A Hundredfold Training System

Lin Chen crossed to the other world and accidentally got the 100 fold training system, he is getting stronger all the time!

MUNVEER · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
11 Chs

Hundredfold training system

"Ding! Congratulations on your successful binding of the Hundredfold training system!"

Lin Chen listened to the continuous prompt sounds in his mind with dull eyes, and his heart was like a mess.

He remembered "he was originally playing Western Fantasy with his classmates. How on earth did I suddenly end up in this world!?"

After waking up again, he appeared in this strange room.

"I actually crossed it, and it seems that a hundredfold training system is attached?"

If this is true, then this system is too awesome!

He really caught up with the traversal trend, and came across with the legendary system!

It took a long time for Lin Chen to recover from the shock.

He looked up and looked at the surrounding environment, then sorted out the strange memories that came out in his mind.

In my memory, this continent is called Saint Martial Continent, a world respected by martial arts.

Martial artists can be divided into realms such as Tempered Body, qi refining, martial apprentice, martial master, great martial master, martial grand master and so on and each realm is divided in nine stars.

The former owner of this body was born in Qingyang City

name is also Lin chen, but looks much more handsome than Lin Chen in the previous life.

Moreover, he still has a superb identity, the only son of the Lin family head!

Lin family is major family in Qingyang City.

Father is a five-star great martial master. In the family circle of the Qingyang City Lin chen father is already quite awesome.

However, Lin Chen's martial arts talent was so poor that he was regarded as a waste material since he was a child.

He is fifteen years old this year, and his strength has always remained at the first star tempered body stage

Such a talent for cultivation, among the young disciples of the Lin family, is completely at the bottom.

But now he had a system.he searched his body and found a body tempering pill.

it is a first grade pill.

body tempering pill is used at tempered body stage.every family member can get one body tempering pill every month. Lin chen Sat down and took the body tempering pill.

"Ding! You took a, body tempering pill and you get 5*100 times the experience.

"Ding! You successfully broke through the tempered body second star!"

"Ding! You successfully broke through the third-star tempered body!"

"Ding! You succeeded in breaking through the fourth-star tempered body


"Ding! You succeeded in breaking through the ninth-star tempered body

In an instant, Lin chen grew from a waste that was first star tempered body stage to a nine-star tempered body stage.

This speed,who else!

feeling the power in his body Lin chen feel that he can kill a cow with a simple punch

"Brother Lin chen Brother Lin chen , are you there?"

Lin chen is enjoying the beauty of this moment, and suddenly a girl's voice like a bird is heard outside the door.

"I'm here." Lin chen froze, then responded.

"I'm in." After hearing Lin chen's response, the girl whispered, and then pushed the door and walked in.

A faint fragrance also drifted into Lin chen's room.

The girl's age looks similar to that of Lin chen's . She wears a purple dress, her hair is naturally curled up, her eyes are bright and clear, and her skin is like fat white jade. She also has a cold and calm temperament.

So white, so beautiful!

in just a glance, Lin chen was attracted by the woman's beauty.

"capable of causing the downfall of a city or state is simply not enough to describe the beauty of this girl!

What kind of school flowers and those pure jade girls in his previous life were so weak in front of this woman!

"Pooh~" Feeling Lin chen's gaze, in the girl's small face appeared a blush, pouted, and looked at Lin chen with a weird look, and said: "Brother Lin chen, what are you looking at."

"Er, er, it's Xue'er." Lin chen reacted and smiled awkwardly.

The girl in front of him is named Lin xue. She has the appearance of causing the downfall of a city or state the temperament is refined, and she does not look down on people. A person who does not look down on Lin chen.

"Brother Lin chen, are you okay?" Lin xue came to Lin chen's side and looked at Lin chen worriedly.

"Me? I'm fine." Lin chen scratched his head, somewhat puzzled, and stood up and turned around deliberately to prove that he was fine.

"In the morning, you are not..." Lin xue glanced doubtfully, and found that Lin chen really had no problem, and received the healing medicine that she prepare. "Xue'r also prepared a medicine for her brother. it seems to be out of use now."

   "Morning..." Lin chen was taken aback for a moment, realizing Lin xue's intention, and his heart was warm.

she is so good to me and knows to give me medicine.