A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

Matthew found himself transported to a game world. He realized that there seemed to be something wrong with his system. [Class: Necromancer Quest: Planting Trees Goal: 1000 trees Reward: Summoning 'Skeleton Dragon' & a large amount of EXP] From then on, a Necromancer who believed in balance even more than a Druid was born.

The Key In 10 Years · Games
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1356 Chs

Matthew Is Pregnant

Translator: Lonelytree

Sif burst out laughing.

Then, she bit her lips and said, with a twinkle in her eyes,

"Anyway, thank you for taking the time to accompany me today."

Matthew asked worriedly,

" So you're not going to the northernmost floating city?"

He had not forgotten that his mission today was to persuade his daughter, who had suddenly awakened her rebellious genes, on behalf of Rheagar.

Sif placed her hands behind her back and looked embarrassed.

"I still have to go."


Matthew was a little surprised.

"Is it because I didn't fulfil my promise?"

Sif quickly shook her head.

She couldn't help but tiptoe.

" To be honest, even if you spend the entire afternoon shopping with me in Jiliu City, even if you fulfil your promise perfectly, I'll still go to Floating City."

Matthew looked puzzled.

Sif suddenly said willfully,

"What's wrong?

"Are you surprised?

"I sometimes lie!"