4 Goodbye For Now

Archer slammed the door closed, still holding Ella's hand. Looking at her face, he noticed it was red like an apple. He quickly apologized to her. ''Sorry about that. I didn't like him looking at you like that.''

Ella smiled. ''That's okay. I like this new side of you, to be honest.''

She then got a worried look on her face before asking. ''But what will you do?''

Thinking for a second. ''I read about the adventurer's guild allowing people to become adventurers at thirteen, so I think I'll become one and earn coins that way.''

Archer rubbed his chin before continuing. ''I can't stay here any longer. Yes, I lost the fight, but that was just an excuse for him to throw me out.''

He suddenly got a brilliant idea and asked. ''Hey, Ella, can you fight?''

She tilted her head before quickly nodding. ''Yes, my mother taught me archery and earth magic before we came to the Avalon Empire.''

Smiling as he heard her response. ''Then why don't you come with me? We can become adventurers and explore this world together.''

After hearing his offer, she looked sad. ''Arch, I can't. My mother signed a work contract, which runs out when I turn fifteen, so we must continue working for two more years.''

He got a sad look on his face at the thought of separating from her. The original Archer liked her a lot; the same feelings were passed onto him when their souls became one.

She smiled. ''But if you still want me to, I can come with you when I turn fifteen.''

Ella had a hopeful look on her cute face as if she wanted to go with him. But If she left now, her mother could get into trouble.

Archer was annoyed at first but cheered up when he heard her speak. ''Yes, that's perfect; I'll get you signed up as an adventurer when you're fifteen. However, you should study hard while you're here before I return for you.''

She nodded before getting ready to leave. ''I will, I promise you. I'll see you in the morning before you leave.''

"Goodnight, Arch," she said as she left the room.

Archer stood there, gazing at the closed door. Eventually, he sat at the table and reviewed all the spells and skills he had learned earlier.

[Spell Creation]

[Mana Regeneration]

[Void Blast]

[Cosmic Shield]

[Cosmic Sword]

Void Blast and Cosmic Sword are my attack spells, and Cosmic Shield is my defense spell. That's when Archer selected Spell Creation next.

[Spell Creation: Can create one new spell per rank]

He stared at the screen before him and decided he wanted to create something he remembered appearing in many web novels.

[Spell Creation activated]

Nothing happened while he sat at the table until he heard a click.

[Item Box skill created]

[Spell Creation: Cool-down activated until user ranks up]

He relaxed after creating a skill that will be very useful for years to come.

[Item Box: A skill that allows the user to store items in a pocket dimension that only the user has access to, and grows larger as the user levels up]

Archer got up and decided to work out before getting into bed: 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats. Once he finished, he didn't feel satisfied, so he repeated it three more times, leaving him out of breath.

His new body was not ready for such exertion, and he felt the ache settling in. His memories reminded him of the previous Archer, a bookworm who rarely ventured outside the library.

After the intense exercise, Archer crawled into bed, his body sore and tired. He quickly succumbed to a deep and restful sleep.


He opened his eyes as he heard someone screaming his name and mumbled. ''Alexa?''

That's when he realized he was dreaming. Archer was stood about ten meters from a scene he never wanted to see again. His eyes were fixed on that crazy stalker, Noah, who was stabbing him while saying something, but Archer couldn't hear it.

He could only read his lips. 'Only mine, Only mine.'

When the attack happened, he wasn't paying attention to the muttering but to the excruciating pain he felt. But witnessing it in the third person was a completely different experience.

His blood splattered everything and everyone around him. Alexa's screams and Noah's manic smile, seeing and hearing all this, broke his mind. When he woke up earlier today, he was too distracted to think about the attack.

It was only after he fell asleep that memories resurfaced. He woke up panicking while looking around, but he soon remembered where he was. Archer tried to relax but couldn't, so he exited the bed and stumbled over to the window before opening it.

The sun hadn't yet risen, but the breeze blowing against his skin felt relaxing. His mind reeled. The nightmare messed with him. But he felt something was different within him, and Archer knew something was changing.

But he ignored all the chaotic thoughts plaguing his mind. Archer jumped up on the window ledge and sat down to watch the city. A few birds flew past. He stretched his arms above his head and heard his back pop as he watched the city.

It was lively at this time of morning. Numerous carriages were in the plaza near Vassia's castle. He saw a market set up as people walked to and from work or adventurers taking quests while leaving the city.

After a while, he got off the window ledge when he finally calmed down. He put on a new shirt and pants while throwing the rest of his stuff into his Item box along with a knife.

Archer had only five pairs of black shirts and pants, which the Ashguards have given him since the incident. When he put them on, they were comfortable and made from linen. As he finished getting ready, he heard a knock on the door. ''Come in!''

The door opens, and he sees Ella walking in but notices she is lost in thought before speaking. ''Morning Arch, I brought you some food before you leave.''

She put a tray on the table with bacon and eggs heaped on it. Archer walked over to the table and sat down to eat.

He stuffed his face with the delicious breakfast and wondered what was wrong with the girl. ''What's wrong, Ella? You seem lost in thought.''

She shook her head before speaking. ''Arch, we won't see each other for years, but could you please try to write to me? I asked Butler Calluric if I could send letters to you through the guild, and he said they could.''

She looked embarrassed until Archer reassured her. ''It's okay, Ella, I was going to write to you anyway, so don't worry, I'll even come to visit you as much as possible.''

He finished the food before standing up and quickly approached her. That's when the scent of lavender hit his nose, which he loved. 'Smells wonderful.'

Archer thought inwardly as he looked into her sky-blue eyes. " Do you want to walk to the gate with me?"

Ella nodded with a small smile as they left the room, heading for the castle's gate. A sarcastic voice came behind them as they approached the exit. ''The weak don't belong here. I can't believe I gave birth to someone like you. You bring shame to all the Dragon-kin race.''

A tall woman with black hair, pointy ears like his, and blue eyes, with black horns above her ears. It was his mother, Larka Ashguard. She stared at him with a dirty look, and he thought to himself, 'I promise to prove you wrong one day and make you regret how you've treated me.'

He turned away, ignoring her comments, and exited the castle. Ten minutes later, they arrived at the castle entrance. The two came to a stop. Archer faced her. He shocked Ella by hugging her and whispering something in her ear that made her cheeks turn tomato red and her heartbeat racing.

''Goodbye, for now, Ella. I will see you soon.''

Archer pulled away and started turning to leave. She hesitated a little before running up to him and quickly pecked him on the cheek. Before bolting away like a scared cat, he laughed as he watched her run into the castle with bright red ears.

Archer entered the city and saw clean roads paved with smooth white stones. However, he continued to walk down the street while looking for the Adventurers Guild. Having no idea where it was, he saw a stall selling food.

He walked up to it and asked the man who was cooking. ''Excuse me, where is the guild?''

The man didn't spot Archer until he looked down and laughed. ''Hahaha, I didn't see you there, little man. How can I help you?''

''Do you know where the adventurers guild is?'' Archer asked again.

He rubbed his chin and pointed to the left. ''Head down that road, turn right when you reach an inn called The Lost Guild Master, then it's two minutes from there.''

After that, he thanked the man and walked in the direction the man pointed.

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