689 Watch This Dragon

Archer continued to watch the fights while talking to Kassandra and Halime about random things, but he was interrupted when Eveline was called up. The rabbit girl walked past the three of them and blew him a cheeky kiss as she made her way up to the stage.

He smirked and was about to say something, only to hear Kassandra question, in an amused tone, ''Do you flirt with every girl you see, lover?''

''No,'' Archer smiled at the black-haired girl. ''Just the girls I have interest in, Kass,'' he answered while slipping his arms around her and Halime's waists.

This caught both off guard, but they didn't stop him as they leaned into him. Archer turned his attention back to Eveline, who stretched her limbs while climbing the stairs. His gaze fixated on her, intense and longing.


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