677 A Dragonkin, Fox And Two Tigers

Teuila stepped closer to Archer, encircling one arm around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder. "Two hundred and fifty gold a year is indeed generous wages," she remarked softly. "It will not only support their families but also contribute to the prosperity of the kingdom."

''That's the plan, but I need to get hold of those ingredients. Hold on, Teu,'' Archer said as he walked out of the tower, followed by Teuila and Sarina.

When outside, he summoned the Tressyms, who were happy to see him. Instantly, the air was filled with the fluttering of wings as the adorable creatures descended upon him with excitement.

At first, Archer chuckled as the Tressyms swarmed around him, nuzzling and purring affectionately. But soon, their happiness reached funny levels as they started to tackle him with playful pounces, causing him to stagger and almost lose his balance.


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