A Nascent Kaleidoscope.

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Chapter 476 Part 1


Warning: Lewd ahead, scene will be marked if you want to skip.






I woke up with the strangest feeling.

Well, that wasn't quite right. I knew what the feeling was, I just was surprised because of where and when it was happening.

Eyes fully open, I looked down the bed and between my legs, Artoria's eyes looked up at me.

"Gulghk." She let out a noise with her throat bulging and slowly she pulled back as my cock reappeared. "Good morning." She said, retaining her elegant demeanor with saliva dripping down the corner of her lips and her petite hand skillfully working down my full length.

She didn't even let me respond to her as she licked her lips and went back down. "Gulghk Gulghk, Gulghk." She bobbed up and down, every inch of my manhood disappearing completely.

Jesus Christ, compared to when she did it the first time, she was a master now. My Noble and refined Artoria was deepthroating my cock like she had been doing it all her life and without any hesitation whatsoever. Granted, the amount of times she's done this has easily entered triple digits at this point.

Artoria seemed really keen on sucking my cock for some reason, but I wasn't going to argue. What a glutton.

She maintained eye contact with me the entire time too. Each time she impaled herself downward, she made sure that I was watching.

She did stop after a few moments, pulling up silently and looking at me intently before her hands moved towards her blouse, unbuttoning it quickly and pulling her bra down so her breasts were freed.

"Please look at my breasts while I provide you relief." She smiled beautifully despite the lewdness of her actions and immediately went back to suck on my dick.

Modest they may be, they were more than big enough to have a bit of a bounce every time she moved and I most certainly enjoyed the view.

If Artoria was one thing, it was diligent.

Was it weird that I felt like she took pride in being able to swallow my cock so methodically? I didn't care to dwell on it as my hand was gently placed on the back of her head and I just leaned back to enjoy the morning.

She picked up the pace and I felt my toes curl up, maybe she heard my groans because I didn't even need to tell her that I was getting close as she knew very well how to handle everything at this point.

I only tensed slightly, and she tilted her head back and accepted the warm sensation filling her mouth and more.

She pulled back, my cock falling out of her mouth as her cheeks slightly bulged and she lifted her head up and swallowed everything I gave her, smiling at me once she finished. "Thank you for the meal."

It was extremely tempting to push her down right at this moment.

"No Fair!" Jinn pushed the door open, barging in. "You said you were going to share his first load this morning!"

Artoria blushed slightly. "I apologize, I was…caught up in the moment." She looked away.

"Liar, you just wanted it all to yourself." Jinn puffed up.

"Something going on that I need to know about?" I questioned.

"N-nothing." Artoria coughed.

"She's been stealing your cum every morning!" Jinn accused.

…..Artoria had been blowing me nearly every morning right as I woke up.

Jinn barely wasted a moment before she threw her dress off, not bothering to wear anything underneath. She reached behind herself and with a small moan, pulled her lamp out of her butt and tossed it to the side. "I want your cock in my butt while she watches."

"Ah?" Artoria squeaked.

"Since I'm a Goddess now, I'm technically a Virgin Goddess since I haven't had sex yet after becoming one. So Artoria gets to watch me get fucked in the ass for the first time." Jinn slid up onto the bed, practically pushing me back down.

"J-Jinn." Artoria was turning red. Despite the lewdness she had embraced, well, she was still a somewhat sheltered girl. "…if this is what you desire as an apology."

"Help me." Jinn looked over her shoulder, positioning herself right above me.

I was completely hands off, willing to let them do the work if this was what they wanted.

She faced me, her round blue ass lowered ever so slightly to rub against my still erect cock.

I could see Artoria grabbed hold of me again and positioned it right at Jinn's back entrance, helping push my cock inside.

"Look at my poor butt, Artoria. Look at what Wilhelm did to me." She whined, lowering her hips, my cock slowly pushing into her. "He ruined my butt, I was a nice and innocent girl and he turned my butt into her personal cock sleeve. Ooooh, it's going in, I'm taking it all inside me, look."

Jinn most definitely got off on being watched.

"….I am watching." Artoria whispered, beat red. "You are…taking this large phallus inside you, it is very impressive." She bit her lip.

It would be her first time seeing it in person, wouldn't it?

Despite her keeping her lamp in her butt every moment of every day, she was still so tight and snug and quickly began to squeeze me with her ass.

