330 Ch. 330 Xavier - Lori

When they arrived at the top of the hill, everyone, especially the children, got off the horse-drawn carriage enthusiastically and ran here and there, enjoying the meadow under the sun.

Adult men help their wives carry food baskets. While the wives open and unpack the basket's contents before neatly arranging it on the long table.

Somehow, a very long wooden table and a connecting chair along the table were already there.

Children walk up to the cliff's edge to look over the city with their parent's supervision. They were amazed and tried to scream as if they were competing for whose voice could cause the most echoes.

Lori glanced around until her eyes caught the figure of an unexpected person. As far as she could remember, she had not seen Xavier ride the horse carriage and stay inside the castle. Strangely, the young lad appeared atop the hill, which took half the time by horse-drawn carriage.


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