49 Ch. 49 Can't Wait (part 1)

Ling Meng was still waiting anxiously for Anxia's answer. What if the girl refuses? She no longer knew what to do to persuade her friend not to abort the fetus.

"Okay, I'll grant it."

Ling Meng couldn't hide her happy shriek and rushed to take out her laptop.

"What are you doing?"

"Creating new identities for us. We have to get out of here right away and erase our traces. If we want to avoid Master Yu's tracking, how about we go to Russia? I have acquaintances there who can hide us until you give birth."

Anxia shrugged nonchalantly. "As you wish."

The next morning, Anxia and Ling Meng departed by plane to Russia.

Ling Meng's acquaintances lent them a house on a hill with a beautiful environment so that Anxia could breathe fresh air every morning and walk around the house without fear of being caught on camera.


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