A Narcissist's Rebirth

Author: J_Titan
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What is A Narcissist's Rebirth

Read ‘A Narcissist's Rebirth’ Online for Free, written by the author J_Titan, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Seiya was an ordinary worker dejected with boring lifestyle wished to be reborn and that’s what happens with him. Howeve...


Seiya was an ordinary worker dejected with boring lifestyle wished to be reborn and that’s what happens with him. However, he was born in mix anime world and also with a system. --- I don’t know how many anime I will add but I am planning just few so that the story wont sound so dragged. Saekano Amagi Brilliant Park Fate Kuroko's Basketball Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun --- English is not my first language. Suggestions are welcomed. I don’t own anything. I might not upload chapters on Monday and Saturday --- Become part of J-Titan army here: https://www.patreon.com/J_Titan

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Honestly, this story made me feel interesting with the addition of mc's background while in his new world at this time. My advice can be remembered or forgotten, it's up to you: 1. Do not rush in making a story. 2. Character development of mc and his harem is very important so as not to become like pokemon (you know this.) 3. Stability update in story. 4. Set goals from the beginning to the end of your novel because if you think about it in the middle usually the author will get caught up in imagination. Sorry if my language is confusing because I use google translate.


Everything was good but why? Out of all the possible ways, why choose the novelist/manga artist way? I really don't like the novelist setting in fanfic. Especially that gamer kage naruto fanfic; writing Marvel, DC, Harry potter in naruto. Like wth? Come on.


All good but last chap 24 has a bit much drama to handle...


It was okay but then there were chapters 24 - 25 and I can see why he needed character development but the way it was portrayed was terrible. [img=recommend]


The story was good until it started worse in the last chapters, like the illogical rise in stats. I can understand that the skill "exercises" raise the stats of strength and speed, but intelligence. Can intelligence be raised by studying, of course not, and also how "utaha" simply fell in love It is beautiful on the first day they meet and this is strange because she is a lonely person and does not like to get close to others and how he remembers three whole volumes of the novel solo leveling


do not drop This novel is good keep up the good work do no rush ;) a good Story needs time novel is good READ THIS NOVEL FANS OF AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK READ THIS NOVEL FANS OF AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK READ THIS NOVEL FANS OF AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK


14 chapters in and i liked it so far everything is good except the characters personalities like sometime they are mad and all it takes is one sentence and they are suddenly okay with the MC and another character where she was seductive and suddenly shy (when she was shy when he saw her panty and then she gave it to him?) i hope you can work on it but otherwise everything is good.


Written at the time of chapter 12 I quite like that the story starts with him adquiring mundane talents and not jumping directly onto the supernatural. Can't say much about the plot because it's too early though. My advise is that you don't introduce too many characters too fast. In these 12 chapters, 4 franchises have already appeared, and for the characters to feel alive you'll have to take your time and carve them slowly. Personally, I'd like this to go into a harem route, with proper romance and believable interactions between the lovers, but that's just what I want. You should be aware that writing a good harem is difficult; the more people you add, the more you'll have to keep track of. I'm going to follow you for the time being. I've been trying to find a soiritual successor to NEET receives a datong sim sustem, and your novel has potential. Although English isn't your main language, you have a good grasp of it, and sentences can be undestood without loosin braincells, even if you can definitely improve. Keep at it!


I liked how the narcissistic ability make the story more amazing and funny. While the relationship between each girl was perfect and their background was also amazing though the introduction about their past was not long that was make it amazing GHAHAHAHA I don't want to read a chapters full of their past so you really are amazing author-san. I liked how the pace of the story. Writing quality was also good, I'm not good at English but I can pretty much understand eeverything. Story development, this one was amazing his narcissistic trait just make the story more amazing and it even connect beautifully to the story. Characters design - Though he didn't create the character himself, author was still amazing of bringing out the potential of each character that it blend well in the story (GAHAHAH I was just spouting nonsense about potential, it looks amazing to said so I write it GAHHAHAHH) Update Stability, This one was horrible! I just start reading just a while ago and I finished it already tsk tsk! author should upload more chapter (Sarcastic) GHAHAHHAHAHAHHHA I know that this was new so I don't really know about the update Stability GHAHHAHHA World background, at first I was not expecting a world filled with so many anime characters as in the synopsis, it only said about two anime. But surprisingly there were other characters like mifuyu from WNL, by the way she's my best heroine in the anime GHAHAHHAHA, I don't hate about other anime characters instead I loved, though they didn't get much attention early. I expect that latter chapters will fill my curiosity GHAHAHHA love ya author, update more more and more GAHHHAHAHA


No need to thank me, this fanfic is nothing special, but at least you are grateful, because I am willing to take my time to read this cliche fanfic.


I like[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Honestly, that gives away so much "light novel signs" that makes me uncomfortable and shake with disgust. Kinda like: mob against death flags or how this trash was called? Who cares. Anyway. But undoubtedly it's was intresting to read and it's made decently. Though I already feels looming concern about future of this story and probably whould delete this review after some chapters. Ragging about stupid, horrible romance and plot line that makes my face swollen after so many facepalms... That's still doesn't happen so let's celebrate. And suck some blood?


It is a really good novel! Although it may not be something for people who hate narcissists but I enjoy every chapter like a cool shower on a hot day 👍


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im excited for this one hopes this goes far because the anime worlds you tagged never been used in a ff and i have many so im looking forward ti this


I..... AS A FELLOW FAN OF THIS fanfic Declare my ABSOLUTE loyalty to this case, also I shall bend that the Knee and serve as loyal subject and counter all criticism as the sword and shield of this Fanfic. LONG LIVE THE AUTHOR SAMA. LONG LIVE THE (FF) . . . . . . . . . GAHHHHHH that sooo cringe I want to die ,Please someone shot me on the foo (cough) I mean the head I'm definitely not an M😜


very good and keep on going donot drop it........................................................................................................................


well nothing new here. this is the same generic wish fulfilment that you can only find in this site. at least you can have the feeling of deja vu when reading this by how generic this is. it's his as bad if you want a fast read until the last updated chapter only to simple delete this for your library and forget of its existence(like me)




I like it a lot. I'm interested in how well you'll add magic to the story. 12345678910111213141516171829202122232425262728293031323334353637383940


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