695 Draconia's First Battle

Archer returned to his humanoid form and felt his Regeneration work a bit better, but not by much. He turned to Elara and declared, ''We are taking this island for our kingdom. Conquer it for me, my general, and you shall be rewarded.''

The redhead bowed her head before preparing the soldiers. Lucian Nightshade appeared leading the Drakelord Knights. He jumped off the horse-like beast and knelt toward Archer, ''What are your orders, My King?''

''Kill everyone who doesn't surrender, and capture every city and fortress on the island. I have a purpose for the four islands surrounding Draconia, and this is the first one,'' Archer said as he created a chair out of Mana Manipulation.

But that's all he could do, as using his mana hurt him due to his wounds. He concluded that the cannons had something in them that affected mana. After saying that, even more soldiers from the First Legion appeared and got ready to charge as Elara led the charge.


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