A Nascent Kaleidoscope.

An experiment gone wrong, or possibly right? A Nascent Kaleidoscope opens his eyes. A reincarnated Zelretch story. Previous Fate-series knowledge recommended. A Fate/DxD/Multi Crossover. In Light of the horrendous new update, know that I do cross post on Fan Fiction dot Net. *** My patreon if you want to support me: Patron.com/AStoryForOne Discord -- https://discord.gg/JbwkdNDt7F

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Chapter 460 + Looking Glass omake Part 3

Usually, my dreams weren't this vivid.

Nor was I normally so lucid within my dreams. Evern for a Magus, Dreams were a domain that one did not tread lightly, less they potentially lost themselves.

Stars surrounded me and each step I took sent out ripples amongst the cosmos as if I were moving across the surface of a body of water.

Up ahead, there sat a single tree, utterly mundane in appearance, but it gave off a very familiar feeling.

It wasn't until I approached and put a hand upon the trunk that I could guess what this Tree represented.

"What a magnificent creature."

I turned to the side to see Musū Tengai standing next to me. "Did you pull me into a dream for this?"

It wasn't the first time my Zanpakutō had done something like this."This is neither a Dream, nor is it by my hand." My Zanpakutō spirit replied. "At this moment, we exist between Dream and Reality, Fantasy and Material."

I frowned at his admittance and felt weary.

"You need not be alarmed, the one who brought us here has no ill intentions." He replied.

"The spirit is correct." The shadows around us swirled, forming the outline and shape of an entity I had met not long ago.

"Lady Nyx." I greeted her with respect and politeness.

She nodded slightly at me, but for some reason, she stared at Musū Tengai for several moments.

Musū Tengai stared back and I was confused about what was happening. It was as if they had met before, or Nyx found something interesting?

It was hard to tell, Nyx was utterly unreadable to me, and Musū Tengai was good at keeping himself constrained in his mannerisms, even if he was a part of me.

Eventually, Nyx turned around and put a hand on the Tree.

The Tree rustled slightly at her touch.

"I never thought I would witness something like this. Imagine my surprise when I have a sibling that half wakes up all of the sudden?" She smiled lightly.

"Did….I do something wrong?" I hesitantly asked because I was worried that this drew the attention of another Primordial.

"Wrong?" She tilted her head. "Your view of 'right' and 'wrong' is so narrow that I have a hard time understanding it. It's simply a matter of what has happened, and what will happen as a result."

"And the consequences, do you foresee anything overly detrimental for the residents here?" I still kept my tone utterly respectful as I evenly asked my question since it appeared she was in the mood to talk.

"You have the taste of Pangu's remnant will on you." She suddenly stated.

"The Heavenly Dao?" I furrowed my brow. "I visited the Heavenly Realm recently." I nodded.

"Mmm." She smiled as she continued to gently place her hand on the trunk of the tree. "It's similar, but different. Considering what you did to achieve this, you should already know that much. If I had to speak to your understanding, perhaps this one leans slightly more towards my own standing. It will never be able to descend like I do as that goes against its fundamental existence, but what you did instilled the basic concept of life into its being beyond instinctual inclinations. If you want to know the consequences, I simply do not know. This is a new situation for me and I look forward to seeing what happens. It is exciting in a way." She sounded happy.

"At the very least, should I expect nothing detrimental to happen in the short term?" I tried to parse her thoughts.

"For your mortal existences, and the Gods that dwell upon its Branches, you can expect no hostility from my Sibling unless you bring it about yourselves. My existence here can attest to this fact. If not for what happened, my Sibling's Branches would have never allowed me to appear within this Domain."

"You couldn't appear beforehand? Does that also apply to other….erm, beings such as yourself? Are you all constrained in such a way and should we worry that someone else may come by to….pay a visit?"

She turned to look at me with an amused look on her face. "Constrained? I suppose that is not an incorrect way to view it from your perspective." She hummed non committedly. "I asked nicely, and I was allowed to come visit. Previously, my Sibling was not able to accept such inclinations beforehand. However, there is another matter that allowed me to cross over without problems arising."

"What's that?"

She raised her hand, pointed a finger up above us.

My eyes fell onto the Sun in the distance.

"Oh…." Right, I used Hyperion to create their sun, I suppose in a way that gives her a tiny foothold she could theoretically exploit?

"Don't overthink things, it will only cause you unnecessary worry about things you can't control." She stated as if it weren't important whatsoever. "Lines remained distinct for a reason until recent times."

"Was I wrong then? Is it bad for other factions to get involved in situations like these?"

"Right, wrong, you mortals are too concerned about these things. As a living creature, you have the right to dictate what is right, and what is wrong. Only the cause and effect are of noteing. I'm not going to tell you what you should or should not do, simply a warning to allow you a moment of thought before you take action. What you do is up to you."

"Thank you for your wisdom." I bowed my head slightly.

