16 Chapter 14 - Familiar Faces

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"Yes indeed!" The student replied in equal excitement. "We now have commercial airplanes, and much more developed automobiles. We even have a newer invention called the personal computer!"

Taking a look at the young woman, Khan took in her features as she explained the inventions excitedly. A light complexion common for England, she had bright brown eyes, framed by a long mane of bushy brown hair cascading down her back. Noting that her front teeth appeared rather large, Khan noted that she reminded him of Cressida Blume, the nerdy Gryffindor from his time, but without the round glasses.

"We?" He asked the unnamed student. "Are you perhaps a muggle born witch?"

Taking in her appearance, she appeared to be wearing a blue sort of trousers, paired with a red 1/2 robe of some sort (jeans and a red hoody lol).

"Oh yes! My parents are muggles and they work as dentists! I grew up not even knowing of magic, until I received my Hogwarts letter. Not to say that I never performed accidental magic as a child. Its just my parents and I never realized what it was." The girl rambled on excitedly.

"Dentists?" Khan inquired confusedly.

"Muggle teeth mediwitches/wizards, would probably be the most apt analogy." The young woman responded. "They essentially heal a person's teeth, through muggle medical means."

Khan was amazed at the young woman's description of her parent's job. It seemed the muggles were quite advanced with their medical technology as well.

Shaking his head of his thoughts, he held out his hand in introduction.

"Where are my manners?" He commented warmly. "My apologies for my previous rude behavior. My name is Jordan Khan. I am delighted to make your acquaintance."

"Oh no apologies necessary. It was my fault. I can understand how that may have initially come across." She smiled as she shook his hand in greeting. "I for one, am glad that you appear so protecting of muggle-borns. My name is Hermione Granger. Soon to be 4th year student at Hogwarts."

"Very nice to meet you Hermione. I am...." He faded off.

He didn't know his current student status. He hadn't taken his O.W.Ls after all, not to mention, not even completing a full year at Hogwarts.

"I WAS a previous student at Hogwarts, but was unavailable for a period of time due to a magical accident. However, I have recovered, and I believe I will be joining you, come September, at the school. I am sure there will be much to catch up on, if muggle technology is any indication." He corrected himself, noting that he should speak with the headmaster about his current status.

"Oh how exciting! You know there are quite a few instances of students joining Hogwarts in their upper years." Hermione began lecturing Khan. "I recently read about a student who joined Hogwarts in his 5th year in the late 1800s. Professor Binns was lecturing about the Goblin Rebellion and uprising of 1891-1892, and mentioned that same student who joined late, was quite important during the ensuing battles against the goblins."

"If a brand new student can make a difference during such an important historical event, who is to say that you cannot as well in the future?" Hermione with her Gryffindor bravery on display, comforted Khan.

Khan meanwhile was rather amused with her statement.

It seemed she was talking about him unknowingly.

"Ms. Granger." McGonagall interrupts the two of them. "I would expect to meet you here."

"Professor!" Hermione greets her favorite professor. "What are you doing here?"

"Accompanying a new student to settle his affairs." She motioned to Khan. "I see the two of you have met."

"Hermione here is the brightest witch of her age, and a brave cub of my house." She bragged about Hermione proudly to Khan.

"I still think she should've been a Ravenclaw!" Squeaked Flitwick.

Blushing at the praise from her two favorite professors, Hermione stared at Khan, as her professors continued to introduce the two of them.

"And this is Jordan Khan, the recently awakened student hero from the battle of Hogwarts of 1891." Squeaked Flitwick in equal pride at his student, being the head of Ravenclaw himself.

Hermione was shocked with the revelation. Wasn't she just talking about that same student who started Hogwarts in his later years?

How could she have known she was comforting that same student?

Wait..... Didn't that also mean he was older than Dumbledore?

Hermione's head was immediately with a million questions, before she was interrupted by her head of house.

"Mr. Khan has awakened from a magical coma, suffered during that battle. As such, he is still acclimatizing himself to the times and requires aide." McGonagall explained professionally to her favorite student. "It is our jobs as Deputy headmistress and his Head of House respectively, to help him readapt to current society."

"I wouldn't mind helping him catch up about the Muggle side of things, professor!" Hermione excitedly stated.

Always eager to help, especially her two favorite teachers, Hermione was excited to get to know her new friend.

A historical figure from she had read about! Heard and learned about from Professor Binns! And unlike the fairy tales like those written about her best friend Harry Potter, these were real historical facts!

Professor Flitwick being his head of house would indicate he is a Ravenclaw, a seeker of knowledge said to be equal to her own at times.

Not to mention, he gave her a great first impression, leaping to the defense of muggle-borns..... even if it was against herself.

Needless to say, Hermione was extremely excited to get to know Khan, and leapt at the first chance she saw, to get closer to him.

"That is a great idea young lady!" McGonagall praised Hermione proudly. "Perhaps some tutoring could be arranged for the remainder of the summer."

