4 you should date again


"He sure isn't gay.....just a poor child trying to survive all odds," Joy dressed her bed. "He deserves a wonderful woman. Strong on the outside but I know he misses his parents so much. Poor child! God help him find a perfect woman." She prayed.

'But how would he? When he found it difficult to trust women!'

That was the main reason why he had only one housekeeper. It was even difficult for him to accept and adapt.

She laid on her bed and slowly drifted to sleep.


Dressed in a stylish suit, James headed for his office. "Make sure you close the doors. I won't be back early and Don't prepare dinner either," He ordered joy who still had some traces of sleep in her.

She nodded gently and only wished to return to bed. Her Master returning late wasn't something new anymore and she had gotten used to his preferences too.

He had already made plans with Nick for the treat he promised earlier.

At the office, Claire reported his schedules. Pointing out his important moments and leisure times effectively. Not that he couldn't do it himself, he just felt he should let her do her job.

"The meeting with the two men is by 2 pm?" He asked, looking through it.

Claire nodded slightly. He was talking about the men that approached him at the party.

"Where is Nick?" He asked, looking at his watch. He dropped the file and raised his head.

"I have not seen him sir." Claire answered as she thought of the incident last night, "He didn't leave early yesterday night. Maybe he's..."

"What time did he leave?" James cut her off. 'Nick is so irresponsible!...'

"I'm not sure, I think around 3am." She tried remembering. Her eyes are at the sky, actually ceiling. Did it help her?

James shook his head in disappointment, "He was drunk right?" He didn't need to be told but he just asked.

Claire nodded slowly.

"Darn it!" He slammed his desk, "Just leave." He pointed at the door.

Claire knew best not to speak further. She left like she never came.

He always feels angry if Nick disgraces his personality in front of people. He knew what disasters could happen if Nick mistakenly got drunk and voluntarily blamed himself.

"Maybe leaving early last night was a bad idea..." He murmured tapping the desk with the tip of his ring finger unconsciously.

His phone beeped. 'Speak of the devil....' James smirked looking at the screen.

"Where are you?" He asked.

"I am so tired. My stomach aches, it is like my head will fall out." Nick replied instead.

From the background noise, James knew he was yawning and probably at home.

That was a good thing.

"How much did you drink?"

"Just a little."

"Yeah, just a little." James mimicked. 'Nick is such a liar'.

"You better get here before I fire you. Mr Clinton shouldn't hear you are late."

"Who cares about him?" Nick sounded nonchalant as he rolled on his bed playfully.

"Remember he's the one who reunited us. He has a say."

"Shit! I will have to live with that all my life. He is the reason I have a job today," Nick murmured reasonably.

"He will complain. You don't want to get scolded. What if he hears you were flexing in Africa for 3 years?" James scared him.

"Please save my ass. That would be embarrassing." Nick jumped out of the bed.

"You are lucky I'm your boss. I really deserve a treat." James laughed.

"Alright, fine. This evening. I promise." Nick surrendered.

"Better. Just get here already! We have a meeting by 2." He laughed.

"See you in 3 hours."

"3 hours? You gotta be kidding me! 30 minutes late and you are busted."

Nick sighed at the other end.

Two hours later....

Mr. Clinton pulled open the door and frowned on not sighting Nick.

"Nick isn't here yet. Why?"

"I'm the boss here, remember? You don't question me." James defended buying Nick some time.

"You are a rude brat. Your dad wasn't like this." Clinton commented, taking a seat.

Mr. Clinton had his own business but did always check up on James regularly. He was always there being supportive.

"Don't bring my dad in this." James warned with a glare.

"That bastard! Are the men here already?" Clinton asked, ignoring his warning. James could be rude if he wishes too.

"Not yet." James replied looking through some files.

The door opened with Nick entering.

He froze on sighting Mr Clinton.

Clinton shook his head with disappointment written all over his face. "You have a nice boss, thank your stars."

One hour, thirty minutes later....

James found the proposed contract promising, so he sealed the deal by planting his signatures on the papers. It was a joyous moment and both parties were indeed satisfied as they looked forward to a cooperative business.

He shook hands with them before they left.

Mr Clinton was proud. He knew James was smart even though it was hard training him since he was stubborn just like his late father.

He also had to leave after his daughter called.

"Send my greetings," James told him.

Mr Clinton turned as he nodded, a smile on his lip. "Alright"

Nick stared at him, shaking his head profusely, "Don't give her hope if you won't date her."

"It is just a mere greeting, she isn't stupid to think more out of it...she is just my friend," James said as he put on his suit jacket.

"Suzanne will, James. I just hope things don't get bad for you two." Nick looked concerned as he warned him.

"Here you go again. We have talked about this.... Okay why don't you date her? She is your friend too." James smirked.

"Really? That's what you have to say?..me?..her? Your Godfather would kill me. He thinks I'm a flirt." Nick's reaction was hilarious and James couldn't stop laughing.

He opened the door. Nick followed.

"Mr. Clinton doesn't think of you as a flirt, he knows you are." James reminded him, his lips curving into a smirk.

"Thanks for making it obvious." Nick replied in a provocative tone, slamming the door behind him. "But at least you should think of dating again. I know Lisa hurt you but..." Nick, advised .

"Don't mention her name. She's as good as dead." James replied in annoyance.

They were in his private garage now and they entered one of his cars.

"It's been 2 years or is it 3 years already? Haven't you even moved on?" Nick asked, perplexed.

"I just don't want to date. It's simple and easy. At least for the next 4 years." He replied, turning on the engine.

Nick was shocked at his response. He himself wouldn't try that. Never! "James you are 25, in the next four years...29, you must be kidding!!!"

"I'm not. Where did you make reservations again?" He was becoming uncomfortable with the series of questions so he changed the topic with his focus on the road.

"No reservations. We're going clubbing." Nick replied with a grin as he sank on the seat.

"Clubbing?" James pressed the Brake at once. He wasn't expecting that.

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