She looked up to the sky with that little smile of hers. "As the Night, I cannot understand nor care about such small things like preventing the Cycle of this corner of existence. The lines have become blurred as time passes, however causing me a small amount of concern as I believe it is intentional on a larger scale. Just as I do not believe the existence of Sacred Gears should propagate unabated along the world's souls, I too think that lines should remain to a degree."

"I understand." It was a small warning.

"However, as the only one of my Siblings that has spent many moments among Mortals and has developed a certain amount of understanding towards those who sleep beneath my embrace….peaceful nights are among my favorite."

Was she….telling me she thought I did a good job?

I have a hard time understanding beings of her nature and it's just going to keep throwing me for a loop the longer I consider it.

"But this is not the reason I appeared. I find myself more talkative than usual this night, perhaps because of the excitement." She turned back to look at me and all but told me that she was only speaking so much because she was amused by my actions. I could take the hint to not expect her to be doing a Q&A again. "I told you that if you found the one who obscured those who slipped beneath my notice, I would reward you."

"I apologize, I –"

She put a hand up. "It was a whim, I did not expect much. Being able to defeat the Titan King was already a feat worth praising for one so young. The reason I am here is because you came into possession of something that I believe holds the clue. The Box of the ones beneath my night."

"Pandora's Box."

"Yes, the trinket of that child." She nodded. "It holds a wisp of something I cannot place." She showed more expression in this moment than I have ever seen thus far. Perhaps, annoyance? "The feeling is of something I encountered before I descended, and my memories from that period are lacking in detail. However, it is malevolent and destructive. This is my warning to you, child from beyond the stars. It is Dangerous."

"Thank you for your warning." I once more thanked her politely.

She chuckled lightly. "One last piece of advice, consider it a reward for amusing me. You should consider how you will approach Hades. He has since learned what you have done with the Two Titans, and he is not happy." She reached over before I could respond and put a finger on my forehead. "The Devil and the Holy Sword Wielder are waiting at your side, Wake Up."




"See I told you that it would work." I recognized Venelana's voice, and the owner of the legs that my face was firmly pressed between.

"I do not know what I expected." I heard Artoria sigh.

I forced myself to roll over despite every part of me wanting to remain in this position for the rest of my life. "Good morning."

Venelana reached down and pinched my cheek. "It's afternoon."

"…how long?"

"A little over a day." Artoria informed me. "We arrived late last night once everything settled down."

"Who else is here?"

"Scáthach and Izanami have arrived. We have been switching off every few hours." Venelana replied. "But we've been keeping in touch with everyone to make sure they know you're fine."

"How upset are they?" I hesitantly asked.

Venelana pinched my cheek again. "Don't mistake worry for anger." Despite her chastising me, her tone was very gentle. "It's a natural response to worry about someone we care about greatly in a situation where they were in danger and suffered harm."

Artoria flattened her skirt and slid onto the bed next to us. "I have sent many of my Knights and Friends into battle with no guarantee of survival. I am no stranger to danger and the weight of responsibility. That does not mean I am without concern and worry myself. I know I am strict with you on certain matters, but I will never be angry at you for putting yourself in harm's way for a righteous cause. I am very proud of you, Wilhelm." She smiled beautifully and it made the aches I felt and the pain I suffered somehow seem worth it.

"The important thing right now is how you're doing." Venelana ran a hand through my hair.

"Everything aches."

Artoria nodded. "Avalon can heal injuries, but it is not omnipotent. You will feel sore at the very least, but there should be no lingering damage to yourself. But the damage was extensive, I was required to arrive to renew its supply of Magical Energy."

"Yeah, it was basically empty by the end of the fight." I sighed.

Artoria just nodded in understanding. "Jinn informed us of the finer details. You did well to protect her."

"Even if she got hurt?"

"It's a matter of inevitability that she was going to get hurt at some point. Life is not so nice as to allow her to remain unharmed forever." Venelana added.

"She is whole and happy, there is not much more I could ask for." Artoria stated. "She has been very smug about her new status."

"Is she abusing being a Goddess?"

"Without a doubt." Venelana nodded. "Many demands for hugs, and lots of spoiling her."

That's my Jinn.

They hadn't asked me about the heavier stuff, which was nice, I wasn't really in the right mindset to have an in-depth discussion on the details of what happened. And frankly, I was flying by the seat of my pants most of the time back there.

"Well, I suppose the King of Asgard should go greet his subjects." I forced myself up right.

"You're going to abuse it as well, aren't you?" Artoria deadpanned.

"There may be a distinct possibility." I would neither confirm nor deny.

But fuck, I felt sore and stiff getting to my feet.

"Hmm, before you start asserting your royal authority, I had something I wanted to give you, and I would normally wait until you were in a better mindset, but it may be beneficial." Venelana interjected.

"What –"

She retrieved a clay jar and placed it in front of me, she uncorked it and I was hit immediately by a whiff of something utterly heavenly.

Even Artoria was unconsciously drooling as soon as she smelled it and her eyes zeroed in like a vulture.

I knew exactly what she was holding.