"Actually Professor," Hermione replied hesitantly. She hated disappointing her professors. "I am here in Diagon alley with my Parents to meet the Weasleys. I am going to stay with them for the remainder of the summer, as they invited Harry and I to the World Cup. I just stopped by in here to grab a new book to bring to their house."

Khan perked up as her heard the name 'Weasley'.

'I wonder if they are Professor Weasley's descendants. Or Garreth's?' Fondly thinking of the stark contrast between the two relatives. Garreth did show him a secret passage he used quite frequently, to sneak off to Hogsmeade.

Khan's memories were interrupted by Flitwick responding to Hermione.

"Oh thats right! I completely forgot about the World Cup with all the excitement today!" He squeaked with glee. Today had been quite the busy day.

"Perhaps at school." McGonagall followed up professionally. "Come along then. We shall accompany you to greet your parents as well as Arthur and Molly."


The 4 of them made their way to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, where Hermione's parents were waiting for her and the Weasleys.

Approaching the shop, Khan noticed a rather large group of redheads, accosting 2 muggles. The tell-tale sign of the Weasleys on prominent display with their hair, Khan figured that the 2 muggles were Granger's parents.

Getting closer to the large group, they eventually overheard their conversation.

".....matic quill? With 3 different colored inks? How peculiar!"

The older redhead, who Khan assumed was the Head of House Weasley, was holding some sort of quill, with multicolored tips, asking the muggles details about its use.

Khan moved closer, as he too was interested in the muggle device.

"This is a ballpoint pen Arthur. It is a sort of automatic quill, so we don't have to dip it in ink." Mr. Granger (Who Khan assumed was Mr Granger anyways) patiently explained, pressing down on one of the colored tips. "This particular pen, has 3 different color inks. By pressing down here, it selects the color ink that this pen will use."

"How ingenious!" Khan who was close enough to hear the explanation, spoke aloud, impressed at display.

"This would completely eliminate the use for ink bottles! Imagine the uses! Just from portability alone!" Khan began to nerd out, at all the potential use cases this invention facilitated.

"Oh looky here Gred. Another nerd!"

"Hermione found her soulmate Forge!"

"They'd make the smartest babies Gred!"

"Better make your move soon Ronniekins."

"Or you might lose your chaaaaaance." the two twins finished in a sing-song fashion.

'These two remind me of Garreth." Khan thought to himself.

"Shut up!" Another Weasley (probably this 'Ronniekins' person Khan throught to himself) retorted to the twins.

Meanwhile, ignoring the twins, and blushing slightly with embarrassment, Hermione greeted the Weasleys and her parents.

"Mr and Mr Weasley!" Snapped McGonagall as she approached, more out of habit, than anything else. "Behave yourselves!"

The large group, fully took notice of the new-comers with McGonagall's outspoken lecture of Fred and George.

"Minerva! Filius! A pleasure to see you here!" Greeted Arthur. "I was just learning about this invention called a 'Pall-Boint Ben' from Mr Granger here while waiting for Hermione to return."

"Such a fascinating tool." Khan agreed with Arthur. "Muggles are quite ingenious."

"Oh they really are! So many interesting inventions, and without use of magic!" Arthur instantly liked the young man accompanying the two professors, finding a kindred soul, with their similar interests in muggle technology. "I have many muggle artifacts, being the head of the Ministry's Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. Perhaps you would be interested in studying them!"

Stunned by the kind offer towards a stranger, he realized he hadn't even introduced himself. 'What kind of Noble head of house are you Jordan? First with Hermione, now with the Weasleys? How could you forget about basic manners? Get your head out of your ass!'

Performing an extravagant bow, remembering his etiquette lessons, Khan apologized. "I may take you up on such a kind offer sometime in the near future! I, Jordan Khan, Head of House Khan, am in your debt."

With how much Professor Weasley had done for him, with the RoR and his Field Guide, he vowed to himself, to at the very least, pay back her relatives.

"Well, don't let us keep you from your business!" Arthur continued. "We are here today to pick up young Hermione, and tomorrow we shall be heading to pick up young Harry before heading out for the Quidditch World Cup."

"Why don't you join us?" Hermione blurted out, without thinking.

"Is that appropriate?" Khan asked. He had just met everyone, and they were already inviting him to stay?

"Oh yes! Any friend of Hermione, is a friend of ours! Molly won't mind at all!" Arthur was eagerly looking forward to studying muggle technology with Jordan Khan.

"I do believe you should take advantage of this invitation Mr Khan." Squeaked Flitwick in advice. "Arthur here is a leading researcher in muggle research, and Hermione is Muggle-born. Not to mention, the World Cup takes place in a muggle location known as a 'Campsite'. You will learn a lot more with them, than staying with us in Hogwarts."

"Very well, I accept." Taking out his wand, Khan made a magical vow, to the surprise of everyone present. "I owe Professor Weasley a lot, and now it seems I am in debt to her relatives. Hence, The Noble and Ancient Khan Family will be allied to the Weasley family, from this day forth. I can only hope to someday provide as much assistance and kindness, as the Weasley family has shown me. So mote it be!"

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