced body proving more than strong enough to knock Godrick back and as her massive great sword was buried inside the chest of Godrick which was as wide as a horse was long.

A2's body glowed with her golden aura as she made a war cry and then she did a drop kick into the pommel of her great sword and the force was so great that her entire great sword was kicked twisting a great hole through Godrick as the sword was forced through the demi gods entire chest leaving a gaping hole.

I took a breath and then as Godrick smacked A2 aside with his massive misshapen arm made with countless Tarnished limbs sown together to make the massive limb I created a portal and dashed through it. With my own sword Virtous Contract crackling with lightning with me slamming the sword home into Godricks upper shoulder just barely missing his neck as he dodged due to eyes hidden in the back of his neck and head.

'Well that's fucked.' I thought as I fell through another portal that ejected me upright next to A2 as she stood back up none the worse for wear due to her android nature and Aura protecting her physical form.

And as we regathered ourselves Godrick quickly ran over and with a loud crunching noise. His oversized axe cut the head off the small dragon that was laying dead in the courtyard. I held up a hand to A2's chest to stop her from going forward as Godrick yelled hysterically as he used his axe to cut off the end of his misshapen other arm with me saying quietly. "Let him cook..."

And then within but a couple moments Godrick had slipped the bloody misshapen arm into the decapitated head of the dragon and I could fee it... I could feel the divinity of the 'Joining' his shard of the Elden Ring working as the dragon head came back to life.

For weeks maybe months... Even years had that lesser dragon been dead. But with the shard of true divinity he revived it and he roared with maniacal laughter in his voice. "In flames my order over this world shall be secured! Now you two die Haha!" 

A wave of draconic flames blew at us but with a snap of my fingers, I called out. "Room." And with a zipping noise A2 and I were teleported at greater aura cost as I closed the Gap between where we currently were and the position right behind his back.

And A2 knew exactly what to do as she with all her strength slashed to the side and a crunching noise rang out as her great sword carved out Godrick's knees out from beneath him and as he fell with his body stiffening in shock at losing his legs I hopped upwards and with a crunching noise I enhanced my sword with my aura and I closed the Gap between my sword cutting his neck... And cutting all the way through his neck!

That action of closing the Gap between his neck being cut off was hard. As hard as it was to literally open a portal into the atmosphere or into deep space from just the ground of a world. And that was because I had to battle through Godrick's innate will to deny such a destiny.

But in the end. I took his head off, as my will was stronger, my magic was stronger, and he was a fucking monster whose only claim to power was stealing the limbs from others!

I gasped as Godrick's body hissed with great steam escaping it and my hand went to my chest as I gagged and shuddered as the Elden Ring shard entered my body. As divinity unclaimed and in a solid form entered my body and it's Light nature clashed instantly with the overwhelming power of Darkness that was within my body due to my Guardian eating the Grimm pools of Remnant which was the spawning pool and resting place of the Brother God of Darkness in RWBY.

The huge amount of runes slamming into my body? That feeling was nothing as my body began to metaphorize as the weak divine shard of Light in my body of 'Joining' stood like an endless candle within the divine Darkness in my body.

"You alright Jake?" A2 asked holding a hand to my back and I nodded with a grimace as I felt the Guardian within my soul shift and look at the Elden Ring before retreating back into my soul as it went back to opening a Darkness portal somewhere for White probably.

Thankfully the shard nor the Guardian were innately hostile to one another or anything as it was just the worst feeling of a splinter being ripped out of my body... But somehow in reverse and only when the Elden Ring Shard settled did the pain go away and I held up my hand as I felt the shard's power sitting in my soul.

'I guess I need to go to Godrick's Shard Tower to activate it fully.' I thought as I stretched and popped my back and then a wide smile crossed my face as I felt weak magical signatures flocking to watch our actions with familiars or magical spells and I called out.

"One Demi-God down... And we aren't even Tarnished with a finger maiden to make us stronger. What have the Tarnished actually accomplished but help break this world?" I questioned loudly and then a portal opened up beside me and in clear view to all watching was the peak tower of Godricks Elden Ring shard.

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