201 Ch. 201 The Game Is Almost Ended

"What is it? Why is she crying?" Chleo was startled to see a teenage girl hiding on Kendrich's back—sobbing and wetting the man's tuxedo.

"It's nothing to worry about. She only touched someone. Sister Chleo, I'll take her home now. Please send my regards to the twins."

"Sure. But I don't know what they were thinking right now. They played that ridiculous game."

Kendrich smiled at that. "I have to get her back to New York—my mom was already apprehensive about her. Next time, please let us know in advance if she followed you here."

"Duh... we only know when she showed up in our mansion this morning. You know what kind of ability she had. Never mind, see you in New York."

Kendrich smiled back at his cousin and then clumsily tried to turn around and let the teenage girl grip the back of her tuxedo. Seeing the two people leave the room heading out made Chleo smile amused.

"I never expected Kenken to fall in love with a descendant of our enemy."


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