3 Ch. 3 Anxia's Wrath

The following day, Qiao Anxia woke up groaning in pain. She didn't expect Raymond, who was known to be exceptionally gentle, to be a savage in bed under the aphrodisiac influence.

Xia Xia glanced next to her and realized that the trapped man had left her. Xia Xia frowned in disapproval of this fact.

At first, she planned to wake up first and leave the man alone. She didn't expect the man to abandon her as if the man had used her body for good.

The man didn't hold back last night and continued to attack her with rough and snappy movements. There was no tenderness in all the man's treatment of her.

Even when she begged to slow down the rhythm of their passionate game because it was her first time, the man completely ignored her pleading.

Instead, they did it over and over again as if the man wasn't running out of stamina, making her lose count after she felt the man release his seed in her womb three times.

Was the aphrodisiac she gave too potent? She should have given him a low drug. But she was worried that Raymond wouldn't touch her if she gave him a low one.

Raymond loved his wife so much that it would not be easy for him to touch another woman. She had to use high levels of aphrodisiacs for the man to fail to maintain his sanity. And she made it. Even though she had to feel pain all over her body, she was satisfied with the result.

At least she could make the man's relationship with his wife tenuous. After this, she would come to the man's wife and shock her to death with her husband's fling.

Qiao Anxia wanted to see the wife's frustrated and helpless state. She wouldn't let that woman live happily while she was suffering alone in this world.

Nevertheless, she felt anxious for some unknown reasons, especially when she thought about the man's words last night.

'Trust me; you won't forget tonight. But I'm sure you'll regret it very much.'

Why did the man feel so sure that she would regret it? And again, why did she think palpitated when she saw the dark and lustful gaze of the man as he attacked her?

Her master had trained Qiao Anxia to be a killer all this time, making her neither afraid nor doubting her charade.

Then why did she tremble toward that man?

She had met Raymond several times but had never seen such a savage side as last night. Anxia wondered if Raymond had a split personality. Will the man also be savage toward his wife?

And why did she even feel unwilling thinking the man touched another woman?

The assassin girl's lips pulled up as she thought of a brilliant idea. At first, she only wanted to take revenge on the woman who had become the man's wife, and after that, she wanted nothing more to do with the woman or with Raymond.

But now, she changed her mind. She decided to snatch Raymond from the woman.

Qiao Anxia climbed down the bed lightly. She groaned in pain while holding on to the wall to prevent her from falling.

Very weird. She was used to being injured and could no longer feel pain except for the gunshot wound that nearly shattered her internal organs. But why couldn't she endure the pain in her lower body?

Anxia walked to the bathroom and saw a note stuck at the door.


I immensely enjoyed last night and had no idea that a seemingly experienced lady like you was still a virgin. If you want to hold me responsible, you can get me. You know where to find me, right? One more thing. I'm not my brother. I'm Richard Calvin *evil grin*



Xia Xia's eyes widen reading this note.

The person she's setting up wasn't Raymond, but a fun-loving, flamboyant guy named Richard?! She gave her virginity to a jerk??

'Trust me; you won't forget tonight. But I'm sure you'll regret it very much.'

Anxia shuddered in horror as she recalled the man's warning speech. It turned out this was what the man meant when he said she would regret it… and she really, truly, and extremely regretted it.

Anxia bit her lip so hard that it bled while her eyes gleamed with anger, and if anyone saw her current expression, one could be sure that person would wet the bed right then and there.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" she shouted hysterically, throwing everything her hands could reach.


On the other hand, the person we talked about was sitting leisurely in the airport lounge to leave for Singapore, sneezing just as Anxia cursed his name.

"Richard, do you get the flu?" asked a beautiful lady with an innocent yet pure look.

This lady was none other than Michele Wong, a descendant of Singapore-China who was now the wife of Raymond, his twin brother.

"Richard, how could you get a cold? There must be someone out there cursing him." Harmonie, the youngest sister of the siblings, teased in a mischievous tone getting giggles from her other brother.

"Moni is right. Someone must be cursing him." continued Raymond while hugging Michele's shoulder with love.

"Tch! Happy now? I'll have to let myself return to Delft soon and leave you guys here."

"Eh? I want to go home too," whined Moni, who did not want to be left alone only to become limelight for her brother and sister-in-law.

"Richard, you didn't cause any trouble last night, did you?"

Richard just rolled his eyes lazily at his brother's accusing tone. "You begged me to replace you at yesterday's event because you wanted to spend your last day here with your wife. But instead of thanking me, you're accusing me?"

Raymond chuckled, not offended by his twin brother's sarcastic remark. "Thank you for your help. And maybe I will trouble you again in the future."

Richard glared at his twin brother, about to argue but stopped himself when he remembered the sexy girl he slept with last night.

"Oh? It's unusual for you not to bicker with me."

Before Richard could respond, there was an announcement that the boarding gate for their plane had been opened.

"Heard that? Just go." Richard waved his hand to shoo them away, making the three people look at him in confusion.

"You're not coming with us?"

"Nope. There's something I want to take care of." Richard replied with a mysterious smile making his two younger siblings even more curious.

What's kind of 'something?'

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