A Multiverse Cinematic Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of being able to travel through your favourite movie worlds? Well, that's exactly what happens to Jack, an ordinary dude who suddenly finds himself getting isekaied. He has a system that allows him to travel to different worlds inspired by popular movies. In each world he will have a new profession. He will have to reach the peak of that profession to get stronger and be able to unlock new worlds. In the "Fast and Furious", Jack becomes a master mechanic who can fix any car and outdrive even Toretto. In the "Mission Impossible", he is an IRS officer with a knack for catching tax evaders like Tom Cruise. In the "Flash", he is an ordinary courier delivery boy who can run circles around the Flash and deliver packages with lightning speed. In "DC", he is a gym coach who can bench press the moon and Bruce's esteemed magic teacher. In the "Harry Potter", he is a staff maker with magical powers that would make Dumbledore jealous. And so on.... Join Jack on his epic journey as he becomes the ultimate god of the multiverse and through the most epic, action-packed, and hilarious multiverse journey ever... ========== Do you want to read ahead? Explore more chapters filled with sizzling encounters, and heart-pounding adventures. Then what are you waiting for Join my Patreon right now. Link : patreon.com/thebookaddict

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Roman was optimistic and immediately rushed to Taiji, saying, "Hurry up, man! There's $100 million in it!"

"Don't worry. I plan to open this?" Taj waved his hand, signaling for Roman to leave. He took the fingerprint-enrolled coating next to him and hit a few keys on the computer. He placed it on the fingerprint area, took a deep breath, and pressed it up while chanting, "Come on."



Two beeps of "Ding-ding" were particularly beautiful in the silent factory. Everyone's eyes were focused on the safe, which turned green. A very healthy and pleasing color, especially when the indicator was flashing this color.

An inexplicable song rang out, startling everyone and looking toward the sound source.

"Here Comes the Money....."

(The theme song of Shane McMahon in WWE)

"Why? What are you looking at me for?" Jack, who had played it as background music with a small speaker, laughed.

Amidst the music, Taj smiled, shook his head, and opened the safe. His goddess had finally lifted the veil for him. The stuffed dollar bills fell out like water.

Roman's eyes widened. He stood still, his brain dead and unable to think. Gisele looked at Jack subconsciously and found that he was smiling at her. The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

Han stood silently, chewing gum, glanced over there subconsciously, and quickly looked away. Initially, he had also fallen in love with Gisele, but Jack had taken the lead. After comparing, he wisely chose to give up. Anyway, with $10 million, why worry about not finding a beautiful girl?

Brian and Mia hugged each other. Toretto stood quietly, watching this scene, smiling, and looking at the sky. He thought of Letty.

Jack noticed this scene and guessed what Toretto was thinking but didn't say anything. Letty was Toretto's girlfriend and had died in an accident. At least, that's how Toretto and others saw it. However, Jack knew she wasn't dead but had been saved by a villain who had changed her memory. She had been working for a villain organization now.

"Divide the money," said Roman.

"Don't worry," Jack shook his head, "You have to take the money away... is it possible that you intend to take it away yourself? There's no secure channel for this money, and it's difficult to ship it out yourself."

"That makes sense..." Roman thought about it for a while, "But it doesn't affect me to experience my $10 million for a while now!"

"$10 million?" Jack raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't it?" Roman widened his eyes.

"Have you forgotten something," Jack interrupted?

"About a gambling contract, a racing gambling contract worth five million dollars, we seem to have not fulfilled it yet..."

"..." Roman was taken aback and looked down at the pile of money he was holding. For some reason, a phantom that half of it was flying away suddenly appeared in front of him.


Roman's miserable wailing echoed in the factory. Everyone laughed, wanting to see how Roman "wins" against Jack.


[One month later, on top of the MT Everest]

At this time, the weather on Mount Everest is awful. o one will choose to climb to the top at this time. The howling wind and snow enveloped had drastically reduced visibility.

After a muffled noise is heard, a figure directly lands firmly on the top of the submit!

In the distance, the sun was rising, and a ray of golden light pierced thousands of miles of clouds. Just as this person landed, this caught his eye.

At this moment, only this person can see and enjoy this incredible marvel.

"It's a good sign." Jack grinned and sat cross-legged on the ground, closing his eyes.



