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Midterm Exams Preparations 2

After the first study group, Horikita also said that we'll have to meet after every period ends to review the lecture.

We studied much as we can during and after class. I continued to be attentive and writing down notes.

Now that I think about it, I remember in the novels that the pointers for this Midterm test were changed.

So in the middle of our short study session during lunch I decided to speak up, "Hey Horikita, I heard news from other first years in the basketball club about the Midterm Exams."

It's just recently that I took a break from club activities so my source should be reliable.

"What is it? As long as it's something relevant to us. I hate idle chatter."

"Come on now, trust me this is pretty important."

"Alright, I'll listen." Horikita sad as if she couldn't wait to end this.

"I had a teammate in all the other classes in the basketball club. I coincidentally heard a student from Class A that the coverage of our exams changed just yesterday. I was doubtful at first since Chabashira-sensei hadn't said any word about it, but students from other classes B and C also had the same thing happen to them. Isn't this a bit of a problem?" I said.

Horikita looked at my face. She must be observing if I'm lying.

"I'll talk with Chabashira-sensei later."

"Yeah, I'll be there too. I would feel guilty if I just misunderstood the whole thing."

Horikita didn't protest.

"What?! Wouldn't it be awful if that happen? I'll come with you too!" Kushida also jumped.

"If Kushida-chan's going, then I'll go too!" Ike said.

"That's right." Yamauchi followed.


Later that afternoon after classes ended, we went to the faculty room. We found Chabashira-sensei and the other teachers there.

"Chabashira-sensei, we have an urgent question."

"Quite the theatrical entrance. You surprised the other teachers." she said.

"I sincerely apologize for the sudden intrusion."

"It's fine. We're in the middle of something, so please keep it brief." Chabashira-sensei continued to write in her notebook.

"Chabashira-sensei, last week when you told us what material the test would cover, did you make a mistake? Sakuragi-kun heard from other classes that the test's material would be different than what we were expecting."

"That's right. The test's topics changed last Friday. Sorry, I must've forgotten to inform you."


She scribbled something down on a page in her notebook, tore it out, and handed it to Horikita. She'd written down textbook page numbers that referred to material we'd already covered in class. Most of the new material was from before we'd started the group, stuff that I and the others hadn't learned.

"Thanks to you, Horikita-san, I was able to correct my mistake. I'm grateful to all of you. That's all. Thank you." Chabashira-sensei said unapologetically.

"Wait a minute, Sae-chan-sensei! Isn't it way too late for this?" Ike reacted angrily.

"I don't think so. You still have one week. If you use that study time wisely, it should be easy. Right?"

Chabashira-sensei tried to shoo us out of the faculty room without the slightest hesitation. However, none of us moved.

"Even if you stay, nothing will change. You understand that, don't you?" she asked.

"Let's go."

"B-but, Horikita-chan! We can't just accept this!"

"As Chabashira-sensei said, staying would be a waste of time. Instead, we should begin studying the revised test materials."


I put my hands on Ike's shoulders, "Calm down a bit, Ike. Don't you think Horikita would be troubled by it more than any of us?"

Realizing that, Ike shut his mouth.

"Kushida-san. I have a small favor I want to ask you." Ayanokouji said.

"Hmm? What is it?"

"I want you to tell the rest of Class D about the changes to the test."

With that, Ayanokouji handed her Chabashira-sensei's paper with the textbook numbers.

"That's fine, but…is it okay for me to do it?"

"You're the best candidate we have. There's no doubt in my mind. Besides, we can't take the test when we don't know what's going to be on it."

"Okay, I understand. Leave it to me. I'll tell Hirata-kun and everyone else."

"I'll get ready for tomorrow. By then, I should have narrowed down everything we'll need."

Horikita tried hard to appear calm, but I could sense her anxiety. That time we'd spent studying had been squandered, and we were back to square one. Plus, we now only had one week left.

"Horikita-san, I know that I'm always relying on you with this. I'll be working hard so please keep lending me your strength." I bowed my head to her.

"Will that really be okay with you? It'll be a lot of work."

"I know. As embarrassing as it sounds, I'm really not good with studying. But you're working hard so hard for our sakes right?"

"Guess we don't have any choice. We'll try harder, too." Ike said.

"I understand. If you're prepared, then we can work together. However, Sakuragi-kun…" Horikita said.

"I'm not doing this for you, but for myself."

Yeah. I remember she's really too keen on reaching Class A. May it be because she wants to improve her future prospects or making her older brother acknowledge her, she's doing it for herself.