"I would say it's a success. I only brought one Jar with me in a hurry, but I figured you wouldn't need more."

I hesitantly took it from her and brought it up to my nose and I could just feel my body relax at the mere smell.

I was oh so tempted to throw my hand back and gulp it down, but I want to savor it properly. I put my lips to the jar – bad etiquette, but I was already being very reserved by not chugging it.

Not even a mouthful passed my lips before I pulled back and allowed it to fill me with a warm sensation.

It was so flavorful and as soon as it hit my belly, I felt the warm sensation permeate every corner of my body. A significant amount of my aches and residual pains were washed away as the Peach Wine created from both the Peach of Immortality and the water from the River Styx was absorbed.

"That's probably the most delicious thing I've ever drank." It took even more self-control not to let the intrusive thoughts win and chug it still.

Venelana leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Don't worry, everyone else already had a taste, so enjoy it as you please. There's much more on the way later anyways."

"Thank you."

"Of course~"


I walked out of the room I had apparently been put up in after I passed out. Artoria and Venelana at my side as they made sure I wasn't going to push myself after getting back up on my feet so soon.

I could hear the celebration that was happening not far away. The hallway I walked down opened up to a large hall with plenty of tables all lined up and lots of noise filling the room.

Maybe calling it a room was an exaggeration, because it was lacking half its walls and its roof.

Even the World Serpent was chilling nearby with Hel happily chatting with it and Thorum next to her. Which I'm surprised to see up and running around. I had honestly thought it was dead…or dying?

[Look at its size, it gave up a significant portion of its body to retain its life. It's going to be much weaker until it can regain that. It's a dragon, but it's also a Serpent, it can survive being torn in half more than other things.] Ddraig commented.

Makes sense.

The kids seemed to be joining in as well and the ones I brought were intermingling.

Even Ratatoskr was joining in and having fun.

Overall, everyone was accounted for and despite what happened, there was an air of peacefulness.

Though, everyone seemed to go quiet once I entered.

All except one person, a blue blur flew across the room and landed right into my arm.

"Will~" Jinn squealed happily.

"Is everyone treating you well?" I noticed Scáthach and Izzy a little back and they were giving me smiles so I knew that nothing bad happened.

"Everyone is so nice and look what I got!" She swung around a mug of obviously mead and nearly fell over herself if I wasn't there to catch her.

I looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. "Alright, who gave Jinn Alcohol?"


"It was Odin!"

"Oh you bitch!" He shouted at who I believe was Freyja who sold him out immediately.

"My first decree as king of Asgard, Odin's only allowed to drink Apple Juice for now on."

"Rebellion!" The All-Father jumped up on the table and roared in defiance.

"Come at me, old man." I made the gesture his way. And to my surprise, he leapt off the table at me. I of course did the only recourse available to me and suplexed the old man.

"K.O!" Freyja stood up and for some reason, the majority of the hall began to cheer at the All-Father's head pushed firmly into the flooring.

The Celebration seemed to continue like nothing happened. This was….about par for the course when they were celebrating. It wasn't just drinking, it was about letting loose in all honesty. The stressful situations, the dead, the near destruction of Asgard, they needed this.

And I guess fights were a pretty common thing among the Norse Pantheon.

Izzy and Scáthach finally approached me and I was about to explain myself, but rather, they both showed a surprising amount of public affection from their ends and hugged me together.

"Hugs are nice." Jinn joined in.

"You are cut off." Scáthach scolded the new Goddess, lightly chastising her.

Speaking of, I wonder how many barrels of Asgardian Mead I could steal before anyone noticed?

"Should we let her indulge in this instance? I believe a reward should be administered considering." Izzy spoke up.

"Hmm, it is a consideration." Scáthach seemed to acknowledge.

"A reward?" Jinn perked up. "Hrm…"

"Is something wrong?" I poked my adorable Genie.

"I want a reward….but I want to be punished too." She said with full sincerity. "Did I do good though?"

"You did amazing." I hugged her tightly. Just as Artoria said with me… "I'm so proud of you."

She looked up at me, smiling brightly. "And my lamp didn't even come loose!" She said very proudly and threw her arms up. "Praise me for fighting with my lamp still in my butt!"

….Drunk Jinn was drunk.

Or maybe this was something Jinn would do even without drinking.

"Ayo?" Odin's tone sort of caused the celebration to come to a screeching halt, and I may or may not have spaced out, forgetting that we were surrounded by a bunch of people.

I guess that cat is out of its bag.

Frankly, I wasn't sure how to respond to the many – many eyes staring at us.

"Unacceptable!" Freyja slammed his fist on the table. "I refuse to be out done, someone go grab me something big for me to put up my ass!"

"There's the Thot everyone knows!" Odin cackled. "I'll volunteer as tribute."

"I said something big, you old crotchety pervert!"

And like that, another fight started.

I just rubbed Jinn's head and she didn't care in the slightest about the awkward situation she caused.

Eventually, I pulled up my own chair, sitting down at the sort of…head of the table that was empty. I was pretty sure it was reserved for me considering my current status.

