A Love to last

Author: DaoistvJkYMn
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What is A Love to last

Read ‘A Love to last’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistvJkYMn, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Marguerite is oblivious as she folds Arthmael's body into beautiful silhouettes. Following the familiar choreography, she dances relentlessly. Grand Jete! Penche! followed by a series of graceful pas de chats. All concatenated in front of the enthralled emperor. When the music reaches the outro in a full stop, Marguerite falls gracefully on the floor in a pose. She stays there and waits for the king to tell her she can leave. She stays on the ground for a long time but hears nothing from him. Wondering if she did anything wrong, she wants to lift her head to look at the king's face, but quickly remembers the warning he gave her. If she disrespects him any further, who knows what he might do to her. She suddenly feels her chin being lifted, her eyes meet the hazels of Demian. She forgets to breathe and falls from her pose onto the floor. She doesn't have time to regain her senses before two strong arms lift her off the floor. She is about to question him on his weird behaviour when her mouth is suddenly covered by his in a kiss. ------------------------------------------------- Marguerite is very talented. She has a beautiful voice, a great passion for music and various talents in the arts. Unfortunately, her bright future gets compromised when she is forced to leave her world to fulfill the wish of someone else. Marguerite wanting to go home as soon as possible, accepts. However things turn out quite unexpected for her. The cover belongs to the rightful owner. If you are the owner of the art and want me to take it down, DM me on discord burlesque_dancer#2837

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