A Midnight Partition Book

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A Midnight Partition


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*A Midnight Partition is a classic love story of two star struck lovers just after partition . Mehjabin, being forced to marry Aslam by her father, lives in a state of disarray. Her whole life has been a terrible series of events that have left her with several doubts and regrets. However, years have passed after the disappearance of her husband. Forced to live the life of a widow, she started to unravel her father’s darker secrets. Everything is not as it seems in her life anymore. However, she is determined to seek out the truth. Haris belongs to an elite family and has recently came to Jafrabad after his father's death. Haris strange encounter with Mehjabin brings an immense change in his life . He started loving her but knowing she was the lady of her morals and wouldn't agree to a forbidden love ,he struggle to make her his. 10 years passed when suddenly one day her husband comes to take her with him ,when he caught her with him. # forbidden affair # innocent love # romance *I don't own the copyrights of the image