A mug of mead hit the table not far away and people seemed to quiet down. "Our King has words." Vidar spoke and everyone listened.

The funny thing was, I felt he was truly sincere when addressing me as King.

Once attention was back on me and the mood got serious, I started. "I think it's best we settle all the important bits and get them out of the way, then go back to celebrating."

"Aye!" A round of agreements shook the table.

"I couldn't reward everyone, and I hope that Asgard will do them right." I don't think it was a secret that I wasn't going to remain the King for long.

"For those who fought for Asgard, they will be properly rewarded." Odin's tone was much different than a moment prior, his voice full of authority and sternness.

"It would look bad upon us to let our comrade's assistance go without reward." Thor nodded too.

"I have kept track of the merits for this war." Heimdall added. "Once we have stabilized, we can meet our rewards properly."

"Good." They would not go back on their words, nor did it feel like I needed to remind them, but it was something that had to be spoken openly for everyone to hear.

"I have a concern." Thor raised his hand, and it was kind of funny seeing one of the Strongest Gods in the world act like a school boy.

He got up from his seat and walked over to Jormungandr, which wasn't hard because the snake was massive. "How are we supposed to handle our inevitable battle? The fates dictated that the Mighty World Serpent and I will do battle and I will be swallowed whole."

"What are you saying?" Hel narrowed her eyes.

"Peace, Lady Hel. I mean it in no disrespectful way." He looked at the World Serpent. "He has fought to protect Asgard, regardless of his reasons. I will not raise my hammer to dishonor myself out of paranoia."

"It's a touchy subject, but he has a point." Odin stroked his beard.

"You're not touching him." Hel voiced her protectiveness outright.

"Keep your panties on, we're not gonna hurt your oversized noodle." Odin rolled his eyes then turned to me. "What's your thought, brat?"

"Well –"

The Massive Serpent slammed his mouth down on top of where Thor was standing, then quickly threw its head back and swallowed.

It became quiet enough that you could hear a pin drop as everyone just stared dumbfounded at Thor being eaten in front of us.

"I am victorious. Huzzah." The World Serpent spoke with the most deadpan voice I've ever heard, then with a bulge, its body jerked, and he spat Thor back out onto the ground.

Thor sat in a pile of saliva, unmoving.

"….Grandfather….does…that count?" Magni looked towards Odin.

"Fuck if I know. I have no idea what's going on since a while ago." Odin outright admitted.

"I am willing to accept my defeat. Can we please never speak of this again?" Thor asked.

"Agreed." Odin accepted.

Let's just roll with it. "Alright, from what I understand, you just want peace and quiet, Jormungandr?"

Getting another look at him, I could see what happened after he was ripped apart by Surtr. He was distinctly half as big as he was previously. And his 'new' loser end was…well, his scales were obviously new. His overall presence was heavily deteriorated from the few moments I saw him initially.

I imagined that he would regrow to his previous size as Ddraig said.

He was still gigantic, however.

The Big Serpent looked my way and nodded. "I wouldn't have helped Father if I wasn't forced to."

"Alright, as the King of Asgard, I decree, you are a friend of Asgard, and any attack on you is an attack of Asgard. You're free to come and go as you please. If you do end up in conflict with anyone here, I hope that you can come and settle it peacefully with whoever is sitting on the Throne at the time."

The Big Snake seemed very pleased with that arrangement.

And Hel also looked happy for her brother.

Thorum looked like he wanted to thank me in private as well.

Honestly, I didn't really have any other big issues I had to cover. But regardless I slammed my hand on my chair. "Now it's time to talk about the new rules that I'm going to implement. Miniskirts!"

"I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth, your Majesty!" Odin shouted.



Scáthach was quick to start tugging on my cheek. "Are you sure you did not misspeak, student."

"Kick his ass!" Freyja called out, and dozens of other feminine voices followed suit.

"I never said it was only women." I pointed out.

They went silent until Odin slapped the table again. "Fuck it, my legs are beautiful, miniskirts!"



This place was fun.

"Alright, alright." I held my hands up. "On to the serious matter. It's time to hand the Throne over."

"You're a good man." Vidar nodded in approval. "If you desired to continue sitting there, no one would speak out against it. You and your comrades have proven yourselves honorable folk and friends of Asgard for all time."

I smiled at the compliment. "Which is why I'm handing the throne over to the one who will handle it properly." I waited a beat, mostly because he had yet to arrive. But a small zap of lightning shot through the air, followed by a little gust of wind as two adorable rabbits landed on my lap.

I held up Sir Wiggles. "Behold, Sir Wigglesbottom Fluffytail Octavius Benedict III, Crown Prince of the Emerald Kingdom, Duke of Carrot Island, General of the northern Armies, Lightning born, The Devil Slayer. Head of Chaldean department of Phantasmal Beast, King of France. And now, the King of Asgard."

I quickly vacated the seat, and let Sir Wiggles take front and center as I put a tiny little crown I had prepared long ago on top of his head.

