13 Three Legendary Elements

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A level 15 bone dragon could cause immense damage to most enemies.

The main reason was the " Draconic Might " that it had mastered.

The Draconic Might of the bone dragon was considered relatively weak among the dragon race.

However, one had to consider the power of its summoner too. It was easy to produce unexpected effects.

Except for a portion of warriors who had refined their strength and a small number of monsters, most people could only be reduced to lambs waiting to be slaughtered in the face of the draconic might.

Evil Priests were no exception.


Phily's body smashed into the fat man's body.

The latter's body, which had been transformed by evil techniques, was tougher than most humans.

However, compared to the bone dragon that descended from the sky…

He could only melt like a slightly larger piece of tofu!

On the other side.

Matthew also took out the crossbow he had hidden in his bag.


The arrow accurately hit Fein's chest.

The latter showed signs of breaking free from the influence of the draconic might using the pain.

Unfortunately, Matthew would not give him a chance.

He willed Phily his order.

Phily tactfully followed suit.

Fein had just covered his chest with the crossbow and staggered two steps when he was smashed into meat paste by the four-toed bone claw!


[Mission log: You have killed the Priest, Fein, and successfully eliminated the potential threat of the oak forest!]

[You have obtained the spell 'Rapid Growth', the entrance ticket to the Moonlight Society.]


[Warning: You have killed Evil Priest Fein. You have gained the hatred of the Evil Spirit Overlord Omadochi!]

[Omadochi's Hatred +10]


"Evil Spirit Overlord?"

Matthew frowned slightly.

He had thought that Fein's master was, at most, a great evil spirit.

He didn't expect that it was actually an existence at the 'Overlord' level.

However, he did not panic.

The stronger the evil spirit, the harder it would be for it to use its power in the material world.

As long as he didn't go to the Lower Planes to court death, this amount of Hatred Points shouldn't have much of an impact.


"Ssss sss…"

Just as Matthew endured nausea and searched the corpse among the mixture of blood and meat paste, a strange voice came from the valley.

It was the bandits.

There was a hint of pity in Matthew's eyes. "The Curse has entered their bodies. There's no hope."

He knew very little about the Curse.

But at this moment, these bandits and exiles had already turned into monsters with long green hair and four limbs touching the ground under Fein's Curse.

Their spines were bent and twisted like mollusks.

Their facial features had long cracked.

Under the green flagella were countless fine flesh seams and purplish-red blood tumors!

"Hiss hiss hiss!"

They began to attack each other unconsciously!

These Curse Creations were not true Evil Spirits.

After losing their creator, Fein, they were only left with their most primitive instincts. They tore each other's bodies apart.

Very quickly.

The valley was filled with an intense stench.

"Kill them all!"

Matthew ordered decisively.

Phily did not hesitate.

It whizzed over like a bulldozer.

Just one round trip.

The number of Curse Creations in the valley had decreased by half!


"As expected of the strongest Summoned Creature. My three years of planting trees were not in vain."

Matthew nodded in satisfaction.

He swept through the valley.

After confirming that there was nothing missing.

Only then did he walk into the big tent.

Sif was still unconscious.

Matthew did a quick check to make sure that she wasn't affected by the Curse before he heaved a sigh of relief.

Sif was a very lovable child. Born in a noble family, she did not put on airs like a young lady. Instead, she was keen on fighting for justice.

The residents of Rolling Stone Town liked her very much.

Matthew naturally hoped that she would be safe.

He did not remove the blanket.

Instead, he carried Sif and walked out.

In the valley.

Phily was having a great time playing.

It was like a small mountain, rampaging back and forth.

Most of the Curse creations had been killed by it.

Only a few at the edge were still running around like headless flies.

Matthew could tell that Phily was deliberately keeping these Crafty Creatures to play with!

He was just about to remind Phily to stop playing.

However, at this moment.

An intense warning suddenly shot through his heart!

Matthew was shocked.

He had no idea know when it started.

The mist that had been lingering at the top of the barren mountain slowly pressed down.

On the upper level of the valley.

The mountain fog continued to descend.

It was about to swallow the entire valley!

"Let's go!"

Matthew roared.

Then, he hugged Sif and jumped onto Phily's head.

The bone dragon let out a low cry in unease.

It seemed to have sensed the strangeness of the mountain fog.

Its huge body started moving.

It rushed straight towards the mountain path!

"Avoid the fog!"

When they were about to reach the entrance of the valley.

Matthew saw the fog coming from the side of the mountain road.

What was even more terrifying was…

In the fog, he saw a silhouette with disheveled hair!

"Hurry up and leave!"

Matthew's heart was beating very fast!

However, the other side was a cliff.

"Can you fly?"

The mountain fog was about to engulf them.

Matthew asked anxiously.

Phily did not reply.

It spread its featherless and fleshless wings.

Then, it leaped toward the cliff!


The strong wind mercilessly pierced through the bone wings on both sides.

Phily's heavy body sank down violently.

Matthew hugged Sif tightly with one hand.

His other hand grabbed onto Phily's bones tightly.


Phily let out a hurried wail.

Its body fell faster and faster.

They were about to land at the foot of the mountain.

At this critical moment.

The bone dragon's soul fire suddenly emitted a burst of stimulating light.

The faint wail faded away in an instant.

In the next second.

Phily's body seemed to have become many times lighter.

Its falling posture was suddenly adjusted to a gliding posture!


[Due to being forced to jump off a cliff, your summoned creature, 'Phily', has awakened its potential and mastered the Dragon-Language spell,' Advanced Feather Fall'!]」


"Good job!"

Matthew patted the skeletal dragon's head hard.

Then, he turned around to take a look, still in shock.

