692 Elara Ravensong

Archer nodded to the captain before they left the Waystation after taking a tour and headed toward Drakonia. They strolled for some time until a town appeared on the horizon. Vast expanses of fertile farmland stretched before them, rolling gently under the azure sky.

Fields of golden wheat swayed in the winter breeze, while lush meadows dotted with wildflowers added color to the landscape. The town was nestled amidst this beautiful scene, appearing as a beacon of civilization against the rustic backdrop.

Though modest, its buildings boasted a charming architectural style, with quaint cottages adorned with flowering vines and cobblestone streets winding between them. Yet, despite the tranquil ambiance, an undercurrent of tension permeated the air.

Standing sentinel around the town's perimeter were ominous figures clad in sleek, obsidian-black armor. It covered all their body except their eyes, offering perfect protection against an attacking enemy.


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