And of course, everyone was stunned into silence by his majesty.

"You know what? I don't even care anymore. If he wants his Rabbit to be king, then have at it. To our new King!" Odin raised a mug up into the air, and everyone else quickly followed.

This place quickly grew on me.

"And that's enough for me today." Freyja declared, standing up from her spot. She walked over, and grabbed Ratatoskr by the tail. "You're coming with me."

"Mommy?" The Squirrel looked panicked as Freyja lifted it over her head.

"You can call me mommy." She grinned.

Ratatoskr looked my way and I gave him a thumbs up and a silent prayer.

He was going to need it.




The celebration continued for a while, but I noticed Odin sneak away and followed after him.

He was sitting on a balcony, or what was left of it, as he oversaw what remained of Asgard.

"It's going to take awhile to rebuild." I commented.

"That it is." Odin agreed. "But we can only rebuild because we remain standing. Thanks to you and your lot. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you."

I put a hand on his shoulder silently, and sat down next to him. "How are you doing?"

"I'll heal eventually." Odin grumbled. "That lass of yours….we owe her a great debt."


"No, but her as well." Odin smiled peacefully. "Everyone saw what that girl of yours did. Standing up to Surtr allowed us the time to push forward with making Thor King. Even if she wasn't now a Goddess of ours by name, she would forever be under our protection. Don't take it lightly the degree of protectiveness that my kin will provide for her. If they hear she has been wronged, Asgard will go to war."

"You won't need to. If anyone dares to hurt her, I would have destroyed them before you could make a move."

Odin let out a snort of laughter. "But I was talking about that other girl of yours. She went around healing quite a few of us while you were out of it."

"Artoria." I nodded. "She would do that."

"Speaking of when I was out, what happened?" I looked up to the sky and the God's Investiture List was noticeably gone.

"At first, we reorganized as best as we could in case our enemies that remained wanted to take the opportunity to attack while we were weakened, but what you did scared them off enough that we didn't suffer an attack. After about a day, we decided to slowly loosen our guards and with how weary and tired everyone was, we decided to throw the party you walked into." He briefly explained.

"And the List?"

Odin pursed his lips. "I honestly still find it hard to believe what happened and the bullshit you pulled off. But that List, and I am well aware of its origins, no longer exists. It began to crumble yesterday, and the World Tree swept it up and….ate it?"

Hmm, it probably wanted to use the remnants as a basis for how to proceed forward. A tiny wisp of the Heavenly Dao must have been inside of it, enough for Yggdrasil to sort of….learn? To understand how to act as the Will of the Nine Realms.

At least that's my initial thought.

"Nyx paid me a visit, basically told me I made a lot of noise, but nothing overly concerning."

"I am way too fucking tired to acknowledge half of that to the degree it deserves." Odin let out a sigh. "The Skele boy is going to be pissed."

"Nyx said he was." I let out my own sigh. "Speaking of our Titan friends…"

"They're behaving." Odin went straight to the point. "Hyperion is pulling the sun properly. And Kronos…..he's up and about, but doing his job. You wanna go see him?"

I considered it, I really did. "It's best to leave things how they ended."

I felt like it would be insulting if I went there. Like rubbing salt in the wound. Atleast, I would give it time if I ever did want to go visit for whatever reason.

"And our Old Elf?"

"He's not one for celebrations like this. Nor was I going to force him to remain in Asgard's court. He's fit to be a God, but he's better left to roam the Nine Realms at his leisure and do what he wants."

"I hope he's not pissed at me."

"Bah, let that old Elf throw a tantrum, there's no one who wants to willingly die and he didn't have much longer left as a Mortal anyways." Odin snorted before his expression changed to one of quiet contemplation.

"Have you seen Baldur?"

Odin shook his head. "I refused to see him after he left to fulfill his new duty. One-Thousand Years. Then, I will welcome him back home myself."

"Sorry for not being able to do more."

He bopped me over the head with Gungnir, or rather its walking stick form. "It was already a light sentence, and everyone knows it. He acted not out of maliciousness, but from a dark place that I should have helped him out of long ago. As for the others….they will get their punishments. Some will return, some will not. We simply have to keep moving forward now that the path is no longer dark."

"And you should be more concerned about yourself." He continued. "It's already spread out what happened. No way in Hel that we're going to be able to keep a lid on everything that happened, especially with the brats that came along."

I let out a groan. "Yeah, it is what it is. But I have a solution.

"Oh? What's that?"

I took out the jar of the Peach wine. "If I drink enough, the problem will go away."

"I don't think it works that way, but I'm more than happy to try along with you." He perked up. "You better be sharing a cup if you're holding that in front of my face or we're going to be throwing hands."

I rolled my eyes and found two glasses inside my storage to pour into.

"Mmm, just from the smell I can tell that's good stuff. Be careful about giving this to mortals, or do it in very small amounts."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot." I was about to drink my glass, but Odin stopped me.

