33 Domain: Temperance

Translator: Lonelytree

In the era when the gods rose up and interfered with the human world with their own power, in order to consolidate their absolute authority in their own domain, they formed a set of explanations for the world and concepts under the tacit understanding and compromise of many parties.

This was the worldview inherited by many races on the continent.

This concept had lasted for too long.

As a result, no one was willing to break it for hundreds of years after the gods left.


"For mages, spells are low-level tools, domains are middle-level tools, and concepts are high-level tools. But to the gods of the Heavenly Family Palace, the concept was their life.

"For example, in the Age of Enlightenment, if one day all living beings believed that what rose at night was no longer the " moon," then the next day, all the gods related to the " moon " were at risk of falling.

"Of course, the situation was very different after the ascension of the Heavenly Family Palace. The gods were powerless to interfere with the present world. Concepts were still a source of power for them, but concepts were no longer fatal. More importantly, they became too weak.

"This is why we can sit here and discuss concepts without considering the feelings of the gods.

"In fact, they were a bunch of pitiable worms that had been swept into the trash heap, destined to never shine again in this world.

"After their ascension, it was the era of spellcasters.

"I admire your views on " nature " and " immortality ". If you embark on the path of legend one day, you might really have a chance to walk on a supreme path that no one has ever walked before."


These were Ronan's original words.

Matthew was deeply moved after hearing it.

He was excited that the light shone on his previously lost path, but he was also glad that he met a good teacher like Ronan when he had just started.

In Matthew's opinion.

It was inevitable that the concept of 'undying' and 'nature' went hand in hand on his body.

If he continued to use the existing concepts and worldview, then the two would inevitably conflict with each other.

He even suspected that the chaotic characteristics of the system were a manifestation of conflict.

To solve this problem, he had to come up with a new concept!

And in this new concept system, he had to make the undying and nature mutually inclusive.

This was theoretically possible.

After all, the " negative energy plane " that symbolized the origin of the undead was naturally formed.

It should belong to the broad sense of nature.

As time passed, there would be a day when the world would be destroyed.

When the universe was destroyed, it would return to death, and death was a sub-domain of undying.

The two could be mutually inclusive.

Of course.

With Matthew's current strength, it was still too early to talk about the concept.

He had to grasp the power of undying and nature at least before he could announce the new concept to the world.

But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Persuading the most conservative Druid to accept the possibility of the overlapping of undying and nature was Matthew's test after planting the tree.


He finished writing.

Matthew did not put away the stack of papyrus.

He was just taking a short rest.

Then, he continued to write.

Next was the content of his future plan.

Matthew liked to make plans regularly and list out the things that needed to be done one by one.

The first was planting trees.

Before summer arrived, this was Matthew's main business. No project could affect his continued effort in planting trees.

For this reason.

He decided to reduce the time he spent cleaning the Zerg nest at night.

After all, the lower he went, the more dangerous it would be. He had to ensure that there were no stragglers that escaped from the upper levels before he considered going to the next level.

He believed that Ella and the goddess would understand.

The second was the learning of spells and the advancement of his profession which had been delayed for half a month.

These two were actually not that urgent, not to mention the spells that could be learned at any time.

Matthew's level was now stuck at Level 8.

If he wanted to continue to improve, he had to complete a ritual called " Night of the Undead " to obtain the qualification to advance to " Advanced Necromancer ".

He could also go for other powerful or unorthodox advanced professions: The True Necromancer, the Lord of Paleness, the Lord of the Dead Souls, the Sigh of Ode, the Tomb Guard…There was also Baiyan City's characteristic advanced necromancer class, the Chained Death.

In short, if he did not advance, his level could not continue to increase, and his experience could only be stored temporarily.

However, advancement often required a lot of energy and time.

After some thought.

Matthew decided to plan for the advancement in the first week of summer.

This meant that he still had enough time to think about which path to take.

Lastly, he needed to add some necessary props and items.

He wanted to buy scrolls.

The weapon that Soldier requested had to be forged by someone else.

If he still had money left, Matthew wanted to exchange it for a bigger Magical Bag.

Also, a long time ago, he had taken a fancy to a ring in the Crucible House that could increase his energy limit.

However, he thought about it.

He sighed.

In the end, he crossed out the last two items from his to-do list.


It was late at night when all the paperwork was completed.

Matthew sorted the papyrus paper and pressed it with different weights.

He had just stretched when a white light shone.


A coconut fell into Matthew's arms.

"Wait, where did you get this?"

Matthew was surprised.

Unfortunately, the oak tree fairy came and went quickly.

He only saw a flash of white light, and the other party disappeared, leaving Matthew alone to enjoy this " gift of nature."

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