33 Ch. 33 Sleep Together

Lori didn't stop smiling widely as her parents lay on her bedroom bed, flanking her on either side. Lori even pulled Anxia's left hand and Richard's right hand across her body, making the two people awkward.

Richard swallowed hard as he felt the soft skin of his wife's hands. It reminded him of the unforgettable passionate night four years ago. On the other hand, Anxia felt awkward when her arm touched her husband's. She wanted to withdraw but feared her daughter would be disappointed.

Anxia pretended to be asleep and waited for her daughter to fall asleep before she would break free.

Anxia had no idea that Richard was smiling as he looked at her face pretending to be asleep. Of course, Richard knew that his wife was faking it, but he didn't reveal it and instead used this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful creature.

Little Lori's innocent sleeping face seemed even more radiant, and there was a trace of a happy expression on her face as if the child had a sweet dream.


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