694 They Are Attacking Kass

Archer looked at the Homeguards pushing the angry people back, which didn't stop him as he walked down the line of nobles, butchering them like pigs and taking their hearts before using Mana Manipulation to create crosses outside the town.

He turned toward Elara and spoke, ''Commander! Get some soldiers to crucify the bodies so people learn what will happen if they go against me and leave them there until they are just bones.''

When Elara heard his order, she gulped but agreed, ''Yes, Your Majesty.''

Afterward, he returned to the two girls watching him with smiles but soon noticed General Mohamet running up to them with a panicked expression. The older man stopped and caught his breath before talking, ''Your Majesty. We have a pirate fleet sailing toward the island from the north.''

Archer's eyebrow raised before questioning, ''How many ships, and how do you know this Mohamet?''


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