64 Chapter 63

Clearing the air with Artoria had been surprisingly…..therapeutic.

Maybe, I wanted to say it was a nice distraction from my other issues, but that would not be fair to the budding relationship I have with Artoria. I just kept reminding myself that Scathach wasn't gone forever, and she was going to get an ass kicking when I brought her back.

But seeing Artoria's bright smile when we would meet, it would easily push away any melancholic thoughts I currently had.

I let out a grunt as I finished up my small workout. It was almost ingrained on me at this point to start the day with several hundred swings of my sword.

At some point, I pulled out Gae Bolg and started thrusting it for the reason.

I don't know why I continued to torture myself like this, and I had no desire to truly learn the spear, its just….I think it made me feel more at ease?

Perhaps…I just wanted to feel closer to her now that we were so far apart?

….and I was swinging around Dawnbreaker just moments prior to that, I really am just a helpless idiot sometimes.

Now that I think about it, I should really switch between all my swords to make sure I'm completely comfortable to wield any of them ins any circumstance.

I looked up into the air, and my swords flew back down to me.

Whisper, Mirage, Dawnbreaker, Ascalon.

I did feel a slight tinge of greed when I beheld them. Was it odd that I felt the need to get more? Perhaps it was my nature as a Devil talking, I liked the thoughts of having my own armory, a collection to show off….hmm.

Thoughts for later.

Another random thought, I will surely need to test how the Staff of Magnus interacts with my new magical abilities, primarily my 9-Realms and my Primordial Runes. Lots of stuff to do, and my time seems just as limited as before.

It never seems to stop.


I walked back to Zelretch's home…office, workshop thing. What even was the proper way to describe this? I suppose that most mages would refer to it as his workshop, simply because that is the most important facet inside….

"There you are!" Rin exclaimed as soon as I walked inside. "Come here, I'm going to show what I've been working on."

Artoria flanked her form behind, a familiar sight at this point. She just looked rather amused by the whole thing as we shared a look.

"Alright, lead the way." I offered no resistance as she practically dragged me into her workshop.

It just went to show how much she seemingly trusted me this quickly if she was letting me in here. Realistically, I could come and go whenever I wanted, there was nothing she could do to stop me, yet she was willing to let me in here. The gesture though, was heavily appreciated.

"Old man." I greeted my grandfather who was already taking a seat inside. He looked rather interested in what was going on. "Any idea what she's been up to."

A smile rose on his face. "I have absolutely no idea." He looked rather excited at the notion. "She hasn't told me any details and the help she's come to me for hasn't given any clues either."

Rin was just ignoring us, setting things here or there, making sure she had everything presented and ready to go.

Artoria pulled up a seat and sat right next to me. She seemed rather relaxed in my presence, more so than previously which I couldn't help but be happy about.

"Any sneak speaks?" I asked her.

"I have been sworn to secrecy." She gave a small smile.

"Well, she seems really proud of what she's done so far, I really am curious what's gotten her so excited."

"All I know is that she's been preparing for some adventuring in other worlds." Zelretch added.

That reminds me, I will need to give her some reading material, so she isn't quite so surprised by everything that she sees in Skyrim. I do have several historical texts and various biographies of the races there. Artoria too, they both needed to know what exactly they were walking into. I was going to ask Meridia to keep an eye on them, not to mention the Archmage would no doubt be excited to have a talent like Rin in her school. I could also put the word out to Thorum and anyone else who owes me favors.

Thorum…I do miss my friend. I'm curious to see how much he's grown in our time apart. My delving into the 'shout' had been….slow going. I did get some practice and thoughts in my training though, and my new knowledge of Primordial Runes gives me a new perspective to work with as well.

"Alright!" Rin suddenly stopped, pulled out several papers and a strange device she had in her hand.

"A phone?" I hazard a guess at what she was holding, though it looked nothing like what I would picture a modern phone as. It was rather bulky, and a few misshapen protrusions.

"Kind of." She admitted. "I wanted a way to contact people across multiple world-lines in real-time."

Me and Zelretch shared a look, and we both facepalmed in the same way.

"So this is how it feels to be on the other end?" I asked the old man.

