1 New beginnings

Endless white, would be the best way of describing my surroundings, all I could see was white. Is there anything wrong with that? No, it just that i can't remember what got me here, One minute I was with my brother on the school rooftop talking about whatever floats his girlfriends boat and the next thing i know is I'm, well...here. All of a sudden a mahogany office desk with two leather chairs either side appear, an ethereal grey mist is formed on the chair behind the desk revealing...Morgan freeman in a white suit. "Sit my boy, we need to have a chat" ooh his voice can rival that of david attenborough, but I digress and do as he says, sitting opposite him, we stare at each other in a strangely comforting silence until I finally have enough.

"So would you like to tell me what's going on?" I ask in calm but subtly pleading 'please tell me wtf is going on' kinda way.

"I'm sorry my boy but an unforeseen event happened and you finished your life, quite a bit earlier than planned" 'fuuuuck, what? How? Why? what did I do wrong and most importantly if I'm dead then, how am I seeing this?'

Morgan freeman notices my inner turmoil and warmly smiles, continuing" I know it's quite a bit to take in, but due to countermeasures I have taken you aren't going into shock at this revelation. In short what I am offering you is a chance at a second life, you will not be able to go back into your previous world as that would be going against the laws of infinity. You will; however, be able to have 3 wishes that I will allow you to use in order for you to better your chances of survival in a new world, you catch my drift?"

'Oh wait a minute, this is like all those novels and shitty manga's i read. I can use this to my advantage, well it was one of my wishes in the first place for this to happen if I died, might as well use it'. I contemplate my 3 wishes for a moment until coming to the conclusion that I should ask about restrictions and if I get to chose my world out of my 3 wishes, Freeman continues to stare at me for a moment.

"Well that is a wonderful question you ask my boy, not many do that, well to begin with not many should be in the place you are in the first place, so let me explain. Your choice of world is counted as one of your 3 wishes and the same can be said about keeping memories of your past life, so unless you wish to be in a random world without knowledge of it and without any advantages of being able to recognise said world, I would say that you still have 3 wishes but you yourself know that is not true." He smiles at me knowingly of my thought process.

"Can't you simply extract the answer from my thoughts, you are a god after all"

"I could do that indeed, but it infringes upon your privacy so I tend to avoid such things"

I ponder upon his words for a moment, processing what he said. ' So he offers me three but I only have one wish I can use to my full advantage. I need my memories so I'm obviously going to lose one wish. For world's I always enjoyed the aspects of traversing galaxies and magic, so star wars is and no brainer but I need to have an advantage over the space wizards and the wrinkly nonce'.

"I would like to keep my memories, I choose Star Wars as my chosen world. For my final wish I want my race to be that of a kryptonian"

"Good choices if I do say so myself, there will be some minor implications to balance out your final choice but nonetheless, all we have left is for your choice of appearance" God, brings out a tablet from his desk and hands it to me, it displays an avatar of a humanoid with customisable options. I choose to keep my hair and eye type the same as my previous life, a handsome face with an athletic body at around 6'2. My final product shows a man around 18 with an athletic build at 6'2 with dark brown curly hair and light blue/almost silver eyes.

"I'm done with this part so when do we start?" I ask trying to hide my excitement.

Morgan freeman lifts his right arm and snaps his fingers "Now".

And my vision Darkens.


I open my eyes to see myself In a cylindrical tube about 3 metres high and around 2 metres in diameter, filled with blue liquid, I notice that I'm connected to some sort of breathing apparatus and my body feels... weak, unusually so, I attempt to move my head to see where I am, noticing I can't even do that I come to a conclusion 'that fucker made me a baby again, I mean I should've seen it coming but it still feels shit'

I hear muffled speech from outside the tube.

"But Zod, he is a child of krypton and most importantly a child from house zod, he cannot be sent away" a stern feminin voice says.

"I know Ursa, but if disposing of the council fails and if Jor-el is correct then the child has nothing here, we must send him aways as a countermeasure, if we succeed then we will simply retrieve him from whatever backwater planet that he is residing on." a militaristic masculine voice responds.

'wait, zod!?'

"Fine, you win zod, I have no doubt of this child's success, he is the epitome of krypton's genetic modification, he will grow to have an enhanced physique, heightened intelligence and greater absorption of yellow sun energy that you speak of so highly."

"Your doubts of the energy we absorb from the sun is simply because the battles you have fought for krypton were not with the sun, I swear to Rao that you will see him become the greatest kryptonian in military history."

