A Man Living in the Countryside Would Fly Up to Heaven at Daytime Book

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A Man Living in the Countryside Would Fly Up to Heaven at Daytime

the Fiery Passionate Kid

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"Su Yu was tired of the high life in the city. He quit his job and went back to the countryside. He linked himself to a webcast system focusing on country life. He would livestream his carefree country life every day. Growing flowers, walking his dog, and raising a giant white snake. Life was good. However, as time went by, his audience found him to be an unusual network anchor. Fighting against tigers barehandedly. Pulling up trees hit by lightning. He even livestreamed how he conquered a group of robbers through the fire magic. His audience asked, ""Anchor, be honest with us. Are you cultivating behind our back?"" Su Yu answered, ""Of course not. Cultivation is only an illusion. How could it be real? Have some faith in the science, please!"" The audience went on, ""So, could you explain what happened to your yellow dog and white snake?"" Su Yu looked back. Not until then did he find his yellow dog had suddenly learnt to float in the air. It was right in the air at this moment. As to that white snake, it had started to shed its skin, and dragon horns and limbs were growing out. Su Yu said, ""Okay, believe me. I will find a scientific explanation for this!"" The audience said, ""Forget about that for now. Look at the thunder clouds over your head. Why don't you just admit you are going through a calamity? Don't claim it is a thundershower to lie to us. How come the lightning over your house is golden?"" Su Yu was embarrassed. He did not expect his audience to find his secret out. Since they had found it out, Su Yu would stop pretending. ""That is right. I am a cultivator. I have come clean!"" Then, in the face of the whole world, Su Yu went through the thunder calamity successfully and flew up to heaven at daytime! "