I was going to question what he was doing, but he transformed his stick into its spear form and pricked his finger on it, letting drops of his blood fall into his cup as he met my gaze.

"Are you serious?" I was surprised in all honesty.

He nodded without a hint of a joking overturn to his mannerisms.

I took out my own blade and pricked my finger, letting my own blood drip into my cup.

Without a word, we exchanged them and downed them in one go.

I suppose there were worse things than becoming a blood brother to Odin.

"You're not going to leave your rabbit as King, are you?" Odin finally asked.

"Nah, let him do it for a day or so." I said nonchalantly. "But I want a portrait of him to hang up alongside the others somewhere where people can see it."

"Thousands of years from now, people are going to be really damn confused when they learn one of Asgard's previous Kings was a literal Rabbit."

"That makes it even funnier." I grinned.

Odin just laughed along as well.

I could worry about the heavy stuff later, I just needed some time to relax after everything that happened.


Non-Canon Omake: Through the looking Glass part 3.

You know, it's funny.

I've fought Gods, killed Titans, and stood up to beings such as Surtr when I was not but on my last legs.

But this – mom holding her sandal up towards me – this frightened me.

"It's really – "

"Sit." Mom told me.

"Seriously it's really – "


"Yes, Mom." I couldn't even get a word in.

Mom just crossed her arms, tapping her finger, menacingly.

Frankly, the others just stared at me.

Especially my Alternate self and Venelana's Alternate Daughter.

"That's our Grandma!" Takao suddenly blurted out with quite a bit of emotion.

"That's my mom!" Rias added.

"I'm not apologizing." I snorted.

"Of course your other self would be a deviant." Glasses Girl rolled her eyes.

I looked at my other self in pity. "You're like someone who walks into an ice cream shop, with hundreds of flavors available to you, and you ask for an empty ice cream cone instead."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Glasses girl's voice raised slightly.

"Stop insulting my girlfriend!"

"Get a better girlfriend!" I shot back.

Mom decided that deserved another smack upside the head.

"Wilhelm, stop insulting your other self and Sona. Takao and Sona, stop taking shots at him if you can't handle anything being said in return." Mom quickly settled everyone down. I may have had something more to say, but another knock at the door had everyone quieting down. "Come in, it's open." Mom shouted.

"Sorry for intruding, Miss Shimoda, but Rias and the others left in a hurry and hadn't come back so we just wanted to check in." I recognized the voice as Rias's Stripper Queen.

[Oh my God….] Ddraig groaned from within my soul.

I couldn't help but have my lips curl upwards.

"Yeah, sorry miss Shimoda." Another, distinctly male voice followed up.

It was Ddraig's alternate Wielder, the one I originally took the Boosted Gear from in my own world.

They both entered and stopped to stare at me.

"Hey, Takao, why does that guy look almost exactly like you." Issei Hyoudou raised a finger, pointing at me.

"Long lost twin brother."

"He's not!" My other self denied.

"My name is Better Takao."

"That's not his name!"

"It really is." I took out my wallet, and tossed my ID onto the table. "See?"

My Alternate self picked it up first and his eyes widened. "Why does it say 'Better Takao'!" He slapped it back onto the table.

"Let me see that." Mom took it quickly and eyed me suspiciously. "Why does it say that?" She seemed confused.

"It's just an illusion." Sona huffed, taking it herself. The glanced at me, looking far too smug. "Watch, I'll break it easily enough."

I felt her cast her magics and internally shrugged.

Pride, thy name is Sona.

She preened like a peacock as she put it back onto the table. "It was simple enough to remove." She declared.

"….it still says 'Better Takao'." My other self noted.

Sona froze and looked at it then at me, her smug look fading.

"Truly, the Magical Genius of a Generator." I deadpanned.

It was in fact an illusion, one I just layered dozens of times.

"Shut up!" She grumbled.

"The next Merlin in the making."

"It's just a small trick!" She tried again an the only thing that changed was my picture, that was now giving her the bird.

"I am awed by your Magical Talent."

"Wilhelm, stop bullying your Alternate Self's girlfriend." Mom paused. "And make one more comment about throwing up in your mouth and see what happens." She warned.

I held a hand over my mouth, with my cheeks bulging. "I will spare her feelings and definitely not say how the thought of that makes me nauseous."

Mom just gave me another smack upside the head.

"Uh, I'm confused." Issei raised his hand.

"Meet Takao's Older and Alternate world self." Mom quickly answered without me getting a word in.

"Sup." I waved. "I was just about to head out."

"You were not."

"I was not." I agreed with my mom immediately. "Mom, it's not that big of a deal."

"You're screwing your Grandma!" She exclaimed. "That deserves some questions asked at a minimum!"

"Ayo?" Issei questioned.

"Ara Ara?" Stripper girl blinked, looking at Rias.

"Oh my God." Rias jolted even as she said it but otherwise didn't react.

"Do you really want to know about my sex life, mom?" I shot back.

"Stopppppppp" Rias whined.

"Yes!" She slapped the table.