The blurred silhouettes turn to face that tank that i'm suspended in.

"it's time" they both say, walking towards something that looks like a console, they press several buttons, Ursa approaches the tube as the liquid begins to drain. A segment of the tube opens, as Ursa reaches out and lifts me, she removes the breathing apparatus and wraps me into a silver cloth with the zod insignia, carrying me towards a ship that looked like a squid's head. She looks down to me in her arms and mutters "not even crying, as expected of one born into our house".

The top of the ship slithers apart like melting lava and reveals a small capsule that could fit an infant inside, Ursa places me down in what i assumed to be a cradle of some sorts and attaches a tube to my arm, pricking me. I begin to cry, not just because of the pain from the needle in my arm, but because of reflecting on what got me to this moment and wondering what happened to my family. ' I hope you can forgive me, for not being there when you need me' I think to myself as my consciousness fades.

(POV 3rd Person)

Ursa finishes attaching the feeding tube to the child and presses a button inside the cockpit, the opening is slowly rebuilt covering where her child was, she takes one last look at the capsule and turns around. Leaving the launch bay, Ursa approaches Zod, who is preparing the launch sequence and the navigation to a planet with the primary inhabitants resembling kryptonians, for precautions if the child needs to infiltrate their native society. Finalising the results the countdown sequence is initiated, Zod and Ursa watch in anticipation as the ship containing their child is rotated at a 90 degree angle, facing the opening in the ceiling that reveals krypton's red skies. Ursa asks "My love, are you sure this is the right choice?"

To which Zod replies in a stoic voice, his vision remains lingering on the screen displaying the pod "if our choice was wrong then he will not be affected by it, I have installed memory crystals within our modified version of house El's portable fortress as a failsafe that both we, and krypton, fall"

The ship is displayed on the screen traversing the outer layer of Krypton's atmosphere, navigating the asteroid field of the local solar system and finally reaching a safe distance from krypton in the event of planetary collapse.

Zod and Ursa turn to leave but are interrupted when warning sirens are sounded from the console, their rapidly turn to see the ship containing their son colliding with stray debris from a kryptonian ship and altering its course into a wormhole, the pair immediately rush to find a solution, only to find that they are too late, the ship entered the wormhole.

When the couple share several minutes mourning their son, they are interrupted by the sound of rumbling and earthquakes, signifying the end of krypton.


-Unknown amount of time passed

I open my eyes to see a yellow planet and two suns in the distance, my vessel begins to slow its speed approaching the planet, I notice several sparks appearing in intervals within the cockpit, praying to morgan freeman that I don't get fried alive. Upon entering the atmosphere my ship begins to rattle, the front of the ship sets ablaze like a fire in a brewery. I brace myself the same way any baby can, by closing my eyes, the ship continues to rattle until it finally hits the planets surface, with such force that it pushes me to the edge of blacking out.

My vision is blurred looking at the two setting suns in the distance and a figure with a cloak approaching me, it inspects my ship for a moment before looking at me, visibly shocked it backs away with a gasp "A CHILD?" sounds like a young Ewan Mcgregor, the figure approaches me once more, lifting me up and whispering"don't worry, you're safe now" finally succumbing to my blunt force trauma, I fall unconscious.

(POV unknown)

I lift the child wrapped in a strangely luxurious cape of some sorts, holding it to my chest, I walk towards the naboo royal starship, my master and I sensed a small ripple in the force, my master told me to find the source while he watches a boy participate in a pod-race for us to gain enough money for a new hyperdrive. I see nothing within him and this entire endeavor is but a waste of time; however, as a padawan I must not go against my master's wishes if I am to become a Jedi knight.

I board the ship and am immediately greeted by the members of the queens guard and a few handmaidens. The queen approached me with a raised eyebrow and asked "what is in your arms young padawan?" to which I unwrapped the cloth, revealing a naked baby with small bruises on its arms, legs and chest, attached to its neck was a plain black leather necklace with a translucent grey crystal attached. I didn't notice the bruises until now and began inspecting them until I heard several gasps and a handmaiden grabbed him from my arms rushing to the medical bay. I chuckled inwardly, thinking that If people in this galaxy were as compassionate as her, that we wouldn't have been in this situation, but the thought quickly passes as I'm simply not naive enough to believe such a thing.

4 hours later

We were leaving this planets orbit in order to travel to Coruscant for reinforcements, my master was meditating, before he began he said "We are facing a far greater threat than the council believed, the Sith continue to live", the word sith meant one thing for the Jedi, it meant that turmoil would soon find root in the galaxy.

