696 Draconia's First Battle (2)

After Archer's threat, the Novgorod riders returned to their army while he did the same, followed by the excited Sera and Hemera, who kept looking around, wondering how he would win.

Once they arrived at the platform, Archer collapsed into his chair as the others sat down to get comfortable; he pulled out some chocolate and started eating as the enemy marched forward.

But he decided he wanted a better view of the battle. With a charming smile, he turned to the girls and remarked, "I'll return shortly."

Talila quickly answered, ''Where are you going, Arch?''

''I want to take command of my soldiers,'' Archer answered.

With those words, he took flight toward the First Legion, which was stationed atop a small hill with a view of the grassy plain below. Archer surveyed the distant landscape, noting the cluster of towns and cities.


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