"Indeed, to think we missed something so simple." He shook his head.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Rin looked a little…..uneasy at our reaction.

"No, the opposite in fact." I assured her and Zelretch just nodded along. "We just never had the need for a 'Kaleidophone' before…..there was never a reason to contact other people through such a method…." I couldn't help but chuckle. Yeah, with several of us running around all in different places, this seems like an obvious step in hindsight.

"This will be a wonderful addition to our lives." Zelretch stood up, walking towards her to inspect everything. "The means to hold conversations across worlds is nonexistent at this point, I'm happy to admit that you took a step we never considered."

"Seriously, I'll bankroll all your research on this." I wanted to see her designs and notes as well. "I have several people I am on good terms with across world-lines, being able to keep in touch will be….extraordinary."

I could be able to speak with Meridia whenever I wanted, be able to talk with Artoria even when I'm away….why had I never thought of something like this before?"

"I'm curious how you came up with such a thing?" I looked over Zelretch's shoulder as he inspected the device, something we could call a prototype.

To call it a device though, was a bit of a misnomer. There was no….'technology' involved. The outer frame looked to be made with some kind of steel composition. There were spell formulas carved inside and several small gems acting as certain magical batteries and spell holders.

"Ruby." I said suddenly, remembering the kaleidostick.

"Indeed, my thoughts exactly." Zelretch looked at Rin. "You used some concepts inside Ruby's own make and created something like this?"

"I….glanced at some of her magical formulas and systems." She said hesitantly.

"Rin….despite how I feel about the device, Ruby is one of my greatest creations, and you were able to reverse engineer very specific parts of her makeup and create a thing like this?" He held out the 'phone'. "I am proud of you." He finally said.

I shared the same sentiments. Ruby did have the ability to contact Zelretch across time and space, but it was difficult at the best of times. For Rin to use such an ability and reverse engineer it like this for a greater purpose…..she really is a genius.

"At just a cursory look, I'm guessing the materials have a hard time withstanding the spells?" I asked.

"Y-yeah." Rin said absentmindedly, a large grin on her face. "I've gone through several frames already."

"I got some metals you will like better….and they can be found in Skyrim for later." I nodded, probably some orichalcum mixed with some ebony here and there to protect specific parts. But, I'll let her handle that, this is her project, I'll only provided materials and such, maybe some suggestions on application here and there.

"Were you serious about the money?" She asked.

I just raised an eyebrow, lifting my hand up and allowing the gold coins to literally flow out of my ring onto the floor until a large pile formed.

She stared at it, taking a hesitant step forward, dropping to her knees then face planting right into it and hugging it like it was the most precious thing in the world.

"Well, then." I just chuckled. "I'm sure the old man would have done the same thing, I think I just beat him to the punch. And, well, I have a greater desire in their application than he does. Money, materials, just tell me what you need and I'll provide it, though I may need to actually go out and find some things."

I returned to my seat with an amused smile on my face, as Zelretch and Rin were having some wholesome student-teacher time together has he practically picked her up off the pile of coins.

I didn't want to disturb then, this was a good chance for them to bond and a great learning experience.

"I apologize for Rin's…." Artoria spoke up but the worlds were left unsaid.

"Rinness?" I offered.

A small smile emerged on her face. "Indeed."

"I'm excited, I never even considered something like this before. I can't wait until she can provide several more, then we can still talk and keep in touch even if we're worlds apart."

"Truly?" She said quietly.

"Of course, do you think I won't miss you when we're away?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Well –"

"Nope." I cut her off. "I am forbidding you from doing that any longer." I poked her shoulder. "No more questioning your worth, no more self-deprecating thoughts." I could see how she still some-what defaults into certain mindsets quite easily.

Ah, the familiar sight of her cheeks turning the faintest pink. And I was surprised at her sudden boldness, her handed reached over ever so gently and took mine own into hers.

I guess doing something like this was easier than speaking certain words or trying to convey things one feels.

She didn't look me in the eyes, opting to continue watching Zelretch and Rin go about their own business, and we didn't speak much more, but this was a moment that I felt entirely at peace.

Is this what having a family is like?


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