[Jack Ashborn]

Number of professional titles held: 1

Opportunities to open up new worlds: 1

Strength: 1100

Intelligence: 1100

Unassigned Points : 0



"Auto Mechanic ▪ Advanced"


"Mechanic Skills ▪ Advanced"

"Driving Skills ▪ Advanced."

"Storage space▪10msq


"Dimensional Wrench ▪ Legendary"


After Jack got his share of remuneration, the system counted the two million dollars as his income, and his experience value increased by two hundred points.

Then, [Auto Mechanic] Profession got promoted from intermediate to advanced level, gaining a ten times bonus for all his skills.

In the past month, Jack has first handled the matters regarding his various enterprises and selected people who he had fancied before to manage. After everything was handled, he said goodbye to Toretto, Gisele, and others and came alone to Mount Everest.

Of course, when saying goodbye to Toretto and others, he just stated that he wanted to leave here and find some off-grid places to experience life in seclusion. He did not tell them his true purpose.

He has also given Toretto the number for the multiverse phone, which he has received as a reward after reaching the advanced level. Through this phone, he can remain in contact with anyone in the vast multiverse.

It is not impossible to come back here. From the system, he learned that every time he wants to return to a previous world, he only needs ten experience points! So, if necessary, Jack can come back at any time.

He had wished to stay here longer with Toretto and the others. Still, he needed constantly travel through various worlds to grow stronger. The stronger he gets and the more worlds he travels, the easier it will be for him to find his brothers, who are most likely scattered in the vast omniverse like him.

"It's time," Jack muttered as he watched the rising sun.

With a thought, Jack chose to go to the next world. In an instant, Jack disappeared in place and appeared on a circular platform in the middle of the vast cosmos. Around him, millions of stars and galaxies of various colors and shapes!

"Such a magical place..." Jack looked around in wonder.


[The world is randomly being selected...]

A prompt from the system appeared in Jack's mind, and the sky full of stars seemed to be stirred by a giant invisible hand. The stars danced in perfect sync.

In the end, a star leaked out of the big invisible hand, turned into a small light spot, and came to Jack.



[The world has been selected]

A crossover of different spy war movies like "Mission Impossible," "The Bourne," "Taken," and other worlds.

[Please choose crossing location]

[Please choose-new Profession]


Jack's eyes widened in excitement.

After thinking about it, he stretched out his hand and clicked on the new starlight crystal before him,

"Crossing location, USA, Virginia, Langley city."

"As for the profession..." Jack looked at the several options provided by the system.


1. "CIA Agent."

2. "FBI"

3. "National Security Agency Agent."

4. "IRS Officer."


"Of course, I choose IRS (United States Revenue Service) officer!" Jack said out loud in excitement.

That's right. Leaving aside the first three seemingly more compatible ones, Jack chose the fourth Profession that feels utterly incompatible with the spy warfare world—IRS officer. However, his choice was natural for a reason.

He knew he would be in this role for nearly a year before the official plot began. The thought made him uneasy as he couldn't confirm if it was the same this time.


[The location has been determined, the new Profession has been selected, and the journey begins]

The starlight in front of him shined brighter as if beckoning him to step forward. He took a deep breath and walked towards it, swallowed by its brilliance.

In the blink of an eye, he found himself on a commercial street, carrying an ordinary satchel without any signs. His attire, a standard down jacket, did not draw attention from the people around him, who were also dressed in similar clothing, fitting the winter weather of Langley.

As he took a step forward, his mind couldn't help but wander to the mobile phone shop that he had just seen on the side. He checked the system for the latest Profession he had just obtained to familiarize himself with the duties of an IRS Officer.



[IRS Officr ▪ Newbee (0/10)

"What does our IRS do? Let me tell you, we catch the most wanted criminals even the FBI can't catch. If the NSA can't get the information, we get it for them. If the CIA can't fix a problem, they call us!"

"in America, Only death and taxes are eternal!"


[Title bonus]

1.[Familiar with tax law]

Knows the crooks and crannies of the whole revenue laws like a pro.

2.[Entry-level agent skills]

Sometimes, facing some special tax evaders, you need this to find enough evidence! Or is it to simply flex?

3.[Entry-level weapon mastery]

Like Master Oogway said, " Know your gun like the back of your hand; otherwise, you will embarrass yourself in bed, my student."


In an instant, the knowledge acquired has been completely grasped in Jack's mind. And with Jack's current intelligence of 1100 points receiving such a large amount of information instantly was effortless.