682 Arriving At The Draconia Kingdom (3)

[In the not-so-distant future]

When Tamsin heard the man's reply, she was shocked and asked suspiciously, ''The king is looting the Aradonia Kingdom?''

The soldier responded before rushing off, ''Yes, Your Majesty. He wants all the wealth for himself and won't let it fall into the hands of the enemy.''

She was shocked, disgusted, and angry that their saviour was looting her kingdom in their time of need. After telling her family to stay put, Tamsin wanted answers and decided to find the ship's commander as she walked along the deck and questioned the nearest soldier, ''Where is the commander?''

'This is wrong. How can he loot our wealth while we're being invaded,' she thought to herself while her temper flared.

The soldier removed their helmet, and a woman's face appeared as she answered unenthusiastically, ''Follow me.''


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