The mountain fog had already shrouded the valley entrance.

However, it finally stopped decreasing.

"That damned Evil Priest didn't tell the truth. He must know something about the mountain fog around the Ghost Castle. No wonder he tried to run away..."

Matthew broke out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, Fein did not expect that Matthew only took a second to destroy them.

"If I was delayed for another one or two minutes…"

Matthew didn't dare to think further.

This world was too terrifying.

The first time he took the initiative to go out on an adventure, he almost suffered a big loss.

As expected.

It was safer to plant trees at home!


He slowly came to his senses.

Matthew looked down at the vast land under the moonlight.

The darkness in all directions receded like the tide.

The chilly night wind blew against his face.

This feeling was not bad.

Matthew straightened his back.

"Let's go home."

Phily also let out a low cry.

Then, it whistled down the mountain!


At the foot of the mountain.

The Suki Family Lord was bidding farewell to the giant eagle.

"I'm sorry, but I can only send you here." The giant eagle said in a deep voice, "My intuition tells me that there is a terrifying evil growing on this mountain. I can't just sit by and do nothing. I also lack the courage to fight against it, so I can only take my leave. You have to be careful and don't get too close to that castle."

The Suki Family Lord nodded. "I understand. The location that he divined is in the valley on the west side, which is quite a distance from the Ghost Castle."

The giant eagle folded its wings. "So, you deliberately made a big fuss to confuse the insider?"

The Lord laughed silently. "Of course. To be able to take Sif away from Zeller's eyes, there must be someone on our side working for the enemy."

The giant eagle sighed, "The human world is indeed complicated. I hope your courage and wisdom will lead to a good outcome."

The Lord patted the back of the giant eagle.

Then, he pulled out a silver greatsword. "Those bugs who only dare to hide in the corner and scheme may have forgotten that I, Rhaegar Suki, was also a warrior who had fought alone in Purgatory.

"I swore seventeen years ago that no one could take Sif away from me…I will never let that happen again!"

As he spoke.

He raised his sword and strode up the mountain.

However, he had only taken a few steps when a huge shadow came crashing down from the sky!


A strange shadow flew over his head.

Rheagar was so shocked by draconic might that he could not move.


The giant sword landed on the ground.

It almost smashed through Rheagar's boots!

A few seconds later.

Rheagar, who had barely recovered his mobility, looked over in horror.

On the back of the skeleton beast.

He saw a figure standing proudly!

More importantly…

He vaguely saw that the person was carrying someone in his arms!


Rheagar shouted at the top of his lungs.

It couldn't be wrong.

That feeling couldn't be wrong.

The nightmare from 17 years ago resurfaced in front of him.

He chased after the bone dragon for some distance in a mixture of shock and anger.

But very quickly.

The black shadow disappeared into the night.


"There seemed to be someone down there just now. What was he shouting?"

Phily flew too fast.

Matthew didn't see or hear clearly.

At this moment, he was still immersed in the joy of riding a dragon and flying.

Under the support of the high-level Feather Fall, Rheagar glided out for more than 80 miles before stopping in front of a hill.

Matthew had wanted to de-summon Rheagar before sending Sif home.

But at this moment, a fire suddenly lit up behind the hill!

Before Matthew could take any action, the flames had already rushed in front of him.

It was a group of people carrying torches and hurrying along!


"Ssss sss…"

Phily let out a low roar.

Draconic Might!

The sudden encounter had caught them off guard.

All of them were stunned to the spot.

Matthew also saw the panicked faces of the people!

"Don't move!"

He scolded in a low voice. He stopped Phily's aggression.

After a long time.

Only then did the team recover from their shock.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

They drew their swords and retreated.

"It's a bone dragon!"

"Oh no!"

"Didn't you say that they were just bandits?"

Amidst the uneasy whispers of the people, a calm and cold voice came from the back of the bone dragon.

"Captain Blake, we meet again. Please follow me."


In the crowd.

Blake was stunned.

He opened his mouth in disbelief.

"Please follow me."

Under the illumination of the torch.

Everyone watched nervously as the figure walked down from the skeletal dragon's back.

He faced the crowd with his side profile.

Therefore, they could only see a blurry appearance.

However, the most important thing was…

In his arms was a sleeping woman!

"It's the young miss!"

Someone exclaimed.


Blake, who had regained his senses, stopped the others in time.

"Everyone, retreat!"

He ordered in an unquestionable tone.

Everyone looked at him in confusion.

After a few seconds.

Only then did they retreat a large distance under Blake's urging.

Blake walked forward quickly.

"Matthew? Is it really you?" he said in a trembling voice.

"Who else?" Matthew handed the sleeping girl over. "She is also my student."

"Thank God!"

Blake took Sif and heaved a long sigh of relief. Then, he looked at Matthew and the bone dragon behind him with a complicated gaze.

"I always thought you were just a lousy Necromancer…

"Uh, do you need me to keep it a secret for you?"

Matthew smiled. "Sure."

Then, he reminded them, " It's best not to go to the Ghost Castle. It's too dangerous there. I'm afraid we can only wait for the return of the Great Wizard Ronan."

Blake nodded solemnly.

The two of them chatted for a while.

Matthew turned around and left.

Under everyone's respectful and vigilant gazes.

Phily slowly turned its body.

The huge skeletal body slowly disappeared into the darkness.


[Hint: After tonight, the legend of the 'Necromancer riding a bone dragon' will spread widely in the form of rumors.

[Your regional reputation level +1 (Rolling Stone Town)!]


You have satisfied one of the three Legendary elements. If you satisfy one more, you can activate the Legendary Path ahead of time!

Three Elements (Legendary Path): Reputation/Domain/Level


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