"Haaah, that's every inch." Jinn shuddered with a very lascivious grin, nearly drooling. "Artoria, I can't live without this cock in my ass anymore." Jinn spread her cheeks. "This is going to happen to you too, watching closely." She began to slowly swing her hips up and down, wasting no time to truly ride my cock with her perky blue ass.

Artoria's hand snuck down between her own legs and under her dress as her knees pushed together, silently watching as Jinn rode my cock inside her ass.

"D-does it not hurt…?" Artoria whispered.

"Only in the best ways, and I love it!" Jinn exclaimed, moaning outwards. "Hnnn."

Absolutely no shame, she didn't care and just hopped right on my cock because she was horny.

Her ass swung nonstop for minutes, filling the room with her moans, only for her to abruptly pull up and she leaned over, spreading herself for Artoria to see. "Your butt is going to be stretched just like mine."

Artoria didn't speak, but she looked entranced and breathing a smidge heavy herself.

Jinn swung her legs around, shifting position so that she was facing Artoria this time, and lowered her ass back down on my cock. I grabbed hold of her legs, spreading them out so Artoria got a clear view of everything.

"I think Artoria needs to properly apologize, what do you think, Jinn?" I asked the Blue Genie currently wiggling her hips to enjoy every inch of my cock pushing up into her.

"You're not the only one who likes to swallow his large loads." Jinn pouted. "You need to make it up to me." Her hand moved and she spread her blue pussy open for Artoria to see. "Would you please lick me?" Jinn asked with the sincerest tone.

Artoria's eyes widened, and it looked like any words of rejection died in her throat as she slowly moved over between Jinn's legs.

Her tongue peeked out and gradually, she began to get a taste of Jinn.

"Ooh." Jinn's breath hitched and she stopped moving her hips. "That's…..nice." She shuddered, giggling. "Wilhelm fully sheathed in my ass and Artoria licking my pussy, this is the best." She nearly went limp, moaning in my arms.

Honestly, I was surprised that Artoria was willing to go this far. If she was uncomfortable she would have spoken up.

But since she said nothing, I didn't care to think about it and only focused on Jinn's tight ass as I moved on my own, rocking my hips slowly back and forth while Artoria's tongue was inside her front.

The Genie grabbed hold of Artoria's head to seemingly steady herself, or maybe it was to push her to put in more effort. Regardless, Jinn was getting loud, moaning as both her ass and pussy were assaulted from both of us.

"Aaah~" Jinn let out the loudest moan of the morning, grabbing Artoria's head tightly, and I could guess she finally was cumming because she squeezed down much more than normal.

I was close myself and it was enough to push me over the edge and I made sure I forced every inch of myself deep inside her and let out my second load of the morning.

Jinn stilled, mouth open, eyes wide as she got filled from behind and came from the front.

She nearly went limp as I guided her body backwards into my arms, her breathing intense as she leaned against me and Artoria slowly pulling away, the evidence of Jinn's orgasm showing on her face as Jinn always made a mess.

She groaned in ecstasy as she seemed to reluctantly roll off my cock, her ass really not wanting to let me go. "Artoria…..my lamp, please…."

Artoria blinked as she was pulled back to reality as she seemed in a daze after what just happened. She quickly fumbled off the bed and grabbed Jinn's lamp off the floor.

Jinn lifted her butt in the air, spreading it. "Push it in."

Artoria looked at Jinn's freshly fucked ass and down a the plug in her hand, and with a bright red complexion, lined it up and pushed it back into the Genie's rear.

"Ooh, that's the spot." Jinn relaxed, collapsing into the bed face down. "Now we both got a nice warm load of cum in our bellies." She giggled.

I don't know what happened, I don't know why this happened, but damn if it wasn't the best way to wake up after the shitty past couple days I've experienced.

"I'll repay the favor anytime you want Artoria~" Jinn giggled, muffled as her face was pressed into the sheets. "I'll even eat your ass."

"J-Jinn!" That was apparently the tipping point as Artoria's already red hue deepened considerably and she covered her face in embarrassment.




Lewd Over




Well, waking up to Artoria then having Jinn join in, I can certainly say I felt refreshed.

My beautiful Knight and my Beautiful Genie at my side as we walked downstairs.

"You still molest my rear even after all that, Wilhelm…?" Artoria said quietly.

"Oh sorry, that's me." Jinn confessed.

Artoria squeaked out a small noise of embarrassment. "Is my rear really such a novelty that cannot help yourselves?" She sighed in an exasperated way.