"Fine!" I mimicked her hitting the table just as hard. "I'm fucking my Grandma, are you happy!"

"I am conflicted!" She hit the table again. "I want Grandbabies!"

"I'm trying, mom!"

"Kill me!" The red head let her head hit the table rather hard.

"Why is this my life?" My Alternate self covered his face.

"Miss Shimoda, can we please stop discussing the sexual relationship between Takao's deviant self and Rias's mother." Sona pushed her glasses up.

"I hate you." Rias whined.

"Why….why out of everyone did you choose Grandma? She would bake me cookies, she would read me stories, she would babysit me…"

"I actually didn't meet her until recently." I shrugged. "I have no familial emotions attached to her. And besides, she's the one who seduced me."

"My mom would not do that!" Rias immediately argued.

"Literally threw her dress off and offered me sex." I deadpanned. "This was with her completely knowing that I was her Grandson, by the way. Your mom is the horniest person I've ever met in my life."

Not that I'm complaining.

"Stop making up lies!" Rias turned to Mom. "Miss Shimoda, tell your son to stop lying about my mom!"

"Well…." Mom looked away. "Your mom has certain…. proclivities."


"I just didn't think she'd go after her own Grandson." Mom whispered to herself. "I'm going to need to have a very stern talk with her so she knows that Takao is off limits."

"But what about all the Grandbabies?" I pointed out.

Mom shuddered and froze.

"Mom…." Takao narrowed his eyes. "Stop considering it."

"Grandbabies." I whispered again.

"Don't listen to him!"

"Miss Shimoda…" Sona joined in.

"Well, Miss Gremory does have amazing Oppai." Issei put a hand on his chin in deep contemplation.

"Issei!" Rias whined. "Akeno, shock him!"

"Oww!" Issei jumped as the Stripper send a small shock his way.

"Ufufu." She giggled rather darkly.

"Issei, don't take his side! You're supposed to be my best friend." My alternate Self was having the same reaction as Rias apparently, but something else threw me for a loop.

"Did you say 'best friend?"


"Jesus, when I thought I couldn't be more disappointed."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" My other self was quick to defend Issei it seems.

And despite my feelings, I suppose it's good that he's willing to stand up for his friends. Maybe I would respect that in any other situation.

"Really? You want me to list out everything wrong here? Should we talk about the fact that in any other developed first world country that he would either have been arrested or expelled at minimum for the shit he pulls on a daily basis?" I laid out my distaste for the kid.

"That's not – " Rias was about to defend him too, but my Mom was quicker on the draw.

"Explain that." Mom's mom sense was tingling.

"Do….you not know?" I was genuinely surprised. "He literally peeps on underaged girls changing every day with his friends." I gestured towards Issei.

Mom slowly turned towards Issei and the boy stiffened, visible sweat pouring down his face. "I'm going to be speaking with your mother later, Issei."

"All Oppai deserve to be treasured and loved!" He shouted defiantly.

"What was that!?" Mom held up her sandal his way.

"Y-yes Ma'am." Issei just nodded, shrinking his head back.

"And why am I just now hearing about this. Sona, Rias, Takao." She narrowed her eyes at them.

"Well…um." Rias clammed up.

Sona looked away and so too did Takao.

Well, as Devils Sona and Rias simply don't think it's that big of a deal. Not that I'm justifying the behavior, but to them, it's really just something small and harmless.

"W-why aren't you calling out Akeno?" Rias quickly tried to deflect the angry mom stare.

"Don't try to wiggle out of the blame." Mom wagged her finger. "Besides, Akeno is a sadist, she's probably thrilled by you throwing her under the bus even now."

The gradual growing smile on her face basically confirmed it.

"Anyways, this was a nice talk, it's getting late, I should head out." I stood up and a sandal flew past my head.

"Do you really think that would be enough to distract me?" My mom raised a challenging eyebrow.

"I had hoped."

"Sit down."

"Yes, mom." My butt was glued right back onto the seat.

"Hey, um…" Issei spoke up.

"Are you going to say something in your defense?" Mom turned her sharp gaze to him.

"No, um…it's…" He scratched his head. "Ddraig wants to come out and say something." Without any other word of warning, the familiar Gauntlet appeared on his arm

The Green Gem on it lit up. "How long are you going to stay silent?"

God dammit.

"I could sense it the moment I walked into the room. Stop hiding and show yourself." The Gauntlet spoke again.

"Ddraig, what are you talking about?" Issei seemed confused.

"Hmph, are you scared to show yourself?" Ddraig ignored Issei and continued as everyone else seemed confused as well.

I felt it within my soul and internally sighed, producing my own Boosted Gear on my arm. Several gasps were enough to understand their surprise at its sudden appearance.

"[Who's hiding?]" My Ddraig snorted.

"You're the Red Dragon Emperor too?" Rias exclaimed.

"Hmph, I guess that's where your bravado comes from." Sona looked less than enthused.

"That's so not fair." My Alternative self pouted.