The young boy named Skywalker seems to have taken a liking towards the baby, the same can be said about a young girl named padmé. The two seem to get along, I savour this moment as I feel a dark premonition from the force, warning me of the coming times.

-Timeskip 10 hours

(POV 3rd Person)

The ship arrived at the spaceport on Coruscant where the party were greeted by senator Palpatine of Naboo, the group decided to split up with the Jedi leaving towards the Temple with young skywalker and the baby.

When inside the temple, Skywalker went with padawan Kenobi for a tour of the temple, while Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn went to the High Council to inform them of the return of the sith with the child. The Council was deeply troubled by Jinn's revelation but nonetheless began preparing countermeasures for the emergence of the sith. One councilmember who resembled a green troll asked with some curiosity "Sense great power, I do. Dormant, it is. Of great importance, the child is?" Qui-gon proceeded to give a recollection of how he sensed a ripple in the force and sent his padawan to find out what it was, leading to him in this moment. The council were intrigued by these turn of events and decided to test the child's midichlorian count. When the Council finished measuring the child's potential, they were slightly disappointed with it being in the lower side of Jedi at 7000 midi-chlorians ;however, an orange Kel dorian with a mask spoke up saying "Even if the young one cannot be strong with force techniques, I believe he can still be raised with the ways of the Jedi, an ally is always welcomed." The council collectively nodded their heads.

"Correct, master Plo koon is. Teach him, we will" spoke the green troll. The council dismissed master Qui-gon and began discussing amongst themselves the most efficient way to teach the child. Eventually a bald man with dark skin raise in robes stood from his chair and announced "The child will need to focus on less uses of the force, I recommend we teach him ways to calm his mind, if we do that, we may have another master of lightsaber combat. The child will not succumb to emotions if trained thoroughly un the Jedi way." The council pondered in silence before accepting the proposition as the most suitable and disbanded.


Timeskip: 4 years

Coruscant, Jedi Temple

Inside a classroom consisting of many younglings, honing their skill using practice saber's, stood a child around 4'5. The child had a mature aura surrounding him when practicing his form with uncanny precision, He had shoulder length curly dark brown hair, fair skin and light blue/silver eyes. The green being in robes, known as Master Yoda slowly approached the child, he spoke in a sagely voice "Finished with class, we are. Free to leave, you are, young Kieron".

The boy stopped swinging his saber, looked at his surroundings of other younglings staring at him absentmindedly, before pressing a button on his saber, retracting it into its hilt. he then looked at Master Yoda before saying in a, calm youthful voice.

"Thank you master. But I'd like to ask if there's still no possibility of me leaving this planet for even a few days?"

"Not yet youngling. Too young, you are." he shakes his head and sighs

"But master, padawan Skywalker is able to leave the planet, wouldn't it be possible for me to do the same. I am at the same level with padawans concerning my lightsaber combat"

"Eager, you are. Ready for the dangers, you are not." He turns and leaves the room, leaving behind a youngling with a deadpan face surrounded by children with stars in their eyes.

Kieron huffs, and leaves the room. Navigating through the large corridors of the Jedi temple, he looks to be in deep thought.


'Master Yoda doesn't seem to understand me needs of a better sun yet, I am stronger than children by a large margin, matching physical levels of Jedi knights, I have some enhancements to my senses but due to Coruscant's high pollution levels and skylines, the sun barely has an effect on me...' I continue to walk through the Temple, searching for my room, not before passing by the landing bay and Overhearing a conversation that could prove beneficial for me.

"This is where the fun begins Master, brighten up a little bit" says an energetic adolescent voice .

"There is no fun in this Anakin, we have to help this race, they are already on the brink of extinction. Please take this seriously" Replies another voice.

"But Master, it has a tropical climate with two suns, one of them is even blue, it's not everyday you see such a thing."

"*sigh* Anakin just get on the ship, we're leaving." he finishes with a stern tone.

The two Jedi walk towards a transporter ship, and enter through the Cargo ramp.

'This might be my only chance to come for years, I can't lose this opportunity'

I stealthily traverse around several cargo boxes and inspectors, upon reaching the starship, I open one of the cargo boxes and enter.

I hear the ramp closing, the ship begins to rumble slightly, before taking off towards the space lanes. Leaving Coruscant airspace, the ship begins to slow, before immediately accelerating, to what I presume to be hyperspace.

'Like Skywalker said, this is where the fun begins'.

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