I joined Jinn in squeezing Artoria's perky butt. "Yes."

"Yup." Jinn also nodded.

It's always fun to see Artoria's mix of feeling embarrassment but enjoying the feeling of being wanted as a woman. She struggled with it for a long time, and she's made a lot of progress on that front. She's much less argumentative or rejectful of compliments or acknowledgements of her own appeal.

"Good morning, master~" Raikou greed us first as we walked in.

With herculean effort, I released Artoria's butt and swept up my Servant in a big hug, claiming her lips for the first time in several days.

With everything going on, I had just been gone for a while. "I missed you."

"Mommy missed you too." Raikou smiled brightly. "Everyone should be joining us shortly.

"So I'm guessing something is going on?" I asked.

"Yes, we arranged the day." Artoria explained. "I felt you were in a poor state yesterday, so I asked everyone to contribute in making sure you are properly rested."

"Do I need to do anything?"

Artoria stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed me on the lips. "We have made all the arrangements." She smiled softly.

….I was really lucky to have all of them in my life.

"Oh, we should hurry and change! They're going to be here soon." Jinn clapped her hands.


"Let's make it a surprise, come on!" Jinn grabbed Artoria and Raikou, practically dragging them upstairs.

I was still at a loss of what was happening, only that they planned something for me.

And if it was anything like earlier…well, I would be in for a wonderful day.

…..I was going to have them all bent over.

Rarely did I take the time to truly appreciate the fact that I have a harem full of beautiful and sexy women which I could pretty much do anything I wanted with.

I heard the door open as more than one person walked in. "Student, are you present?" Scáthach's voice echoed through the house.

I walked the few rooms over to the front and I immediately saw Scáthach and Izzy both walk in, but I was….silent as I took in the sight.

They were both wearing Bikinis, and I now knew immediately what Artoria was talking about from before.

Scáthach's was a dark purple with some lighter colors mixed in and a see through…skirt? Like a piece of cloth tied around her waist and a flower in her hair that brought it all together.

Izzy in contrast wore a rather simple white Bikini, albeit with some interesting straps, with a wide brimmed hat and an open jacket.

"I do believe he likes what he sees." Scáthach put a hand on her hips with a smirk.

"Please, he stares that way at us regardless of what we're wearing." Izzy huffed, but I think she appreciated that I was staring.

"Noooo, I wanted him to see us first!" Jinn whined, hurrying down the stairs. She pouted once she saw both Scáthach and Izzy standing there. Jinn was wearing a strapless top with matching bottom, a darker blue than her skin tone, with gold accents.

Raikou walked down next. "Ara Ara, Master. What do you think?"

I think my dick just went doki doki.

Raikou wore something a little similar to Jinn, without the straps over her shoulders, but with her rather….massive boobs, well, it had a completely different effect. The purple pieces of cloth looked like they would snap by accident as her boobs bounced with each step she took. Raikou rarely wore such 'little' clothing….but I couldn't help but admire her long legs just as well.

Lastly Artoria shuffled down the stairs, I think there was a hint of shyness to her.

Similar to Izzy, hers was plain white, but it had some cute blue bows on either side. She wasn't the biggest in any aspect, but she was unbelievably cute and I nearly couldn't control myself.

"Let's just skip the beach and have an orgy." I breathed out, my eyes not moving away from Raikou's long legs.

"You wish." Izzy snorted, pulling on my cheek.

"Control yourself, student. You will have opportunities to…..alleviate your stress today." Scáthach whispered in my ear.

Down little Wilhelm, down.

Actually? Screw it.

I grabbed at the knots on their tops and pulled on them as quickly as I could.

Boobs were meant to be free!

"You brat!" Izzy squeaked, catching hers as I barely got to see the prize.

Scáthach just snorted, not bothering to even catch hers, letting it drop to the ground. The only other one I got was Raikou who just giggled as her large breasts bounced free.

I had a good life.

I looked at Jinn, but she would take hers off herself if she felt like it. My eyes then landed on Artoria and she puffed up indignantly, covered herself with a flush.

"Control yourself, my student." Scáthach walked up behind me, her chest resting atop my head. "The others are coming. You will have opportunities later." She leaned down and kissed my forehead before retrieving her top and putting it back on.

"What she means to say is that it isn't merely your lovers." Izzy clarified.

"I feel as though Rin would find it awkward if we engaged in such….activities so blatantly." Artoria cleared her throat.