"Oh wow, what are the odds that the Boosted Gear ended up with your other self, Takao?" Issei chuckled.

"Yes, what are the odds." Mom looked at me.

I may have averted my gaze.

"How odd to see myself like this." Issei's Ddraig spoke up again.

"[Meh, when traveling with the Brat, this doesn't even register on the top 10 weirdest things I've experienced.]" My Ddraig returned.

"Really?" His other self said in disbelief.

"[Demons, Gods, Titans, all sorts of fun things.]" I could practically feel Ddraig nod to himself. "[It keeps things interesting atleast. And I've gotten to fight a lot of powerful opponents that I would have never had the opportunity to if I was left with your brat.]"

"Wait, what was that?" Rias was quick to notice what my Ddraig said.

"Takao Shimoda. Did you steal that from the Issei of your world!?" Mom used my full name out of habit.

"Did he steal Ddraig from me!?" Issei shouted.

"I may or may not have acquired the Boosted Gear through dubious means." I coughed into my fist. "Besides, I have a perfectly valid reason for doing so."

"And what's that?" My mom asked calmly.

"Fuck him."

Mom smacked me again.

"Y-you bastard!" Issei pointed at me. "Then what about the me over there, he's never going to fullfill his Harem dream!"

"So I did a good deed then." I nodded sagely to myself.

Issei looked like he was about to jump at me, but Rias put a hand up.

"So if Issei didn't have the Boosted Gear…..did I still recruit him?"

"….yes." I kept my expression neutral.

"Huh…" Rias just blinked.

"Oh, then he still has a chance." Issei clenched his fist in solemnity with his alternate self.

"I thought you couldn't take out Sacred Gears without killing the user." My Alternate Self pointed out. "Wasn't that the whole thing with Asia?"

I rolled my eyes. "Maybe if an amateur or someone incompetent tried to do so. Honestly, you only need a bit of knowledge and experience in manipulating souls. Maybe in a few specific cases and certain Sacred Gears like Dimension Lost." That was a whole mess, but the kid who had it already had a death sentence.

"And how would you have this 'knowledge' and 'experience'?" Sona snorted.

"Probably from not fetishizeing the Japanese School system and actually doing something productive with my life." I shot back.

"I do not Fetishize it!"

"Correct me if I'm wrong –" And I might be, it's not like I spend any meaningful time contemplating her goals or existence. "But don't you want to open a Devil School based around Rating Games and use the Japanese School System as the basis?"

She frowned. "And?"

"I rest my case."

"You didn't say anything!"

"You truly are a Devil, forcing other Devils into Japanese schooling. I'm honestly impressed. The original Demons could learn a thing or two from you." I gave her my first heartfelt compliment.

"Don't mock my dream!" She seethed.

"I'm not mocking your dream. Honestly, I don't find anything wrong with helping the less privileged Devils move up in your society. Devil Society is its own parade of fuck ups that I'm thankful I have absolutely nothing to do with it. However, dedicating your time and effort to fix that, in any small way is respectable."


"What?" I looked at her speechlessness.

"I'm just surprised you said something genuinely nice to me." She pushed her glasses up.

"Well, it would take me literal hours to go over all the stupid decisions you're making regarding it, and I have neither the time nor energy to do that." I shrugged.

"And there it is." She scowled.

"If you're done flirting, I have a few questions I want to ask." Issei's Ddraig spoke up.

Sona scoffed, crossing her arms. "I was certainly not flirting with him."

"Yeah, what she said." My other self-defending her as well.

As for me, I leaned over the side of the table and threw up onto the ground.

After a moment, mom smacked me upside the head again. "Don't force yourself to throw up just to spite someone."

"It was an involuntary reaction." I defended myself.

"Go die." Sona scowled deeper.

"You're cleaning that up later, young man." Mom didn't give any room for argument.

Well, atleast, I didn't have the opportunity because a Teleportation Circle lit up not far away.

Three more people joined rather quickly.

"Dear!" Mom grew a big smile and threw her arms around a man in particular that I did not wish to say.

"Meiko." My biological Alternate father wrapped her up in a big hug.

"And Fia!" Mom greeted the maid just as happily and she returned the greeting with just as much enthusiasm.

Lastly, Venelana was standing behind them waiting her turn as my mom greeted her. "Momma Gremory, we have a lot of things we need to talk about."

"It sure sounds like it." The Lucifer smiled, sweeping his gaze around the room until it landed on me. In fact, there wasn't a hint of anger or dislike within it which really made me feel weird. "It's strange but exciting to see my own boy all grown up like this. Don't worry, your mom filled us in on the details."

"…wonderful." I forced a thin smile.

"Look at you, Takao, you grew up into a handsome man." He teased my alternate self, ruffling his hair.

"Dad…stop." My other self huffed.

I knew it, this was some sort of special hell just designed for me.

At this point, I had everyone looking my way and I was very much not emotionally capable of handling this on my own at the moment.

I needed reinforcements.

And one person in particular came to mind as I created a portal.



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