1 Chapter One

Alex banged the car door angrily , he turned on the ignition and put on the air-conditioner, letting the cold air blast his face. His production crew was getting on his nerves, he couldn't even recall the number of times he had to shout ‘cut’ in producing just a scene. He clearly made a huge mistake in letting the producer be in charge of the cast. If it wasn't for the annual fund raising party his parents hosted, he wouldn't even be in this mess.

He took in a deep breath, trying to calm his temper. He was done with work for the day. Right now, he didn't have the energy to scream at the nuisance caused by the crew members, besides it was already getting late. Like the crew members were his only problem. He wondered where on earth Francis had picked such a bunch of amateurs who posed as actors, when he specifically asked for top-notch actors for the film. Now everyone was going to see him as a joke. His career was on the line and all he thought about was how to redeem it. The more he thought about the film, the more upset he got. Good thing the party was today, he will surely return to the set fully prepared with no distractions or whatsoever. He just had to make sure he was done with the stupid party once and for all.

Stepping on the accelerator, he drove out of the car park towards his apartment.

With the speed of light, he dashed towards the elevator.

“Shit”, he cursed, realizing he was already getting late. He quickly discarded his suit on the couch. Undoing his shirt buttons, he quickly walked to his room. Finally done with the buttons, he flung the shirt on the bed. He quickly took off his trouser and dashed into his ensuite. He was clearly enjoying the cold shower but had to cut it short because of the party. Wasting no time, he quickly put on a black shirt, with plain black trousers and perfect matching shoes. He left the first two buttons undone, showing off the outline of his perfectly toned chest. Grabbing a blue-colored blazer, he threw it on his shoulder and left the apartment. He couldn't afford to be late, if not for anything, he wasn't ready for his mother’s temper. Her OCD made her love for perfection annoyingly canal. It was one of the traits he knew he took after his mother. But sometimes he couldn't help but wonder if she had it bad. Her temper and tantrums were things he couldn't just contend with. Yet another trait she willingly transferred to him, minus the tantrums part of course, they were both hot-blooded, making it difficult for them to have a decent conversation that wouldn't end with an argument. He drove through the security overseeing the main entrance and made his way to the mansion that stood in the middle of the huge compound.

“Mother,” he greeted, kissing both cheeks of his mother. As usual, she was dressed in an elegant dress, probably made by an Italian designer. Her hair was held up in a bun, with loose curls cascading down the sides of her face. Her faces glowed, beat up in light makeup, no trace of wrinkles on it. She did take her botox and spa sessions really seriously after all.

She gave him a disapproving look. “You’re almost late Alexander.” That’s right, she always addressed him by his full name.

He plastered his million-dollar smile on his face. “But I’m not, mother.” She gave him an apprehended look but the smile on her face gave her away. Even his mother wasn't immune to his charms.

“Did I mention, you look absolutely stunning tonight?”

She blushed at the compliment, giving him a huge smile. “No, you didn't.” Alex straightened his blazer and dipped his head in a bow, in a formal way. “Then I must confess, you look absolutely breathtaking,” he said in faux English accent.

“Why, thank you,” she curtsied, smiling. He shook his head amused. It was times like this that he doubted if they were born enemies.

“Your father is waiting for you”, she told him stepping aside.

“Please,” he gestured, placing his hand on the small of her back, letting her guide him. The house was packed with party guests, all dressed in extravagant suits and gowns. He tried to avoid interactions with people by giving a curt nod in acknowledgment or avoiding eye contact.

“Alexander,” a voice called out behind him. A voice he knew too well. Turning around, he forced a smile.

“Mister Marshal”, he greeted stretching out his hand for a handshake. Mr. Marshal gave his hand a firm shake, locking it in a vice grip. Alex tried not to flinch.

“It’s a pleasure seeing you here,” Mr. Marshal said. Alex stared down at the stout man in front of him. Grey hair already lining the front of his hairline. He wondered how someone would look so alike to a cartoon character.

“You too Mr marshal.”

“You look lovely Olivia,” Mr. Marshal said acknowledging his mother. Olivia gave him a polite smile. “Thank you Robert. I must say, you don’t look so bad yourself”.

Mr. Marshal laughed briefly. “Maria is doing a good job of taking care of me as you also take care of James.”

Olivia giggled, “he’s been the one taking care of me, I must confess.” “You’re so modest. But you know it’s true,” Mr. Marshal replied. Alex almost rolled his eyes at their conversation.

“Mr Marshal,” a man called out before his mother could reply. Boy, was he glad for the interruption.

“Mr. Corono,” Mr. Marshal said in reply.

Alex took that as a clue to leave. “If you’d excuse us.”

Mr. Marshal nodded his head, patting Alex on his back. Alex quickly walked ahead, not bothering to greet the other man whatever his name was.

He stooped low to whisper to his mother. “For some reason that man gets me on the edge.”

“That’s because you’re refusing to fulfill an old man’s wish.”

Alex stared down at his mother surprised. “Who’s side are on you woman?”

Olivia patted his back, laughing. “I’m always on your side, son. But a little advice, look for a way to get him off your back without breaking your bones.”

He stared at her unbelievably. He wasn't going to jeopardize anything just to please an old man.

“Very funny. But you know that won’t happen.” “It’s your call Alexander.”

He snorted. She can keep her advice to herself. He spotted his father with a group of men laughing.

“Father,” he greeted when he got to where they were. “Alex,” his father patted him on his back.

“How are you?” He asked of his father.

“Other than the old age creeping in, I’m fine.” His father replied gaining a laugh from his folks.

“Aren’t we all getting older by the day,” Alex said sarcastically. The men around nodded their heads.

 “Gentlemen,” his father addressed his associates, “this is my eldest son Alexander.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” a lanky man said. “So do I Sir,” Alex replied.

“Please call me Colonel,” the man said offering his hand. Alex shook his hand. “Yes Colonel Sir.”

“This is Mr. Connor. The chairman of Perkins Group.”

 “It’s a pleasure Sir to meet you,” Alex said already tired of the introductions.

“Same here son. It’s good to see that James here is leaving his company in capable hands,” Mr. Connor said smiling. He stole a glance at his father and saw him wear a proud look.

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