671 Promise Not To Judge Me (R18)

Archer watched as Teuila shed her dress, allowing it to cascade to the floor. Beneath, she revealed a set of light blue bra and panties, which she swiftly discarded, eliciting a broadening smile from Archer as he beheld her bare form.

His eyes widened as he saw Teuila standing before him, her nude form a mesmerizing sight. Her body was that of a warrior, sculpted and powerful yet still exuding undeniable femininity.

''Wow, Teuila, you're gorgeous,'' Archer spoke with a lewd smile.

After speaking, his eyes roamed down. Her curves were in all the right places, highlighted by the flickering mana light in the room, casting shadows that danced across her smooth brown skin.

Archer saw her large breasts sitting proudly on her chest, perfectly proportioned and inviting, drawing his gaze like a magnet. She had sexy dark brown nipples that poked out, which he wanted to suck while playing with her perfectly neat pussy that was dripping with love juices.


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