674 Homeguard Battalion

Mohamet nodded before Archer continued speaking, ''Now get one legion ready for combat and dispatch the others to start building stone fortresses in the locations I've marked on this crude map.''

Archer retrieved a map provided by Aisha and handed it to herMohamet. When he took it, he started observing the numerous markings; the old man questioned, "Why such a vast number, Your Majesty?"

"Each fortress is designed to accommodate twenty thousand soldiers, and considering our future army's size reaching into the millions, we will require as many strongholds as possible. I trust your years of training have prepared them for this task," Archer replied confidently.

''Yes, Your Majesty. You can take the First Legion while the other two will be assigned to build infrastructure across the kingdom and guard the sea walls once you've completed them,'' Mohamet nodded.

But the old man got a curious expression before asking, ''What will you be doing with the First?''


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