"Alright, alright." I put my hands up in surrender. "No more open lewdness." And I guessed Kunou would certainly be coming so I didn't want to do anything inappropriate right in front of her.

As Scáthach said, plenty of time later. I'm sure I would be in for a good night.

"Speaking of Rin, she has returned." Artoria stated.

And I too felt the distinctness of the Kaleidoscope being accessed.

"Woo, beach day, beach day!" The door flung open and a certain magical Wand floated through the threshold.

"Dammit Ruby!" Rin hissed. "Get back here!" Rin came barreling in after her wearing a rather plain Bikini similar to Artoria's but a dark blue color.

I hadn't seen Ruby in a while. For….good reason to be honest, Rin didn't like taking her out. But she still needed Ruby's help to use the Kaleidoscope.

"Ruby!" Jinn threw her arms open.

"Jinn!" Ruby did her best to 'hug' the blue girl as the two…sentient magical objects embraced one another.

Actually, did Jinn count as that anymore? I mean…her lamp was still part of her, but she's a Goddess now…?

Questions for later, because the last thought was why Rin needed to use the Kaleidoscope.

White hair and Red eyes answer that question immediately.

It was almost jarring, in a way. Truthfully, I couldn't picture Salem ever wearing a Bikini, yet here we were.

It was black, of course, and there wasn't much to it, plain mostly, but that had its own allure. It contrasted nicely to her pale skin and even the curse marks she had running up and down her body.

While I admired her beauty as a whole, my eyes were understandably drawn to one feature in particular.

"Damn, that is a dump truck." Jinn blurted out.


Salem, for one of the very rare times, turned the slightest shade red. She crossed her arms and scowled towards the Genie.

"Silly girl." Scáthach quickly grabbed Jinn and playfully chided her.

The funny thing was, Jinn wasn't wrong.

Salem had the largest rear out of all my girls, and I wanted to push my face into it.

"You look beautiful." I made sure to compliment Salem and stop staring at her Ass. I knew she was stepping out of her comfort zone for this.

Her lips twitched slightly. "Yes, now everyone can see the curse that envelops me." She said rather sarcastically.

I could argue with her, but instead, I put both my hands on her cheeks and quickly moved in for a deep kiss, silencing any self-deprecating thoughts she might have added on.

"….idiot." She huffed indignantly after breaking away.

Though truthfully, I thought Raikou's top was straining to contain her boobs. Salem's bottom part made that look tame in comparison, and she wasn't even wearing anything lewd in nature.

"You promised, you promised!" Ruby shouted, flying out of reach of Rin. "Wilhelm, protect me!" Ruby flew over, basically ramming into my head. "Rin promised I could play with everyone if I helped."

"Rin?" I raised an eyebrow.

Rin scowled, crossing her arms. "…..I might have said something…"

"Rin, you made a promise." Artoria chided.

"Ugh, fine!" She threw up her arms. "I won't shut off Ruby."

"Whew, Beach day!" Ruby cheered. "I'm going to have so much fun!"

That was a foreboding warning.

"I hope everyone's decent~" Yasaka knocked on the door, opening it up without pause.

"Daddy!" Kunou ran out from under her and into my expecting arms.

"Hello my little fox." How much of my stress and annoyance washed away from simply holding my daughter in my arms?

She was wearing a cute little Bikini herself, one appropriate for girls her age.

Funny enough, it matched Yasaka, though Yasaka's Bikini was…a bit more generous in how it handled her proportions. White red and gold, the colors went well with their fluffy tails and hair.

If others weren't around you could be damn sure her top was being pulled off and my face was being pressed into her chest.

Two more faces joined followed Yasaka and Kunou

Jeanne peaked her head shyly, skipping forward.

She was…well, she had the most bashfulness about her wearing what she was. At least with Artoria, she had experience with things like this thus far, for Jeanne, well, back in her time, showing ankles was….inappropriate.

She had on a black plain bikini with a bow to tie the top on in the front. She also wore a light blue jacket to cover up a little bit more.

"Jeanne." I smiled.

Jeanne's expression shifted to a bright smile. "Will! I can't believe I'm finally going to get to see the beach!"

"Aunty Jeanne never saw the beach?" Kunou looked aghast.

"A-aunty?!?" Jeanne whispered, going blank.

Welp, Kunou broke her rather quickly.

I kissed Kunou on the forehead and let her go run after Ruby that was zipping around because one more person was with them and she was silently and patiently standing to the side.

