678 Are You A Tyrant Husband

As the fox woman spoke, her eyes roamed down Archer's body, causing Teuila to laugh at the feisty lady. But she soon got bonked on the head by Aisha, who scolded her, ''Don't be using your scent to attract the king, Bailey!''

Archer chuckled before waving Aisha away and asking the beautiful fox woman a question, "Bailey, I sent some helpers to bring back rare ingredients the kingdom could use to raise funds. Can you take three Cohorts of White Dragon Knights and set up several farms so we can grow them?"

Before Bailey could answer, Mohamet asked in a dubious tone, ''Why do you need three thousand soldiers, Your Majesty?''

Archer sighed as he explained, ''Old man. Growing all this stuff will be one of our income sources; of course, we would need to protect such assets, so why not use the best soldiers we have? It's not like they will follow me to the tournament.''


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