35 Chapter 29: Road to War II

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When Kazi had been spotted by the enemy, he moved behind the next tree closest to him and used shadow faint to go behind her. Once in position, he took out some throwing knives which he aimed at his enemy and then sent flying. He made sure to keep their distance from the ground low enough that they couldn't be avoided by simply bending down. Of course, if the enemy was to dodge by moving to the side, the entire plan would be foiled, but he could only come up with this on the go and hoped it worked.

Luckily she didn't move to the side and jumped up, which she then had to face his fame bullet technique that he sent following the knives.

After doing so, he used shadow faint to appear behind her again and without wasting time, he pulled out his blade in one breath while also activating the wind blade slash technique, he slashed towards her, sending a 1.5 metres wide crescent shaped condensed wind blade towards her. In the end, his gamble paid off and he caught his first kill in the war.

Seeing that she was dead, after all, she was split into two halves, Kazi used the shadow faint technique to move away from there and towards another enemy.

He could sense Linx going at it with one of them, and the other two were heading towards their direction. Kazi thought of using the same technique he just used against his first opponent, so he threw some throwing knives after reaching a clear distance, and then behind those he hid the flame bullets, using shadow faint, he went behind them. Both of them blocked the attacks easily and dodged the flame bullet, but then Kazi appeared from their backs again and used the wind blade slash in a horizontal manner. 

One of the men jumped forward and raised both his hands into the air above his head, creating a wall of water before him and his teammate that came out of nowhere from ground up at about three metres and wide enough to cover themselves.

'That won't do!' The other man who hadn't used any techniques seemed to realise something and immediately jumped up, out of the way. The one who still had his hands up had a look of surprise when the wind blade came cutting through the wall of water and through his torso.

The one who had jumped up didn't waste time looking at his teammate who had been killed, instead he stretched both hands in front of him as a huge fireball formed slowly and became the size of small car before launching it towards Kazi who seemed to soon be buried under the huge ball of fire.

'This fireball is big, is this even still a ball?' Kazi didn't panic, because this was not a bad situation as he had already thought of how to use it to his advantage. 

As the ball of fire got closer and his figure obscured, the man who used the technique fell back o the ground, pulling his own sword while he did. The sword had both edges sharpened, as most swords, but this one had a kind of wideness to it that only increased towards the tip.

It was clear that the one he was facing was a kid, so he wasn't expecting him to even survive this attack. 'Stupid kid, got lucky.'

Kazi stretched one hand forward, and then used the technique gush of wind to blow the fire ball back, causing the fireball to be sent back like fire from a flamethrower.

'This is also possible, fan the flames to increase intensity, hehe... then.'

"WHAT??" The saw the fire being redirected back towards him, so he quickly covered himself with his ora which had fire attribute, so the fire didn't have any effect on him as it passed by, not even the heat was felt. Well, that was the same for Kazi, he had already learnt this trick.

*Stab *thrust

While amidst the fire, the man felt a sharp pain through his chest and through his heart just before his feet touched the ground. He was sure that the kid had another teammate who helped him, he was careless.

When his body touched ground and the fire had dissipated, he turned to look at who had stabbed him, but it was the same person he had been facing all along, it was Kazi. 

Seeing Kazi, the man made a movement to swing his sword, but Kazi had already thought of that, so he acted first and made a quick and precise swipe towards the man's neck. As the man's eyes widen in shock, Kazi saw himself in the man's eyes, and at that moment, he saw himself in the man's place with his own neck sliced... He quickly snapped out of it after the man's body hit the ground, dead.

'What was that? Thought I was already used to it...' After all this was not his first time taking a life. It must be the fear of death that caused it, he thought, after all the feeling war gave was different from regular missions, besides, they hadn't been on an A rank or S rank mission.

After he was done, he left that area and headed to where Linx was, and it would seem that Koro had joined him and they had killed the enemy.

"We're done here, let's moved to the others quickly." Linx said.

'You think with this speed the others wouldn't have moved to you instead?' Kazi thought to himself before revealing to them that he had taken care of the other two. They were shocked to hear this, and even Koro couldn't react in his usual high energy manner, he was bamboozled, and for the right reasons.

Due to the quick reaction of the three members of Dragon Tooth squad, there were no casualties in their entire unit, and their unit commander didn't have to step in to help, they would certainly be receiving special recommendation from their unit leader, so he said.

'How is being specially recommended for possible death anything good? Are these people retarded? Trying to brainwash me, no way I'm dying for anything...'

After the whole fight, Kazi found out that he had used quite the bit of energy and his ora reserve had dropped by about 35%. He had a technique to cultivate it to recover faster, so he did that when it was time to camp. The technique he knew was a low level one, but it was nothing to bring shame, most of these kind of techniques were like this, even the top clans couldn't teach a high level one, it was said to be lost a long time ago, during the time of the ancestors which was the golden times.

After that incident, there were no other such occurrences, at least not with their unit. After they arrived in camp, they heard of such attacks on other units, theirs was only lucky since they acted first and they had to face only four enemy sutori. In other units, some people had even died while one of the units lost their captain who was also a second class sutori.

"He will be remembered as a hero." Someone said.

'Hmph, sure...'

Even before they had the chance to head to their tents, Daru appeared, he seemed o have been expecting them. It wasn't surprising, after all the captains of each unit would send regular reports several times daily, so they naturally could keep tabs on those travelling units to make sure that nothing had happened to them.

"You three, come with me." He said right away. Lanira and Ann were already with him, so without any questions, the three boys followed.

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