"You look lovely." I complimented her.

Like Salem, Meridia was someone I could never picture dressing this way.

She crossed her arms just as Salem did and seemed to force herself to frown. "If it is pleasing to you, then it is a simple matter."

"As long as you're by my side, that's all that really matters." I had her in my arms before I could even consciously realize it. "But I love that you're wearing it."

Simple and Elegant, a shade of yellow bordering gold with nothing to write home about, but it hugged her generously and showed off her otherworldly and divine legs.

I wanted to lick them.

"It seems like we're just waiting on Venelana now." Jinn bounced around between everyone and landed up against me and Meridia.

"You appear to be in a good mood." Meridia raised an eyebrow.

"Yup, Wilhelm stuffed me nice and good this morning!" She smiled brightly.

Meridia blinked, mouth slowly open. I don't think she would ever not react to Jinn's sheer and utter disregard for shame.

I claimed to be shameless, but Jinn truly was someone without shame. Honestly, if it wasn't for my own opinion on the matter, I'm fairly sure she would always run around naked.

Meridia simply let out a sigh. "And you are a Goddess now."

"Goddess of getting fu – "

I covered her mouth and pulled her away.

Absolutely no filter when she doesn't need to.

"Love you." I quickly leaned over to give Meridia a kiss.

"I love you as well." Meridia seemed thankful. Her delicate sensibilities could only take so much Jinn.

Though truthfully, Meridia wouldn't mind. She'd come to adore Jinn just like everyone else.

Jinn happily joined Kunou in playing with Ruby and I made my way to my fluffy fox.

Yasaka's tails waved as she noticed me and I quickly shifted through them and found my tail, rubbing it gently.

"How do you do that?" Yasaka blinked, just sorta looking confused.

"Do what?" I asked. "Floof your tail? Do you need instructions?"

"Not that." She huffed, playfully slapping my arm.

"Raikou, I need your opinion." Yasaka called out.

"Yes?" Raikou quickly came over. "I am happy to help."

"Can you tell my tails apart?" She asked.

Raikou tilted her head, shaking it. "I'm sorry, they all look the same to me."

"Then how does this man know to grab the same tail every time?" She pursed her lips.

"Because it's mine." I answered. "I claimed it a long time ago."

Yasaka facepalmed.

"What's wrong?" Artoria came up, asking.

"Our Man here claimed one of my tails as his, a long time ago, and seemingly, he's able to pick it out regardless of what's happening. I swear, every single time, I can shuffle them around, I can try and trick him with the wrong one, but he always finds the same one! Always my Sixth Tail!"

"Fluffy." I pressed it against my face.

Yasaka let out a sigh. "I don't know how he does it and it's infuriating."

Floofy Tail was floofy.

This was going to be a great day. Laying out on the beach, playing with my daughter and everyone else.

I felt a little ping on the periphery of the house's boundary as a Teleportation happened.

The last person arrived and….well, she wasn't alone. It was that moment, I recalled what I said to her when I initially brought up the idea of the beach.

The door opened quickly, Venelana standing there in a tasteful red Bikini with a hat similar to Izzy's if made of straw with a see through cloth jacket thing around her. I wasn't actually sure what that type of article of clothing was called.

I would more certainly admire the 'view' in a normal situation as the Bikini she was wearing definitely showed off all her curves well enough.

But my attention was taken almost entirely by the small head that peeked out from behind her.

About Kunou's size from first glance.

The same Hair color as me, if much shorter.

The same Eye color as me as well.

He looked around curiously, but with a hint of shyness as well. And it seemed like everyone else in the room went quiet as they arrived.

I offered this to Venelana before, and I admit I was not nearly in such a bad headspace at the time, but that wasn't really an excuse for the current me to deny this opportunity.

I had many things to say about my childhood, many things that still weighed heavily in my heart, but I was no longer the same kid I was when I first left that house.

He noticed everyone else in the room, but he then focused almost solely on me, running out from behind Venelana until he stood a couple feet in front of me, and coming to a stop, staring up silently.

Was it his upbringing? He stood perfectly upright, his posture, his mannerisms, they all screamed of years of 'practice'.

There was a small awkward silence before he opened his mouth. "Hi, I'm Millicas Gremory." He introduced himself with a genuine and happy smile.

"Hello, Millicas Gremory. I'm Wilhelm Henry Schweinorg." I felt oddly at peace.



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